Monday, March 30, 2009

Cross-European River Travel Is Easy And Enjoyable

By Samson Mandez

For most tourists the phrase "cruise vacation" conjures images of indolent time spent on deck chairs sipping tropical drinks while being transported across warm seas to the next sun-drenched tropical islet. But there is a different sort of cruise, which can bring an entirely new experience to the excitement of cruising: European river travel.

If you are an old hand cruise patron looking for a new experience, European river travel will present you with a way to stay on the water when the tropical cruise period has ended.

With European river travel, you will avoid the constant hassles of car gridlocks, changing accommodation every other day, and having to take lots of flights. And you will see wonderful places that are inaccessible to a seagoing cruise across Europe's coasts.

While many trips involving around European river travel center on the visit of urban areas, there are valid alternatives if you prefer to visit more laidback areas, or even unspoiled nature in natural parks and sparsely settled areas. You can even combine urban and rural sights.

There are lots of options for European river travel, both for the busy traveler who just needs a relaxing add-on to an existing trip, and to the leisured voyager who can take off weeks at a time to cruise at a slow pace. While self-catering options with small boats are available most river cruise ships on Europe's rivers are outright floating hotels.

One of the most fantastic European river travel that you can take goes all the way from Amsterdam, in Holland, to the Black Sea, in Romania. On such a trip, you will travel on three of the continent's mayor waterways, the Rhine, the Main and the Danube, as well as on connecting canals.

You'll visit Vienna, the origin of the waltz, and the thirteenth-century cathedral at Cologne. You'll visit the overwhelming Danube Gorge and the Stone Bridge at Regensburg, which has been bearing traffic safely over the Danube for more than a thousand years.

The vessels used for European river travel are far smaller than their ocean-cruising counterparts, usually having space for less than two hundred travelers. So you will be treated with a far more bespoke service, and you will see sights that you couldn't glimpse at from the decks of the ocean ship giants.

There are a wealth of things to see and do while enjoying European river travel, and you will finish the trip surprised by the experience. In fact, you may even decide to explore some other part of Europe by boat next year!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Exclusive Cruise Ship Activities for Seniors

By Lucille Green

If you happen to be a senior citizen then you are most likely aware that there are a number of activities that await you and one of them is travel. Every year a large number of senior citizens go on vacations which may include guided tours, journeying with friends, or vacationing alone. However, if you are looking for extra excitement, you should really take under consideration vacationing aboard a cruise ship.

One of the many activities that will be available to seniors found on most cruise ships, includes fine dining in establishments that are often fancy in design, interior decoration, and exquisite cuisine. A number of of these fine restaurants feature a strict dress code that could involve elegant evening wear however jeans and t-shirts are many times not permissible. If you like to dine with a bit of class you will probably like these restaurants located on many cruise ships.

Though gambling and drinking are often seen things enjoyed by the younger generation they are in fact, enjoyed by seniors as well. Most cruise ships are fortunately able to recognize the huge difference of partying and socializing which is why a large number of have many different bars and restaurants you can find a cocktail part on occasion. Such parties let you socialize with the other guests and the liner's staff.

For the ones who are partial to gambling they will appreciate the casinos onboard which are often filled roulette tables blackjack tables, poker, and coin machines. In addition to traditional casino gambling, a lot of ships are now catering to bingo lovers where bingo establishments and other similar gaming halls are becoming ever more popular.

Dancing is another cruise ship activity that can provide you along with other seniors a good deal of enjoyment and most ships now come standard with a dance hall, actually many ships have several areas that may be for the purpose of dancing. There's a chance you can get lessons from an experienced dancer or even spend your evening dancing with friends. On longer cruises, you might discover that the crew saves a specific type of dancing for the night.

Dropping by the spa could be a great end to your vacation as almost all luxury liners are fully equipped with spas which are like to the day spas that can be located near your home. In a cruise ships spa you can get a haircut, purchase a new hairstyle for an exquisite function, or receive a massage but spa visits are not just for seniors because they can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

Cruise ship activities, services, and facilities are very important, but so are the destinations that you will be going to. Depending on the length of the trip, many vessels will stop at different ports along the way this means that you are presented with the choice to visit if only for a short time So this means you can spend some time off board walking along the beach or visiting the locals and for the majority vacations like this are thought to be the safest places in the world to spend your vacation. Whether you choose to vacation alone or take someone you know you are certain to have a memorable vacation.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Your Guide to a Caribbean Island Cruise

By Irene Mmari

Often considered the vacation of choice for a certain age group, Caribbean cruises are now increasingly used by a much younger generation and especially families. It should be on everyone's list of vacations with tropical Caribbean islands, clear, clean beaches and of course a fun filled time on board the cruise liner. How long you sail for really is up to your budget and what standard of cabin you want but these tours can be add-ons for other vacations or as long as fourteen or more days.

The great thing about cruising is that these ships have immense experience in catering for just about all tastes so whether you just want to relax on the deck or want a full itinerary of events, they will be able to supply exactly what you want. Never worry that there will not be enough to keep you occupied as cruise liners are past masters at ensuring their travelers have everything they need.

Research is the key here if you want something that matches your interests so pay a visit to your local tour agents and find out more about what's available. Caribbean cruises travel to most parts of the world, but with different price packages for each itinerary together with the duration and the number of places visited.

Disco loving people that don't like to sleep will enjoy those cruise vacations that arrange activity filled days and non-stop party evenings. Don't forget that more and more information is put online these days and while the travel agent will be helpful, there is every chance you can take a virtual tour of the Caribbean cruise ships if you visit the website directly.

The main difference with this type of vacation is the number of changes of clothing you take with you as there is a greater opportunity to dress for evening functions. For formal evenings and events a gown is necessary for women and tuxedo for men so that you can be seen in your finest and something you need to be prepared for especially if you are invited to the Captains table.

Don't worry if you are uncertain about taking your children along on a cruise vacations because there will be plenty for them to do without you needing to be close at hand, watching over them. A wide variety of activities are planned for them so that you can spend the time to do what you like; trained staff will look after them so you can put your mind at ease while you are enjoying and relaxing with your spouse.

Couples can take a romantic Caribbean cruise vacation and you will have the holiday you look forward to on a vacation vessel that is for adults only. Honeymooners and couples celebrating wedding anniversaries can also have cruise liner packages tailored to suit them as well.

The whole idea of a Caribbean cruise vacation is that you enjoy yourself and just let go for however long you are on board because it may be some time before you go again!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Edinburgh Short Breaks

By Tavish McNess

Edinburgh is a great option for a weekend break especially with the many excellent attractions on hand in the city. Traveling to Edinburgh is very easy because of extensive transport connections on offer from airports throughout Britain. If you are thinking about visiting Edinburgh from overseas there is now more choice than before thanks to the many new European flight routes to and from Edinburgh Airport.

Finding accommodation in Edinburgh is usually no problem apart from the very busy periods such as New Year or in August during the Edinburgh Festival. Edinburgh has many unique options from youth hostels to luxury five star accommodation.

A simple search on the internet will uncover many different accommodation options for you to consider. Like with your transport arrangements make sure you shop around for the best prices for your accommodation before you book.

Once in Edinburgh the easiest way to quickly see the essential attractions is on one of the different tourist coaches operating in the city. You can opt to get a ticket that will offer you with the choice to get off and on as you please. This way you can go to the attractions you like and you can stop as long as you need. The buses run a frequent service during the day so you shouldn't have long to wait to get to your next stop. The coach trips are an excellent means to explore a city such as Edinburgh and offer you a quick glance of the abundant history and what the city has to offer you.

Obvious attractions to visit will be Edinburgh Castle, the Scottish Parliament building and Dynamic Earth. Edinburgh also has excellent museums and galleries exhibiting some outstanding artwork from Scottish artists as well as famous artists from around the world.

Once there you can also visit the tourist information office for further information. Don't forget to check the leaflets for discount coupons before heading to the attractions.

If you want to travel to other Scottish towns you can get a train from the station in the city centre to most destinations in Scotland. You can also be in Glasgow in less than an hour on a cheap return rail ticket.

If you book early enough and keep away from the busier dates you should be able to pick up some great prices on your Edinburgh flights. Pick a hotel that is of a reasonable standard and cost and you could be able to visit Edinburgh for less than you think. Remember you will be out all day experiencing the delights of the city not sitting in your room.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hot Tips for Planning a Family Cruise

By Grant Gutenschlecht

One of the biggest pains about planning a family vacation when you've got kids is finding a place that is not only kid-friendly but also fun for the whole family. After all, nothing's worse than dragging the kids on planes or in a car for an entire vacation.

The answer to your vacation planning confusion is easy enough - take your entire family on a cruise vacation. Cruises now welcome passengers of all ages. In fact, they now build ships with kids in mind, including everything from kid's clubs to water slides.

Your first move when beginning to put together your family cruise vacation should be to call your travel agency or do a little research online and look into not only each of the big cruising lines but also the cruise ships themselves. Facilities and programs vary quite a bit from ship to ship, so by doing your homework you can get a good idea of their individual offerings.

The ideal is to find a ship that is the prefect match for your kids' interests and likes. Some ships definitely offer far more diverse children's activities and facilities, so it definitely pays to do your homework before booking.

Maybe the best part of cruising with your kids is that you are able to all be together on the ship while also experiencing such a wide range of activities for both kids and parents. You'll get to spend lots of quality time together, but you'll also have ample opportunities to be apart in a controlled, safe environment.

Taking a cruise can also be very cost effective for a family. For one thing, everything is included in one reasonable price - meals, room, and a whole range of activities on the ship. Best of all, kids often cruise for free or for a very small additional fee.

You'll find that on most ships, babysitting and childcare is offered. Also, most cruise lines offer kids clubs aboard the ships that are staffed by the equivalent of camp counselors. Therefore, parents can be free to enjoy themselves on board and have the freedom to take part in a whole bunch of activities on their own.

You just can't beat a cruise for your family in terms of value and variety of activities. You'll get to spend time together, yet everyone will have plenty to do on their own. And you'll get to see many new places without ever having to leave the ship.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Visitors Guide To Oahu

By Matt

Many millions of visitors each year land at Honolulu International Airport expecting a holiday of a lifetime on these islands. Immediately after landing, visitors hop in to buses or taxis sent by the hotel and zoom past downtown Honolulu to reach their pre-reserved accommodation at a Waikiki hotel. The attraction of Waikiki is nearly magnetic - the bustle of the busy streets, the long and extended beaches and the rich history of the land soon make the visitors hit the streets. Waikiki is known for its excitement, so much so in fact that many people never leave this area to explore other beautiful parts of the island. With six million visitors annually, you would expect them to want to see the island but most remain within Waikiki's two square miles.

If you are a visitor who would like to get a taste of Oahu through the eyes of a resident, this article may be of special interest to you.

Firstly there is the Magic Island Beach Park, which can be found a short distance from the Ala Moana Shopping Center, and is a very popular Waikiki destination. The things that you would find in this park include two beaches, a 3-mile stretch of jogging path and tennis courts, and more. If you want to have a taste of the typical Hawaiian culture, take a walk round the park and y would find large families along with their extended families, enjoying a day of togetherness with lots of good food and plenty of sunshine. This is a great place for a barbecue and considering the beaches are never overcrowded, it makes for a fantastic sun-filled day.

The Contemporary Museum Honolulu " This is situated on a ridge at Makiki Heights Drive and when you drive up to the destination along the ridge the magnificent view of Oahu could be breathtaking, which unfortunately most visitors never get to see. The changing exhibits in this small museum spread across its 5 galleries could be an enthralling experience, and after this you could walk into gardens full of sculptures. This is where the true glory of the museum is revealed within this 3.

Leong's Caf " When tourists are particularly keen to relish some authentic Hawaiian cuisine, they take lu'au as something, which is much more than just fun. However, if you are looking out to taste some delectable foods cooked in typical Hawaiian style, then you can never miss out on Leong's Cafe located at 2343 North King Street. Many local dishes are served here and it is always good to know that it is a favorite venue for many locals - it has been open for over fifty years.

Champion Malasadas - there is a local treat that originated in portugal called Malasadas which has become so popular that they even renamed Fat Tuesday to Malasadas day. The address of this revered and the best bakery is Champion Malasadas, 1926 South Beretania Street. These light Portuguese hole-less donuts come with and without filling and are absolutely worth the effort in getting them!

Honolulu Chinatown " Walk through the lanes of Chinatown and you start thinking where am I, and what era am I in? Chinatown has them all " dim sum, fresh produce, handmade leis or the ultra modern lounges. The things, which you get in these shops and streets, are impossible to get in any American grocer back home. Although guided walks are popular, if you are of a mind, why not try looking around unaided, exploring the historic areas taking your time - go on, be adventurous.

If you want to discover more of the island and see it in the same way that local people do then you need to travel outside of Waikiki. Move around all or some of the destinations mentioned above and soon you would realize why Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting Around Playa Del Carmen Cheap

By Chris Higgen

Vacationing in Playa Del Carmen comes extremely endorsed by families. The region really is the perfect Mexican Carribean beach vacation. Maybe you want to fly into Cancun, but staying there can be stressful. Playa is half an hour away, and a world of difference. Another option is checking out the nearby Riviera Maya. Here you can still find authentic Mexico.

There is so much to do in Playa. They include both fly fishing, exploring a fascinating city scuba diving and visiting the fascinating Grand Coco Bay Playa Del Carmen and Xel-Ha where you will discover plants and wildlife priceless masterpieces of the earth.

Feed the dolphins and make new friends! If you are truly adventurous, then there is zip lining over the top of the jungle canopies.You can ride the horses in many different locations. If you are adventerous, then check out the jungles which can be reached on horseback. There is always running on the beach and in the surf.

Hopping in a boat over to Cozumel will satisfy even the most intrepid of tourists.

Playa's bigger, crazier brother Cancun is half an hour away. So those two popular destinations are available as day trips when you choose to make your vacation stay in quieter Playa Del Carmen.

A great stress reliever is staying at a hotel that is all inclusive, they save time and money and effort. You can check your worries at the door, these places are designed to be havens of peace. Not even worrying about how much to tip (propena in spanish) since truly everything is included in the bill.

Everybody gets a vacation here. The children can participate in hotel sponsored events. The parents can relax in some much deserved peace and quiet. It's a great romantic escape

In this tough economy, Playa Del Carmen offers an affordable and unforgettable family vacation.

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Luxury Cruises - Travel In A Hotel To Exciting Ports Of Call

By Dorothy Yamich

A luxury cruise voyage can truly enrich your life. Not only will you be traveling with like-minded people who love to cruise, you will develop great, lasting friendships among your many cruising companions.

When you cruise you can sail to fabulous ports of call anywhere that cruise ships visit. Not only are there mega cruise ships which everyone is familiar with, there are a number of sizes and types of ships. The medium, and especially the smaller size cruise ships can navigate further up inland waterways to historic cities and famous landmarks where larger ships cannot go.

The larger cruise ships usually have one or two organized shore excursions at each port of call. If there are two sightseeing excursion events scheduled the same day, one may take place early in the morning and the second one in the afternoon. Most morning shore excursions normally get back to the ship in time for the people to feast on a fantastic lunch buffet.

Occasionally, on a second excursion, you may arrive back at your cruise ship late in the afternoon or early evening. This could possibly make you a bit late for dinner if you've been scheduled for the first sitting.

Its also your prerogative to explore the tourist attractions and landmarks of the city, town, or island, on your own. Remember that you are responsible to get back on time to your cruise ship or it could sail without you. However, if you book the shore excursion through your cruise ship, they will not depart the port until everyone is back on board.

Take advantage of the time that you have in a port by using it wisely. Some vacationers may want to disembark and go it alone by hiring a car and driver to take them to explore the sights. Usually the taxi drivers charge by the carload and not per person so if you want to save money you can split the cost with a few of your fellow passengers. If you can leave early in the morning you should be able to get back in time to enjoy the great lunch buffet.

When you cruise you should bring detailed guide books that cover the destinations you know that you will be visiting. If the weather is less than optimal for your shore excursion you should always take your camera anyway as the weather could improve very quickly.

And don't judge any port by the dock and the surrounding area. It is usually the freighter unloading and loading area and major warehouse district of the city or town. You will probably have to travel out of the port area and into the town or city to see the historical sites and unique tourist attractions as well as experience the local culture.

What is the difference between a river cruise and a barge tour?

Although they have similarities, there are major differences between these two types of sightseeing tours. Firstly, the ships that sail the rivers can accommodate approximately up to one hundred and eighty people, while barges usually only can accommodate five to twenty-five people. The second big difference is that the river cruises can visit a number of countries and cities in a week, while barges travel on man-made canals from town to town moving at a much slower, walking pace, and can only cover approximately fifty miles in a week. Thirdly, river cruise ships have a restaurant, lounge, and entertainment, while barges are essentially first-class, floating hotels, and have a dining room and lounge as well as a sun deck. The most popular river cruises and barging tours are located in Europe.

What is a luxury cruise tour land package?

A cruise tour land package is similar to a cruise that stops for half-day or full day shore excursions but gives you the best of both a luxury cruise and a land holiday combined in one. The main differences between the two is the land part of your vacation includes transportation by train or motor coach travel to a quality hotel accommodation at your inland destination. You will be accompanied by an expert tour guide for the land segment of your itinerary. These combo packages are generally longer, lasting from approximately ten days to three weeks or even a month or more. On most cruise land tours you can decide to take the land part of your holiday either before or after your cruise.

Besides Europe, you can book a cruise land tour for South America, Asia, Australia, Asia and the United States. Alaska is one of the most popular cruise tour destinations.

If you would like to enjoy the best of both worlds - an incredible dream cruise holiday and a land tour adventure - a luxury cruise tour is the ultimate vacation experience.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Excellent Places To Take A Cruise

By Ray Walberg

There are many different types of cruises to take when you want to find the perfect vacation destination. Many cruise ships offer plenty of activities, food, and entertainment while you are aboard. You will be able to relax on the deck, meet new people, and look out on the ocean. This is a relaxing adventure for anyone who wants to get away from it all. When choosing a cruise, you should first see what is offered by different cruise lines. Senior cruises, singles cruises, family cruises, and standard cruises are all options that you have. Depending on your circumstances, you should choose the cruise that best suits your needs.

In addition to these types of cruises, the length of the cruise will also determine which one to go on. Shorter cruises tend to have more parties and a younger crowd, whereas longer cruises will have more retired people and those who want to see the sights of a new country.

Depending on how much time you have to spend on a cruise, you should choose the one you find most appealing. If you want to visit several countries, you may need to take a longer two or three week cruise.

Many cruises dock in certain ports, which will be fun and exciting, especially if you have never traveled there before. You will be able to shop, take tours, or wander around by yourself for a day or more. Some cruise ships dock in several ports before returning home, so there will be plenty of time to see the sights. If you are interested in this type of cruise, you should see when they are available and which times best fit your schedule.

When taking a cruise, you have the option of traveling alone or traveling with a group. While some people enjoy being alone or meeting new people, others prefer the company of their family and friends. You should find a balance between resting and participating in activities that others are interested in. If you want to travel alone and spend some time reading or watching the ocean, then going on a cruise alone is your best choice.

Planning a cruise when traveling alone is the same as planning one when traveling with a group. You should explore your options and choose a cruise that includes activities you want to participate in and docks in cities you have always wanted to visit. When traveling alone, should not choose a singles cruise unless you want to meet new people. Those who take these cruises expect other people to be there for the same reasons. But if you are looking for new friends and want to take a singles cruise, there are plenty of destinations to choose from.

In order to have the best time possible when taking a cruise is to choose a destination you have always wanted to visit. This will give you something to look forward to while you are sailing the ocean. Cruises that dock in exotic ports are the most fun.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Perfect 3 day cruise

By Maria Ramin

Aching to go on a vacation but pressed for time? Rather than take a week-long holiday, why not try a 3 day cruise? It's affordable and the experience is as great as a long vacation on a cruise ship.

Here are the best parts of it:

Delectable cuisine, romantic movie nights,world-class entertainment, massage and spas, outdoor and indoor activities, wall climbing, snorkeling, parties, musicals, variety shows and seaside excursions. Expect superb customer service and experience first class pampering from the cruise staff.

For first-time cruise travelers, you may want to start with a 3 day cruise from Los Angeles, Miami, Fort Lauderdale or San Diego. Short trips such as a 3 day cruise will help you decide whether to go for the longer cruises next time.

You may also try out the 2 or 3 night cruises popularly called repositioning cruises.

This is when major cruise lines reposition cruise ships from the South America to North America. For those in San Francisco, they usually can embark on cruise ships repositioning from South America to Alaska. These mega ships stop in Los Angeles, San Francisco and now Seattle before arriving in Vancouver and then on to Alaska.

Whatever you call these short cruise trips, it's the great rates that make it a top choice. Now, you don't have to spend a fortune for a cruise trip.

In 2007, more cruise liners are offering cruises from San Francico to Alaska during the summer months and San Francisco to Mexico during the cooler season. A lot of passengers have taken this route lately. Also, we were able to travel to Vancouver via coastal cruises in the past. It's a lovely place to visit.

The sheer excitement of cruising off into the sunset is an experience that you will never forget.

Whether you want a repositioning cruise or a regular 3 day cruise, find more information at

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reasons Why Alaska is the Perfect Travel Destination

By Guy Morris

To truly appreciate the beauty of Alaska, you have to spend some time in the great outdoors. This means renting a cabin, staying in a lodge, or camping. If you aren't a fan of 'roughing it', then you can also stay in bed and breakfast establishments or hotels that have been built to cater to all different types of travelers.

Before deciding on how to spend your Alaskan vacation, contact different places to learn more about their availability. You will be surprised by how many people travel to Alaska each year. If you want to avoid the crowds, then you may want to visit during the off-season.

Once you have decided where to stay when you visit Alaska, you will have to find activities to do once you arrive. The perfect outdoor vacation includes hiking, rafting, and enjoying the beauty that is the Alaskan wilderness. Even if you don't want to spend your entire vacation outdoors, you will be amazed by how much there is to do. Because transportation can be difficult in certain parts of Alaska, learning as much about your options as possible will help you find the best rental car deals, ferry times, and other means of transportation.

Alaska can be the perfect travel destination if you enjoy participating in outdoor activities. If you prefer to stay indoors, there are many restaurants, bars, and social areas in your hotel for you to read, talk to other people, and relax by the fire. With so many options, everyone you travel with will be able to find something to do. Visiting Alaska is the dream of many who want to see what it is like living in a different climate. Those who live in Alaska are friendly, but reserved and enjoy their privacy.

When booking a trip, you should decide which activities you want to participate in once you arrive so you can bring the right clothing and other supplies. Depending on how long you plan on staying, you may find that packing light is best, especially during a long trip. The time of year you choose to travel will also impact the types of activities you decide to participate in. Because Alaska has six months of sunlight and six months of darkness, the activities you want to participate in may not be offered.

Preparing yourself for extreme light and dark is important when traveling to Alaska. Many people do not even realize until they arrive that they may not see the sun while on vacation. If you are sensitive to the sun or the lack of sunlight, make sure you research the time of year you travel to Alaska. Many resorts and hotels have dark curtains so you can sleep at night when the sun is shining, but other than that, it will be up to you to make the adjustment. The longer you stay, the more your body will begin to accept this change. Make sure you stay active and enjoy Alaska regardless of the season.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Swiss Travel Guide - Switzerland Tourist Attractions

By Isabella Olsen

The Land of the Alps. A neutral territory. A country famous for good cheese and fine chocolate. These are just a few things Switzerland is known as. There are several spectacular Switzerland tourist attractions, too, which is why many travellers flock to this Swiss nation each year. Here are just five of them which should definitely be included in your itinerary.

1. The Chillon Castle - Located on the shore of Lake Geneva, the Chillon Castle is one of the most famous castles in Switzerland. Consisting of 100 buildings, it dates back to the 11th century and is the former residence of the Savoy nobility. It also has three courtyards and four great halls which offer magnificent views of the lake beyond.

2. Zermatt - Are you fond of skiing? If so, Zermatt should be on the top of your list of Switzerland tourist attractions. Other than providing great slopes for the sport, it also offers great views of the Swiss Alps, particularly the famous Matterhorn. You can go shopping and dining around the town, too.

3. Geneva Jet D'eau - Projecting water up to 140 meters high, the Geneva Jet D'eau is one of the tallest fountains in the world. It was built in 1891 and is also considered one of the symbols of the city of Geneva.

There are other sights to see in Geneva, too. While there, drop by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum or the Cathedral de St. Pierre. There are many other museums and historical buildings worth visiting, too, as well as shops and restaurants to accommodate your lifestyle.

4. Swiss National Park - The only national park in Switzerland, the Swiss National Park covers almost half the area of the entire country. It has several hiking trails, too - all of which offer various stunning views of the Alps, which is why it is one of the must-see Switzerland tourist attractions.

5. Swiss Transport Museum - The Swiss Transport Museum is located in Lucerne and is frequented by tourists for its extensive exhibit of locomotives, ships, aircraft, automobiles and other modes of transport and communication. It is also home to the collection of paintings and sculptures by Hans Erni, and even has a Planetarium and an IMAX theatre.

These are just some of the Switzerland tourist attractions you should visit to truly make your trip worthwhile. There are plenty of others waiting to be discovered, of course, but as long as your itinerary includes these, your journey will be one worth remembering for a lifetime.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Getting Good Cancun Vacation Deals

By Brandon

Cancun, Mexico is located on the Yucatan peninsula, and is known as the Mexican Caribbean, with its white beaches and bright blue water. Apart from being a popular vacation destination, it is also home to over 500,000 citizens. As a vacationer, therefore, you have plenty of places to choose from - whether as near the beaches as possible, or deeper in the city to get the feel of the "real" Cancun. It all depends on why you're going there!

Because of its popularity, accommodations near the touristy hotspots can be quite expensive. What you get in being "right there" at the center of things, without having to waste time taking buses, taxis or limos to your destinations, you pay for.

On the other hand, if you're willing to expand your horizons a little, and look at hotels or locations closer to the actual city, you can find some inexpensive deals, but of course, then you have to pay more to get where you want to go by taxi or bus, and there's the time factor involved there as well.

That's why research is so important, and the easiest way to do research these days is to scope out Cancun on the Internet. You'll want to conduct a two-pronged approach to your research. First, you'll want to find out about the city itself, from such sites as Wikipedia or even their own official website.

Whether you're single, a couple, or a family, there are all sorts of activities for you to do in Cancun, but you'll want to know about them before you arrive.

Once you decide where you want to go and how long you can stay, then you have to start doing the research on the least expensive lodgings...or if expense really isn't an issue, you still want to get the best value for the money that you are paying.

To that end, there are websites such as Orbitz and Priceline that allow you to compare prices for hotels, airplane tickets, and so on. Before booking into the cheapest hotel - check out their websites, to make sure you know exactly what you're getting.

Vacation and tour packages are also a viable option. It's always more fun to go places with a group of people whom you know, or who share similar interests. Consult a professional travel agent to see what they can offer you, to ensure that you get the best Cancun deal possible.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Romantic Honeymoon Cruises

By John Ledger

When seeking for the most desirable ways to pass your honeymoon on a cruise, you have to think of combinations: cruise ships and travel destinations. Today's market offers you a wide variety of choices, and these multiply if you take a look at different packages and specials.

To start your quest to find a romantic honeymoon cruise, you need to determine your ideal destination or destinations. Right now, it is possible to find cruises in all parts of the World so you have a free choice of possible romantic places.

For some people, romance might include spending the day on beautiful sunny places, with a marvelous sea and exotic drinks, while for other people the idea of spending their honeymoon in a cold place like Alaska would be the perfect setting for passion.

Electing a place to visit is very simple, you can use the help of the Internet to gather more information about your preferred destinations, like the best time to travel, its attractions and more. What makes cruises very interesting is that you are no restricted to traveling to just one destination, but you can follow a route.

The second part would be to choose a ship. Again, the Internet is a valuable tool to learn more about the ship's offerings and their special packages for honeymooners. These packages are sold as an additional with most cruise lines.

You will also find pages that talk about the most romantic cruise ships on the Planet! These are ships that equal to romance, thanks to its destinations and details. Among them are the Windstar cruises, Silversea cruises and Regent Seven Seas.

Of course, you'll also want a romantic honeymoon cruise that fits better to your budget. A travel agent will be of great help in this stage, travel agencies online also will be great to do searches according to your specific requirements.

Finally, keep in mind that a romantic cruise will be determined greatly by you, the couple. Take advantage of this incredible way to travel to start your married life with passion, romance and excitement.

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