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Enjoy the Relaxed Atmosphere of Santa Monica

If you're looking for fun at the quintessential California beach town, then look no further than Santa Monica. Sixteen miles west of downtown Los Angeles, sitting atop sandstone cliffs that overlook 3.5 miles of sandy Pacific shore, Santa Monica will provide you with day after day of sunny good times. And when you seek a place to stay while here, look on the Internet. Lodging directories list a number of Santa Monica hotels and other Santa Monica vacation rentals, with a variety of sizes and locations. Among them you're sure to find the Santa Monica lodging to fit your needs.

Santa Monica truly has it all: terrific location, fabulous weather, loads of activities and a relaxed, fun atmosphere. And Santa Monica vacation rentals make this all easily available to you. This 'beachopolis'--part city, part beach town--enjoys the benefits of its southern California clime. Very little rainfall and year-round warm temperatures that rarely rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit mean you can savor your time here no matter when you travel.

Your only problem will be fitting in all you might want to do. Perhaps you'll choose one of the Santa Monica hotels because of its easy access to the beach. Some are situated right at the edge of the bluffs, providing an expansive ocean view and glorious sunsets. You might want to try your hand at surfing, snorkeling or sailing. Maybe you prefer spending your time on the sand, enjoying the sights and sounds of the rolling waves, letting the sun warm your face, and occasionally rousing yourself for a game of volleyball.

You won't want to miss Pacific Park. Located on the Santa Monica Pier, this amusement park is like no other. Enjoy a ride on the restored 1922 carousel, or enjoy the incredible view from the top of the roller coaster. Take a ride on the only Ferris wheel in the state that's actually situated over the waters of the Pacific! It's also the only Ferris wheel in the world that's solar powered. In between rides, you can stroll through the park, enjoying the carnival atmosphere, other rides and games. After such a full day, you'll be grateful that your comfortable Santa Monica lodging is nearby.

Perhaps you'll choose one of the Santa Monica vacation rentals because of its location in town. If you enjoy shopping for quirky, unusual, or one-of-a-kind items, you'll have to check out the shops on the Third Street Promenade. Here you'll be sure to find a memento of your trip that's much more original than a t-shirt!

Many hotels are situated along bicycle and jogging paths that parallel the oceanfront. Residents and visitors alike take advantage of the glorious views and fresh ocean breezes as they walk, jog, skate or bike here. You might take a walking tour through town to learn about the more than 20 historical buildings here.

Many families opt to choose their Santa Monica vacation rentals online because of the wide selection of homes and condos. They appreciate the privacy and quiet, as well as the convenience of having a kitchen to use whenever a snack attack hits. You might also want to try your hand at cooking some of the incredible fresh seafood available in local markets. However, when you do decide to eat out, you'll be faced with another dilemma--choosing which restaurant appeals most! Between here and L.A., you will have hundreds of restaurants from which to choose.

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Planning Your Cabo San Lucas Adventure

By Paul Garnett

Cabo San Lucas is indeed a perfect place for everyone. Whether you are a golfer or a surfer, a beach addict or a scuba diving enthusiast, there are always activities that await you in Cabo San Lucas. The place boasts of golf courses, of beaches that are not only for those who love paddling on the shores but also for those who want to explore its marine life. Even staying in the luxurious hotels in Cabo will surely please you and let you enjoy the place fully.

So whether you are looking forward to a game of golf, or getting into the thrills of zip line adventures and rock climbing or just sunbathing along the shores, Cabo San Lucas is definitely one good place for a vacation.

You may find it hard in budgeting your time when you are in Cabo San Lucas so it is always wise to plan your vacation carefully and list down what you want to do while you are there. Among the things you might want to include in your list are the following.

Join a cruise. Cruise ships from the Pacific often visit Cabo San Lucas, so you can join those cruises. You can also opt to privately charter a sailboat for your snorkeling or whale watching cruises or join a dinner and sunset cruise offered by plenty of touring and cruising companies.

Cruising in Cabo will allow you to experience the beautiful waters of Cabo at the same time enjoy a beautiful scenery that you will best enjoy when looking at the place from a distance.

You can include whale watching on your list as well. Whales often take shelter at the Magdalena Bay in Cabo San Lucas, thus at certain times of the year, usually from January to March, whale watching is one good adventure to take.

ATV riding and horseback riding can also be fun activities. Cabo San Lucas has a desert where you can enjoy an ATV ride or a tour of the place on horseback. If you are on honeymoon, you might likely enjoy a relaxing horseback riding adventure on the beach.

If you love challenge and competition, you can participate in their fishing tournaments or you might want to challenge your friends in golfing. If you want a more relaxing fishing adventure, you can also do that aboard yachts where you can do fishing while enjoying a good cruise around Cabo.

There may be so many things to do in so little time so better plan your vacation wisely, find activities that will surely make your Cabo vacation the grandest of them all.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tanzania Travel - A Safari in Mnazi Bay and Southern Tanzania

By Andrew Muigai

The Southern coast of Tanzania is a favorite travel destination among Tanzania safari enthusiasts especially those looking to avoid the tourist crowds in the northern national parks and game reserves. Mtwara, a small Swahili town, and the surrounding beaches, together with the tranquil Mnazi Bay Marine Park make for quiet alternative to larger beach destinations to the country's north.

The south is also well suited for adventure travel, giving you the traveler a chance to explore Tanzania on your own without feeling crowded by other tourists. Some of the sites to see include Swahili ruins, the vast Indian ocean coast, and many beautiful yet unexplored beaches. Adventure lovers get a satisfying exploration experience.

The main gateway to Southern Tanzania travel is Mtwara. The town is easily accessible by sea and flight from Dar es Salaam. The laid back Mtwara town occupies a large area near the Mnazi Bay Marine Park. Visitors get to enjoy diving in some of the most secluded diving spots on the Tanzania coast. If you are traveling to the Mnazi Bay Marine Park, Mtwara town is just a perfect stop-over.

Mnazi bay was once known as the place to pick up dhow transport to Mozambique. Nowadays, visitors are motivated more by the miles of white sand and the presence of coral reefs close to the shore, which provide excellent snorkeling - even at low tide is good for exploring the coral reefs.

There are many water birds at Mnazi bay particularly waders which include the Greater Sand plover- Crab Plover - Brown-headed Parrot - Mangrove Kingfisher - Four-coloured Bushshrike and the Zanzibar - Black-bellied Glossy-starling.

Mnazi bay marine park has earned an international recognition because of its biodiversity. There are many varieties of mangroves found here, plsu sea grass beds and coral reefs, all of which are an important source of livelihood for the communities residing nearby.

Mnazi bay is protected on the seaward side by the Rawira peninsula to the south and by a series of small islands to the north. The government of Tanzania is looking to the future and plan to develop the area for tourism " it is an ideal location to unwind after a game safari in the Southern Circuit of Tanzania. The local communities are extensively involved in the running of the park which will ensure that the local communities benefit from tourism.

International gateway to Southern Tanzania is the city of Dar es Salaam. Known as Haven of Peace by its aficionados, Dar es Salaam can be reached through regional hubs at Nairobi and Johannesburg and to a lesser extent Addis Ababa. Dar es Salaam airport is also accessed from other Tanzania airports that serve domestic as well as international flights. These include Kilimanjaro International Airport and Dodoma airport among many others. There is a ferry service between Mombasa in Kenya and Dar es Salaam.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Toronto

Every year, visitors from all over the world come to Toronto to take in the sights and sounds of a diverse and amazing city. With so many places to visit, the following is a list of the top 10 must see-attractions in Toronto.

1. The CN Tower

Standing at an astounding 1,815 feet, the CN tower is the tallest free standing structure in the world. Take a trip to down town Toronto and then take the CN Tower's glass elevator up to the 1, 122 foot glass floored outdoor observation deck. You will take in the entire breathtaking city.

2. The Toronto Zoo

The amazing zoo is the third largest zoo in the world. Come see more than 5000 animals displayed according to their geographic location. There are over 10 kilometers of stunning trails throughout 710 acres of land. A new feature is the Savanna Exhibit which includes a 32 acre East African hiking experience.

3. Chinatown

Toronto is a wonderfully vibrant and culturally diverse city. Chinatown is a bustling and unique culture where you will find many delightful items in their vast assortment of stores. Enjoy lunch and dinner at an authentic Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant. There are many excellent restaurants to pick from.

4. Toronto's Harbourfront

Toronto's Harbourfront is one of North America's largest recreational waterfronts. Spectacular events that are held along the harbour include the Toronto International Film Festival, Caribana Festival; the Canadian National Exhibition and Winter City, and much more. It is near major attractions such as CN Tower; The Roger's Center; and the Air Canada Center.

5. The Eaton Center

The Eaton Center is one of the more popular tourist attractions. It receives over 1,000,000 visitors each week. The spectacular mall houses 320 shops and restaurants, 17 cinemas and a 400 room Marriott Hotel.

6. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

The Royal Ontario Museum contains more than 40 galleries of art, natural science, and archeology exhibits. It proudly features the world's finest collections of artifacts from China.

7. Centre Island

Take a short ferry ride to the delightful Centre Island. Also referred to as Toronto Island, it is a great place to take a break from the busy city life. It is a pedestrian-only village that features historic architecture and a number of cafes, pubs, an amusement park, recreation areas, beaches, a yacht club, and restaurants. It is just one of a string of small islands that make up the biggest urban car-free community in North America

8. Yorkville

Tourists enjoy viewing Yorkville's charming Victorian architecture. There are also a vast assortment of pleasing restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries.

9. The St. Lawrence Market

Food and Wine Magazine rates The St. Lawrence Market as one of the 25 best food markets in the world. Located at Jarvis and Front Streets, it is home to the 200 year old Saturday Farmer's Market and the Sunday Antique Market.

10. Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame is a popular and entertaining facility that houses many interactive displays for both children and adults. It features a replica of the NHL dressing room, Broadcast Pods showing some of the most famous hockey games, and much more.

When traveling to Canada, Toronto is one city that millions of visitors make a point to visit each year due to its vast wealth of sights, activities, historical attributes, and exquisite diverse culture. After visiting the exciting city of Toronto, you will be sure to leave with long-lasting and fond memories.

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The Leading Cruise Liner, The Best Way To Travel!

By Scott Beringer

I have been on many vacations throughout the world. I must say that I find The Norwegian Dawn Cruise Liner one of the best ways to travel! Especially if you are located in New York and you are looking for a somewhat inexpensive getaway.

As soon as I set foot on this floating giant I knew I was in for a nice trip. Right from the get go the staff was more than happy to help me with my luggage and any other boarding questions I had. A greeting with service and smile is always a great way to start any vacation. They even rejected the tip which was offered to them. (I made them take it! It was heavy luggage.)

Once I was aboard I was shown to my balcony room. The room was immense enough and the balcony was quite large. I could already see me spending many a night out on the high seas glaring at the moon reflecting off the tides way down below.

After the quick informative seminar on what to do if the ship went down. I headed out to admire this beautiful beast. I was fully impressed with everything, from the massive main area with a multi story room to the details of the fine craftsmanship throughout the boat. Not to mention the piano player continuously playing for everyone to hear.

All aboard for all of you art lovers out there! This was a floating museum with some of the most impressive art I have ever seen. And if you do not know about art they have an onboard class that tells you about many of the artists work that was on the ship. From Van Gogh to Monet it was truly amazing.

Then there was the food! I am still trying to keep down the delectable delights that I was consuming during the entire trip. I was in their French restaurant eating dinner while there was a Van Gogh besides me, it was truly awesome, plus a huge selection of other types of food can be found all over the boat day and night.

The excursions that you were allowed to go on were great. I was wining and dining in a 5 start restaurant, drinking amazing wine around priceless artwork by night. During the day I was riding a roller coaster at Universal Studios. This is truly a trip which is great for all. I would strongly recommend this vessel for anyone looking for a nice cruise. Whether you are a seasoned cruiser or a newbie, this is a must!

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Why Sail with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Cruising is one of the luxurious vacation treats you can give to yourself and to your family. Although said to be luxurious, the idea of sailing on a cruise ship to majestic and wonderful destinations perfect for a vacation. Different cruise lines offer variety of cruise packages both to rich and average clients.

If you are considering a cruise vacation, then you might take as well the option of sailing with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. They offer great vacation treats and wide variety of options for you. They are one of the most reputable cruise lines in the industry and the amenities that they are providing to their passengers on-board the ship are rated first-class.

If you are unfamiliar with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, you might think as well that its cruise ships are only sailing to the Caribbean. Although it also includes the Caribbean in their cruise itineraries, they are also sailing in different locations like Alaska, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Europe, Mexico, Canada, the Pacific Northwest, the Panama Canal, and the transatlantic destinations as well.

They also have some great cruise tours, which includes an escorted land tour that happens before or after your cruise. It is done with first-class motor coach or train and gives you an option whether you want to see more of the country to which you are travelling.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is operated by the Royal Caribbean International, which is based in Miami, Florida. It has 19 ships in service and two more that are under construction. All their ships have names ending in "of the Seas".

Each of their ship includes the signature top-of-ship lounge known as Viking Crown Lounge that offers you a panoramic view. It also has a program called Adventure Ocean that is intended for kids on-board.

So what are the best deals that Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines offer to its passengers? First are the informative lectures about your destination and the ship itself. You will be toured around the cruise ship where you will find many amenities on-board such as ice skating rinks and on-board Casino. You will not be missing your classic Pachinko game in Las Vegas.

What about relaxing your whole body? An on-board massage center and spa will make your body feel relaxed. There is also an acupuncture center, where you can experience the Chinese style of massaging and healing.

As mentioned earlier, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines also features the Adventure Ocean Youth Program for your kids. It includes Fisher-Price Aqua babies and Aqua Tots for toddlers. A children-friendly rock-climbing wall will surely make your children happy together with other kids on-board. They will be pre-occupied by their own activities while you are on a land tour.

Cruising for disabled or elderly persons is not a problem. Their cruise ships are designed to cater to the needs of aged or mobility-impaired passengers. Cruise ship staffs are also ready to attend to their needs as well. There are also medical services for everybody on-board, which includes an emergency clinic with CPR equipment placed on all of their ships. This is staffed by an English-speaking doctor and nurses.

Dining activities are also one of the major attractions when you go on-board with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. They offers wide variety of delicacies- Italian, Southern, European-these can be found in their dining facilities, either in the cafeteria or in the main dining area.

Booking for a cruise is simple. All you have to do is to log on to travel agents online and ask them to book you on a cruise. You can also go direct to the official Royal Caribbean Cruise Line website. They are offering discounts on varying instances and amazing specials designed to fill up empty spaces on the ship. Either you book early or late, there are great deals reserved for you on every destination that you will choose.

With these pleasant and first-class services in affordable prices, there is no reason for you not to include the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on your next cruising vacation.

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Greece - One Of Europe's Top Holiday Destinations

Greece, one of the most popular destinations in the world, is visited every year by about seventeen million people in the first six months of the year - which is quite a feat for a country having a population of just ten million people. People from all over the world are drawn to this country because of its endless coastlines, beautiful beaches, and warm summer climate. Besides natural beauty, Greece also has plenty of nightlife as well as historical monuments for those interested in learning about its past.

Greece has a very rich history and has had a huge influence on modern arts, language, literature, politics, and sports. Our western alphabet gets its roots from this country, as do Platonic ideals and Socratic methods. Besides this, the current form of democracy also takes its roots from this country, as do the Olympics.

About ninety percent of the tourists that come to Greece are European, with just ten percent coming from other countries. Once main reason for this is that out of all the European countries, besides Italy, Greece has the most amounts of beaches and a great summer weather rivalled by no other country. It is easy to get to Greece from all European countries, with cheap flights being run from all major cities, and it also does not cost a lot.

Most people think Greece is all about whitewashed homes and blue domed churches, which is far from the truth. The country has a lot of architectural diversity, so the architecture keeps changing across the country, and it is this diversity that is beautiful to see and worth admiring. While there are examples of neoclassical architecture in the city of Nafplio, you can find buildings with an Ottoman influence in Kozani.

Just like the architecture, the natural beauty and terrain of the country is just as varied. From beaches along the coast to mountains and even wine producing areas, Greece has it all.

While the city of Athens may seem lacking in character at first glance, you find gems hidden behind all the concrete. From the Acropolis to the Plaka and Monastiraki, there are many traditional cafes tucked away in all the narrow streets. The Acropolis is a World Heritage Site, and it was also the ancient fortified town of Athens all the way back in the Bronze Age.

You can see the whole city from the top of Ploutarchou Street in Kolonaki-; you can get to the top by taking the funicular railway. You can also go to the Anncient Agora which is a very green area and has a beautiful view of the Acropolis.

Greece has something to offer to everyone who visits it. From tours that take you through the history of the country from the first civilizations to enjoying your vacation by the beach or on a boat going through the numerous islands. It is this history, natural beauty, and architectural delights that make Greece such a popular place with tourists visiting year after year. is a travel website that offers both cheap flights and holiday packages. If you haven't made a decision yet, at you can also find helpful reviews and a great travel blog.

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Discovering the Antarctic

By Jeff Paulett

Antarctica is the world's fifth largest continent, and extends for 14,000,000 square km or approximately 9,000,000 square miles. 2% of this landmass is bare rock, while the other 98% is covered in ice averaging 1 mile thick. It's also the largest desert in the world, in that it is a climate that has less than 250mm (10 in) of annual rainfall. This is certainly true of Antarctica.

The beauty of the continent is unsurpassed. Surrounded by the Southern Ocean and with the Transatlantic Mountain range splitting it in half, it draws people form near and far to experience its ethereal existence. There are no indigenous peoples in the country, although several over a few hundred years have staked claim in it. Explorers included Captain James Cook of the UK who, in 1773, crossed the Antarctic Circle for the time in history and Sir James Clark Ross (UK) who founded the Ross Sea and Ice Shelf while searching for the magnetic South Pole. Antarctica's only permanent residents include penguins, seals, whales, krill, albatross, petrel and skua. Visitors will be greeted by a nonchalant, unthreatened stare from the animal population.

To reach Antarctica, you will need to depart from South America, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand with most ships leaving from South America. At one point you will cross the phenomenon known as the Antarctic convergence. Deep flowing cold water from Antarctica meets with deep flowing warmer water from equatorial regions and creates a circumpolar (goes around the pole) barrier approximately 20 - 30 miles wide. Since it came into existence 20 million years ago or so, during which time, there has been little exchange of marine life from one side to another.

In the Antarctica, dreams meet reality as you take in the breathtaking landscapes and seascapes. As you step onto Antarctica's bare landscape, you'll still see truly wondrous views. Depending on the tour operator you go with, there'll be between one and three landings daily, where you go on the mainland using zodiacs. Each trip lasts up to three hours with the cruises themselves normally lasting between 10 and 15 days. Once you reach land, there various things you can do and see.

You can camp, go mountain climbing, go kayaking or scuba diving. This may let you see this southern world and its inhabitants, such as seals, penguins and whales. You can also visit Deception Island, a volcano that has collapsed to form a natural harbour in the Southern Shetland Islands. Visitors, too, can make a stop at the surprisingly heated Pendulum Cove. A channel that has been nicknamed "Kodak Gap," Lemaire Channel, is extremely popular with visitors. It resides between the Antarctic Peninsula cliffs and Booth Island. If you want to laze away a day, check out Paradise Harbor, with breathtaking scenery and glaciers. Nearby you'll find the Falkland Islands, with a history that goes all the way back to the 16th century; then, Patagonians came to the islands and so did the Argentineans, French and British.

Smaller groups tend to go to Antarctica due to the limitation of the number of passengers allowed ashore at any one time. Expeditions to the Antarctica are seasonal and include stops at remote areas, historical huts, and wildlife sightings. Travel is only really possible in the summertime between November and March, when there's over 20 hours of sunlight. Temperatures are usually between one below degrees Celsius and 30 below degrees Celsius, depending on where you are; because this is also the windiest place on earth, this also affects the temperature. Nonetheless, no matter where you choose to land on Antarctica, you will find that you've literally set foot on a new world, pristine and largely untouched

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The Natural Wonders Of Nikko National Park

By Rin Yamada

There are many wonderful attractions in Japan for tourists. They are often a curious mix of nature and the modern. Perhaps the best attractions that the country has to offer that mirror this are their beautiful parks. They often provide features from both the East and West without looking out of place in either.

Nikko National Park is considered to be one of the best parks in Japan. A look at its highlights would leave no one in doubt of such an accolade. Within an hour's sojourn from the busy lights of Tokyo, it is a haven for individuals who wish to indulge themselves in the company of nature.

The national park is the also the pride of the city Nikko in Japan. The small town population shares the park with a few other cities within the main prefecture although it is named after them. The townspeople are often busy tending to the thousands of visitors every year and have enjoyed prosperous times since opening up to the tourism trade.

What are the sights that are a must-see within Nikko National Park? One that is immediately obvious would be the Toshogu Shrine that can be found within the city. It is the symbolic mausoleum that was lorded over by a master shogun in the 17th century. The fine architectural design has lifted the shrine to the annals of building wonders across the world.

Japan is famous for Mount Fuji which is often considered their national mountain and a popular symbol of nationalistic pride and beauty. Perhaps not as well known but just as majestic is Mount Nantai of Nikko. It is considered a dominant volcano and lush forests and scenery have sprung up around it.

Next in line for the highlights to be found in the park is that of Kegon Waterfall. Not only is it one of the biggest and tallest waterfalls in Japan, it would not be an understatement to call it the most spectacular too. Even with the water crashing down loudly upon the rock whilst standing next to it, it is difficult not to admire what nature has bestowed upon us.

Another landmark in the park is that of Lake Chuzenji. Flanked by dense foliage and Mount Nantai, the lake was formed by lava flows centuries ago when the volcano erupted. It does not have any mark of the inferno that was present then. Instead, one will be struck by the peace and tranquility that descends upon all visitors when visiting the lake.

While there are countless things to see and experience in the park, the busiest times it sees are during spring and autumn. These are the seasons in which the weather is perfect for both sightseeing in the country and the park obliges with its beautiful foliage. It is no wonder that so many busy Tokyo-ites also make the trip in order to escape from their busy lives for just a day.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Holidays in Singapore - Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is a wonderful holiday destination. There are many tourist attractions and it is not a typical Asian country. So if you are not sure about where to go for a holiday, think no further. Singapore is the place.

Every year, millions of tourists flock to Singapore for holidays. Why is this so? This is because Singapore is the leading travel destination in Asia with so many tourist attractions. Also, it is a popular business travel destination because important business conferences are held here every year. In this article, let me highlight some of the tourist attractions in Singapore:

1. Singapore Zoo. Singapore Zoo is a nature walk by itself where you can get to see lots of amazing animals at close range. Also, you can visit Night Safari at night. It is the world's first wildlife park built for visits at night and it is not like any ordinary zoo illuminated by the night or a modern version of nocturnal houses found in many zoos around the globe. There are hundreds of species of animals that you can see in their natural settings. It is open daily from 1930 hour until midnight. I am sure you will enjoy it.

2. Sentosa Island. If you are a beach and sun lover, you must visit Sentosa. It is an island located just off Singapore where lots of people go there for a day of sightseeing and fun. It has been developed into what seems like a major theme park where you can enjoy lots of activities there. At the beaches, you can suntan and play volleyballs with other sport enthusiasts. But do remember that naked sun tanning in Singapore is illegal.

3. Raffles Hotel. Raffles Hotel is a place for the Europeans in colonial times. A lot of tourists from the West like to visit this place. There are a lot of museum, shops and bars where you can sit down with your friends to have a drink.

4. Jurong Bird Park. Jurong Bird Park is another popular tourist attraction in Singapore. You can get to see nearly ten thousands kinds of birds in this stunning wildlife park. It opens daily from 0800 hour until 1800 hour.

5. Botanical Garden. If you are a plant lover, you will definitely like Botanical Garden. It is a beautiful park with wonderful gardens. Here, there are thousands kinds of plant species for you to view.

So hope that this article gives you some information about Singapore. Do visit Singapore soon. See you around.

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Scheduling A Mexico Vacation

If you have never journeyed to Mexico at all, you might be curious as to what is so great in Mexico and the reasons why you should vacation there. Mexico is mostly renowned for their beaches, although beaches are not the only thing which can be found within Mexico as it's also famous for the rich history and society. All through the country, particularly in Mexico City, there are a lot of places which offer informative excursions and facilities. If you are keen on integrating some education into your family getaway to Mexico, you will discover a number of museums to visit.

Mexico City is renowned for the educational facilities where you could effortlessly locate a number of museums that are aimed at both children and adults. Along with seeing what the country is all about, you and the family would walk away with valuable information. Dependant upon how old your kids are, this knowledge might not just help them understand Mexico's culture, but it may aid them in their schoolwork too.

Understanding the importance of both the history and culture of Mexico is not the only method which learning can be incorporated into the getaway. All along the coastline of Mexico, you may find a number of Oceanside places that offer fun, stimulating, and even educational pursuits which may include aquatic shows or even oceanographic museums.

Along with incorporating education into the family getaway, a Mexican vacation allows you and your family to spend more time with each other and maybe, that's the biggest advantage to planning a vacation in Mexico. Many families, because of hectic diaries, many times discover it difficult to spend uninterrupted time together although when visiting Mexico, you'll discover that interruptions are often nonexistent.

While Mexico is a great destination for family vacations, it is additionally a great place for people seeking to experience a romantic vacation. If you want to leave the kids with a caregiver, both you and your spouse could enjoy a romantic getaway.

Mexico is most known for its beautiful beaches and beach resorts and these places are often thought romantic environments and all along the coast there are private beach resorts along with popular beach locations. One of the Advantages of taking a romantic vacation is the time that you will be able to spend with your partner. If you want this time to be private and intimate, you'll want to consider vacationing at a private beach area.

One among the numerous benefits of going to Mexico, no matter if your vacation is a romantic getaway or a family outing, is the price. Most individuals automatically assume that vacationing in this country is expensive and out of their reach and though it's a fact that setting up a Mexican getaway might be pricey, it does not have to be. There are a number of popular beach resorts, spa resorts, and golf resorts that cater to those who are seeking to have a great vacation while on budget. With a little bit of research, it may be possible for you to find and get Mexico travel bargains therefore it's plain to see that there's a lot of benefits to vacationing in Mexico. No matter when that you travel or where precisely you travel to in the country, you are certain to enjoy the incredible benefits talked about in this article.

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Cagliari, Sardinia: A Mediterranean Gem

Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia, which is a region of Italy. There are about 160,000 people that live directly in the city, but over half a million live in the entire metropolitan area suburbs. This city is rich in history and culture, and is one of the premier tourist destinations in Sardinia.

The oldest part of Cagliari sits on a hill and has a beautiful view of Angels Gulf. Most of the city's walls are still standing and you can find two beautiful limestone towers. These two towers, St. Pancra and The Elephant Tower, are intact and add a simple elegance to the city. This white limestone was used to build many of the buildings found in Cagliari, as well as the city walls.

In 1930, the Cathedral was restored to more of its original appearance. The Baroque exterior was transformed back to a Medieval Pisan faade. The bell tower is completely original. This Cathedral has been referred to repeatedly in literature and artistic song for the alabaster beauty from the limestone walls.
Architectural Wonders of Cagliari, Sardinia

To the people of Sardinia, the Basilica di San Saurnino is the most important monument in the entire island. The Basilica is dedicated to the memory of Santurninus of Cagliari, a martyr that was killed during Diocletian's reign. It was build during the fifth century and only the center part remains. There are crypts and a necropolis located nearby as well.
Another popular tourist attraction in Sardinia is the Roman Amphitheater. It was actually carved into the face of a hill made of limestone. Built between the first and eleventh century, the amphitheater could seat ten thousand people. Many tourists mistakenly think that this piece of Roman architecture is located in Rome.

The Sardinian Archaeological Museum is in Cagliari and is the biggest and most important representation of the Nuragic civilization. This museum has several bronze sculptures that are worth the trip to see.
Other Wonders of Cagliari, Sardinia
Cagliari has many winding, narrow streets, so transportation is somewhat tedious. However, you will find several craftsmen workshops down these scenic lanes. Tourists often flock to these workshops in search of carpentry, weaving, ceramics, and jewelry items. The skills needed to create such items have been passed down through the generations.

If you are planning a vacation to Cagliari, you will find accommodations for just about any taste and budget. There are hotels, bed and breakfasts, and even holiday houses. You can find a room directly on the beach, or back into the center of the city. There are many festivals each year in Cagliari, and they draw thousands of visitors. Many are religious in nature, but several recognize the hard work of the people that live on Sardinia.

Diving, horseback riding, bicycling, and hiking are some of the most popular pastimes in Cagliari. Sardinia is breathtaking and you will find some great scenic views, no matter where you are on the island.

For those of you that want to experience Cagliari, Sardinia, there are many websites that are dedicated to help you find the best in accommodations and travel options. You will also find that many of the hotels offer diving and sailing excursions, as well as lessons. There many fine restaurants, some of which are world-renowned for their gourmet food. There is also the largest open air market in Sardinia, and this is truly something to experience.

Cagliari is truly a great vacation destination and you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy. If you simply want to relax, there are white sand beaches to enjoy. The locals are warm and friendly and you will be glad that you picked Cagliari, Sardinia for your next vacation holiday.

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Best Places to Visit in New York City

New York City is an exciting and diverse place to visit. . There are a variety of fun places to see and experience. There many attractions that you will not see anywhere else in the world. The following is a list of New York City's most popular and amazing places to visit:

Ellis Island: This Island is where the history of New York began. You can visit for free and enjoy the ferry ride to and from the island. The Ellis Island Immigration Museum is an astounding showcase of American history.

The Empire State Building: This building is New York's icon. Visitors from all over the world come to New York to see the Empire State Building. There is an observation deck where you can take in the immense city.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The museum is one of the top art museums in the world. Popular displays include the Arts of Africa, the Oceania and the Americas permanent collection, and the Egyptian Art collection which contains more than 36,000 ancient objects.

American Museum of Natural History: A world renowned museum that features the Rose Center for Earth and Space and the Hayden Planetarium. It also includes posters, postcards, books, and other keepsakes of the museum's remarkable art.

Guggenheim Museum: The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structure was built as a series of spirals meant to resemble an inverted pyramidal temple. There is a valuable permanent collection devoted to works from the 19th century through the present.

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum: This famous museum features astounding wax replications of some of the most famous historical figures.

Coney Island: Take the subway out to Coney Island, on the southernmost tip of Brooklyn. .The Astroland Amusement Park is famous as both the birthplace of the rollercoaster and the hot dog, Coney Island is home to one of the last remaining wooden coasters in the U.S. called the "Cyclone."

Central Park: A great place to visit if you are a history buff or nature lover. Take a free tour offered by the Central Park Conservancy. The 843-acre public area includes "View from the Past," a glimpse at the achievements of Central Park designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux; "A Road Once Traveled," a look at American Revolution and War of 1812 battles sites; and "Amble Through the Ramble," a hike through 38-acres of woodland.

Brooklyn Bridge: The Brooklyn Bridge was the tallest structure in North America when it opened in 1883. Take a walk on the pedestrian walkway and capture a view of Manhattan from Wall Street to the Upper East Side.

The New York Stock Exchange: This is the central hub of Capitalism. The famous Wall Street is nearby.

Grand Central Station: Visitors are astounded by the exorbitant ceiling and the world's largest example of Tiffany glass in the clock facing 42nd Street.

Times Square: The theaters of Broadway and the vast number of animated neon and LED signs have made Times Square one of New York's iconic images. Times Square is the only neighborhood with zoning ordinances requiring building owners to display illuminated signs.

Rockefeller Center: The Rockefeller Center boasts the largest Christmas tree in the world and the famous NBC TV studio and store.

Yankee Stadium Tours: Yankee Stadium is famous for such baseball legends as Roger Clemens and Babe Ruth. Visit the dugouts, clubhouse, press box, and Monument Park.

Fifth Avenue: Famous for Christmas fashion shopping and downtown West Broadway's upscale fashion boutiques.

A great vacation is all about relaxing and having fun, so enjoy New York City's boundless sightseeing excursions and famous historical sights. The "Big Apple" will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

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Enjoy The Florida Sun At Fabulous Bonita Springs

The sparkling gulf coast of Florida attracts thousands of sun seeking visitors from all around the world every year, and with very good reason.

Warmed by the sparkling waters of the gulf, cooled by lovely breezes, and kissed by radiant sunshine, visitors are pretty much guaranteed a perfect Florida vacation.

Start your fun holiday by pleasing the kids, and of course the other youngsters in your family, no matter what their ages. Head for the airport, or load up your van and head down the highway to Orlando.

In no time you'll be enjoying the sights and sounds of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Discovery Cove. Then head on over to the Tampa Bay to check out the wonders of Busch Gardens.

Kennedy Space Center should not to be missed. For anyone who is interested in the planets, and man's attempt to reach out through space travel, this is the place to see. Plan on spending as much time as you can. The displays and information are extremely well presented and you will need to do it justice without rushing.

When you've fulfilled your tourist requirements, now is the time to explore the real Florida. The Florida that stars Mother Nature in all her glory.

One of the towns to explore and enjoy is Bonita Springs. It's south of Fort Myers and north of Naples, along the gorgeous Gulf Coast.

Called Gateway to the Gulf, Bonita Springs boasts white sugar sand beaches that will delight every member of your family. If you forgot your pails and shovels, just head to the the nearest souvenir shop and make your selection.

Bonita Springs first gained prominence because of a spring that is located on Highway 41. The Indians in that area, believed the waters held special healing powers that could cure the ill.

At first the area was called Survey, flourishing with plantations that grew bananas, coconuts, and pineapples. Visitors started coming in droves when they heard of the bountiful hunting and fishing as well.

Realizing that the name Survey was bland and unattractive, developers decided that Bonita Springs sounded a little more enticing. Sure enough, with the coming of the Tamiami Trail, and the railroad, the little town began to prosper.

More and more visitors began coming to Everglades Wonder Gardens, to see Bill and Lester Piper's display of panthers, bears, and other animals that make Florida their home. The Pipers, not unlike Crocodile Dundee, also began fulfilling orders for unusual animals to the Chicago Zoo.

Harold Crant, from Canada, was astounded to find windrows of shells, some piled up to his knees. Shells of gorgeous color, millions of them, just there for the taking. He couldn't believe his eyes. Then he got busy and opened the first Shell Factory operation. Sadly it burned in the 1940's. Now tourists can get their shell fix in Fort Myers.

If you are a golfer, Bonita Springs will delight you. On a map of the area, you will be surprised at the abundance of golf courses and country clubs. There are beautiful courses, private and public, designed by tour players and architects that you will instantly recognize. You will have no problem getting a tee time. Prepare to be challenged by the innovative course layouts.

You and your family can enjoy the beach, the sun, and every water sport imaginable. When you're all tired out and hungry, come and enjoy the endless dining choices that are waiting for you. Why not watch the sunset as you feast on fresh seafood at a waterfront restaurant? No need to dress up, unless you want to. Shorts and a tee shirt will suffice.

You'll probably not want to leave Bonita Spring's sunny skies, and warm hospitality. But when you do, you'll have many great memories of your southwest Florida vacation to share will everyone back home.

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Visit the Jewel of California - La Jolla

What a gem! In fact, the name 'La Jolla' means 'the jewel' in Spanish. One visit here clarifies how this location earns its name. Stretching along 7 miles of spectacular Pacific coastline, and enjoying glorious southern California weather, this area draws people to both visit and settle here. You can find out why when you spend some time in one of the La Jolla vacation rentals available online.

An unincorporated district within San Diego, La Jolla is a delight to visit at any time, with a pleasant year-round climate. The city has become a favorite retirement spot as well as a premier location for area residents. As such, it has also become one of the most affluent areas in the US. Discover the attraction for yourself by planning your next vacation here. And the best way to start planning your trip is by going online where you can find a number of options for La Jolla lodging. You have a plethora of options from which to choose.

You're greatest challenge in planning your vacation will be deciding which activities to limit yourself to! Just 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, it's a favorite location for travelers who enjoy city attractions as well as sunny shores. Many visitors opt to visit the famed San Diego zoo, home of the giant pandas. La Jolla itself offers sightseers the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a museum of contemporary art, and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. Additionally, the town is home to the University of California, San Diego, and the La Jolla Playhouse. You may choose a rental in the lively downtown, near the many chic boutiques filled with unique items and quirky buys. Or you can choose one of La Jolla hotels that provide immediate access to the beach.

If you enjoy spending vacation time out-of-doors, chances are good you'll have a mild sunny day for it. Nature provides year-round mild weather, plenty of sunshine, and no snow or ice. Perhaps you'll want to venture from your lodging to check out the seven miles of stunning beaches, in particular La Jolla shores and Black's Beach. Here you will not only find the usual water activities of surfing, snorkeling and swimming, but you can also explore the sea-washed caves in the area. Or perhaps you simply enjoy a blissful day of relaxation along the Pacific shore. Let the ocean breeze wash over you as the palm trees sway behind you. Gaze out at the sun glinting off the waves and the sails of boats dotting the water. And what better way to end your day than by letting Nature treat you to a glorious sunset over the ocean? La Jolla rentals are dotted throughout the area, so you can choose whatever delightful location suits you best.

Whether it is the beach, vibrant nightlife or exciting watersports, you will find it all in La Jolla.

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Reasons to Consider an Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Cruising is a popular mode of travel today, and the Caribbean is one of the most frequented itineraries for the cruising industry. There are many advantages to cruising the Caribbean, with small islands located close enough together that you can visit a different destination nearly every day. Most cruise lines offer a choice of a western, southern or eastern Caribbean cruise, to allow travelers the opportunity to tailor their tropical vacation to their precise needs and preferences. While the western Caribbean may be the most popular region, there are many good reasons to consider an eastern cruise for your next vacation.

How Long
One of the positive features of an eastern Caribbean cruise is that travelers can choose from a variety of itineraries with different lengths of time. The most popular cruise will be the seven-night package that often embarks from the eastern coast of Florida and stops at ports of call in the Bahamas along the way. However, those who wish to enjoy a shorter itinerary may opt to set sail from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they can choose four or five-night itineraries as well. Those who desire a longer vacation will also be happy to know that an eastern Caribbean cruise can also last as long as fourteen days, with many ports of call to enjoy and a day or two at sea to relax as well.

When to Go
Most cruise lines will offer an eastern Caribbean cruise year round, although savvy travelers know that it is a risk to sail between the months of June and November. This is considered hurricane season in the Caribbean, and unprotected eastern islands can be hard hit if a storm comes their way. However, travelers can usually find discounted rates on cruises during this time period as well. If you don't mind a sudden change to your itinerary to avoid an oncoming storm, a cruise during the late fall months may be an economical choice in a cheap cruise.

Where to Go
The destinations on an eastern Caribbean cruise are not as well known as the popular ports of call in the western region, but they are no less exotic and beautiful. Visitors can explore a rain forest, or choose between white and black sand beaches for their fun in the sun. Golfing, beach activities and snorkeling can all be enjoyed on many of the islands of the eastern Caribbean. Because the islands in this area tend to be closer together, cruisers can enjoy more time on land and less at sea with an eastern Caribbean cruise. The numerous choices in destinations also means that no two cruises are alike, so guests can travel to this region time and time again and enjoy different sights every time.

An eastern Caribbean cruise is a delightful way to enjoy the tropical beauty of the region along with water activities and shopping galore. Check out the itineraries and see if a cruise is the right choice for your next vacation.

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Larnaca: Gateway to Cyprus and Holiday Paradise

For tourists, there's more to Larnaca than sun and surf, though these certainly aren't bad reasons to visit. The city of Larnaca on the island of Cyprus, known as 'the international gateway to Cyprus,' is rich with grand history and beautiful sights. Its eclectic mix of old and new makes it a worthwhile addition to every traveler's list of places to visit.

Larnaca is located on the southeastern coast of the Republic of Cyprus. It is home to the island's largest international airport. This makes it a natural tourist destination, as well as a starting point for visitors who want to explore other parts of the island.

Larnaca, in addition to its international airport status, is also Cyprus' second largest port. It is well known for its pristine and captivating seafront. It's home to the Larnaca Marina, one of the island's four official seaports. If Larnaca is the "gateway to Cyprus," then the Larnaca Marina is the "window" on Larnaca. The busy port boasts a quaint village bustling with constant activity.

The city is actually one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. It was first settled by the Phoenicians. It is referred to in the Hebrew Old Testament, dating it back to somewhere in the first few centuries B.C. Originally known as "Kittim," the city's name was also interchangeable at the time with the whole island of Cyprus. It was also interchangeable in early Hebrew literature with non-Jewish cultures like the Romans, Macedonians and Assyrians.

Not only is it one of the oldest inhabited cities; it is also one of the oldest ports. The Hebrew Old Testament also makes reference to the "ships of Kittim" in the book of Daniel. Even in Biblical times the city was an important port and meeting place worthy of mention in history.

Larnaca is a veritable cornucopia of history, and evidence of its past civilizations still lies buried all over the city. Visitors to the region can view many of its unearthed artifacts housed at the six museums in Larnaca. The artifacts are a testament to the many cultures that have shaped the city and contributed to its current flavor.

The city is famous for its many cultural events. Festivals take place frequently and regularly. One its most well-known is Kataklysmos (Cataclysm) or Festival of the Flood, a three week festival that takes place on the seashore. Kataklysmos and other local festivals usually encompass music and dancing and, of course, food.

Speaking of food, traditional cuisine is a big part of the local culture. Visitors to the city will find a dazzling array of both traditional and modern cuisine and restaurants in the region. Many dishes combine old world Mediterranean spices, meats and seafood with modern ingredients and technology for dishes that are uniquely "Cyprus."

Ancient ruins are as plentiful as modern structures and even non-history buffs find these fascinating to visit. The ruins of ancient Kition are home to what remain of five temples from the 13th century. The area is also home to a number of stately and magnificent centuries-old churches, like the Church of Ayios Lazaros.

Larnaca is located centrally in proximity to a number of day trip and excursion areas. Ecologists and novice archaeologists can stay in the city and travel to more remote locations during the day to take in some of Cyprus' other sites. Its proximity to so much of nature and history is one of the many things that make Larnaca Cyprus' "gateway."

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Garden Festival in Lake Charles, Louisiana

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

Each year gardeners, horticulturists and plants lovers gather together at Lake Charles in Louisiana to celebrate the much awaited garden Festival. Garden Festival is a part of the horticulture program, here they enhance and educate people of southwest Louisiana about horticulture. Horticulture is the science of plant cultivation, while Horticulturists are the persons who work and conduct research regarding plant and crop propagation and cultivation.

It is a fun filled day where there are exhibits and contests to see how far gardening has gone, and how broad gardening has become. It is a one time annual experience where professionals and non commercial welfare of people are unified.

Exhibits are held during the festival proper; exhibitors provide materials and demonstrations on their respective booths. Amongst the demonstration and lessons given are the prevention of mishaps in garden and lawns. Also, facilitators educate the public regarding tool familiarization, clubs and societies located in the area, stores where to obtain gardening products and accessories and of course the places where they could sell their home grown plants. It is simply a day of knowledge.

Some of us believe that gardening is way too easy- that you just have to plant a seed and wait for it to grow. This is not certainly the case and the Garden festival might just prove us wrong on this belief. Gardening is a serious job that without proper tools and knowledge gardening itself would be as hard as constructing a new building with our bare hands. Gardening takes a lot of information, proper deliberation, and passion.

Gardening is a rewarding hobby and aside from its profitable aspects, it is also a very simple way of helping Mother Earth. As flower beautifies every household, its roots and shades also lessen the heat assimilation of place. It's really a green two thumbs up to those who love gardening. Check out the websites below to get a full view of events in Louisiana.

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