Monday, February 7, 2011

3 Tips For Planning A Romantic Getaway To Normandy

By Danny Ward
It's not hard to see why and how Normandy is becoming such a popular travel destination. With its strong ties to Impressionist art, beautiful vistas and fabulously delicious cuisine, this is a region that was quite simply made for lovers. It's absolutely ideal for a honeymoon or bonding experience.

However, planning a romantic getaway and making sure it goes off without a hitch are two very different beasts. Consider the following objectives to make absolutely sure you and your sweetheart get the most out of Normandy while you're there.

1. Soak in some of Normandy's rich artistic past.

Normandy is famous for being one of the epicenters of the French Impressionist art movement in the 18th Century and no trip to the area would be complete without visits to the art museums in the area. However, don't neglect the value of visiting some of the actual sites where masters like Monet and Turner actually painted some of their most brilliant works. An afternoon spent at Rouen cathedral or walking along the same banks where Monet painted his water lilies would be the perfect way to bond with a loved one.

2. Sample plenty of Normandy's famous cuisine.

Norman cuisine is famous for being simple, yet fabulously delicious. No romantic vacation or honeymoon would be complete without plenty of good eating with the perfect wines to match. Be sure to eat plenty of seafood, as it's the regional speciality. You must be especially certain to try the oysters and mussels, the area specialty. You may also be interested in signing on for a wine and cheese tasting. Cheese is yet another Norman culinary specialty and what better way to enjoy it than alongside the region's very best local wine offerings.

3. Forgo the hotel and rent a holiday cottage in Normandy instead.

Nothing puts a damper on the mood like a cramped hotel room with an uncomfortable bed and paper thin walls. Why not consider renting your own private holiday cottage in Normandy? You'll not only have your privacy and your peace, but you'll have plenty of space. You'll also have a fully functioning kitchen of your own where you can prepare your own Norman specialties and enjoy them over candlelight while you admire a beautiful view.

Make reservations as far in advance as you can if you really think a holiday cottage in Normandy is right for you. These cottages are quickly becoming all the rage among travelers, so you'll want to be sure to get exactly the one you want. Also, the earlier you make your reservations, the more likely you are to get an early booking discount.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Los Angeles - a great vacation location

By David F. Pinochet

Visiting the west coast of the United States is all about Visiting Los Angeles California. It is the iconic city of the west coast with its Long Beach and the other famous attractions inside the city. Before you land in Los Angeles, there are many things you should arrange in order to ensure that you are spending a good time in Los Angeles.

The first thing you should take care of is the hotel stay and the flight to LA. In fact, finding a flight is very easy because the LA airport is one of the biggest airports in USA and it receives daily flights from everywhere in the country as well as international flights too. It is highly recommended to look for vacation package where you can get your flight as well as the hotel stay together in one deal. They may save you a lot of money.

Disney Land is one of the must - see places in Los Angeles. It is the best place for a family location there so does not miss the great fun in this place. Before you are even at the Disney Land Gate, you will start to feel the enjoyment. Your camera won't stop clicking once you arrive there. Disney Land is the biggest and fanciest Theme Park in the whole world, and it is the best place to spend a day or more in this non - stop fun place.

Disney Land is not the only fancy attraction in Los Angeles, you can also visit the Universal Studios where you can take a closer look at the film making sites, experience a lot of the final scenes and see how they perform these magnificent tricks and stunts in these movies. Universal studios is one of the popular locations in LA so, make sure that you get your tickets in advance as this will save you a lot of time.

Going to the waterfront is also full of action and places to visit there. Queen Mary is one of the marvelous points of attraction on the Long Beach. It is the Successful predecessor of the former Titanic ship, but this one was able to cross the Atlantic more than 1000 times before retiring in Long Beach. It is now serving as one of the fanciest hotels and tourist attraction points in Los Angeles.

For those who love the seaside activities then Venice Beach is the best place to go. It is where you can enjoy the music street performs and the magicians performing their talents on the sidewalk. You can also take few hours to enjoy the beach, the water and the sun or you can also take a look at the bodybuilders who are performing at the Muscle beach in Los Angeles. If you like to experience something different, then there is nothing better than the American Venice with its canals that resemble Venice of Italy.
For those who love thrill rides, then the Six Flags Mountain is the best place of such activities. It is the house of the best roller coasters in the country and it was rated one of the best 10 theme parks in the United States in 2009. If you want to enjoy the best of this theme park then, you may want to buy the tickets in advance to avoid waiting lines.

The Six Flags magic mountain is one of the highly popular theme parks in the United States. You need more than one day to try all the games in this park so, allow all the time available to visit this Park and try every single roller coaster.
Los Angeles has more than just these places to visit, in fact, it is packed with action and places to visit so, take your time checking every one of these places.

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A Look At What Tunisia Offers Tourists

By Mark Walters

It is no secret that places that become popular with tourists are popular because of trends. When famous celebrities are photographed soaking up the sun or sitting on a yacht in a particular area, that area immediately gains a massive leap in popularity and tourists flock to the latest fashionable holiday spot. The question is, why? Why do the celebrities go to that particular area? What is it about the area that draws people in to begin with?

There are many destinations that are always popular with tourists due to their ability to offer the best of one or two factors - the south of France, Spain, the Mediterranean islands and Switzerland's mountainous ski slopes to name but a few. However, some places are popular due to their ability to combine a number of factors, plus a certain mystical appeal. Tunisia is such a place, but what is it specifically about Tunisia that makes it so special?

Tunisia is the most northerly country in the continent of Africa and sits on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, close to Sicily. With a population of nearly ten and a half million people it is certainly not the most populated of African countries, though it can boast an extremely high relative percentage of coastline, with a total of approximately eight hundred and ten miles. Tunisia is bordered by Libya to the south-east and Algeria, to the west.

Some might say that Tunisia's coastline is its best asset, but that opinion is subjective and although it offers some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean sea, there is a lot more to Tunisia than sand. If it is a good beach you are looking for, the most popular in Tunisia is Port el-Kantaoui, with Hammamet beach coming a close second. Port el-Kantaoui is a tourist complex that was actually first modeled on the French town of Port Grimaud.

One of the biggest tourist pullers in Tunisia is the fact that some of the highest grossing films of the last fifty years have been filmed there. Two Star Wars films, an Indiana Jones movie, and the English Patient were all filmed on location in Tunisia. Finding the filming locations may be a little trickier than you imagine, though there is sufficient information available on the internet to help guide you. One particular location that will not be hard to find is the Sidi Driss Star Wars Hotel in Matmata. This hotel was used as a location in the film Star Wars: A New Hope, which was filmed in 1976.

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Large Medieval Fortresses In Spain

By Albert Sperk

Valencia is a gorgeous province in the country of Spain. Valencia is a holiday center with terrific tourist attraction. Valencia offer many opportunities for sightseeing in Alicante the holiday center. There are more than six million tourists who visit the Costa Blanca each year.

Sightseeing in the old city of central Alicante, home to numerous museums and other historic buildings. The old city of Alicante has so much to offer with things to see and do. An added attraction is the experience of Spanish history and culture. It will take you a few days to tour this enclave with its wealth of history.

Of interest to children and adults alike is the famous The Nativity Scene Museum is located on San Augustin Street. This gallery features literally hundreds of Nativity scenes from across the world. Children and adults who love Christmas will adore this museum. Open year round it's popular and caters to visitors even in the summer. San Nicolas de Bari in the old city is the concathedral. This amazing church with its recognizable large blue dome is a major landmark. The structure has a stature of Saint Nicholas in marble at the entrance of this church. This church is at present home to the Bishop of the Province.

A large medieval fortresses in Spain, known as the Castle of Santa Barbara is an interesting structure and has the reputation as the largest fortress of the day in Europe. Constructed by the Moors in the ninth century, it offers a tremendous view of the city from its tower. The castle is now a museum filled with Spanish sculpture and local history with artifacts from the Bronze Age.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nightlife in Alicante. Visit the Barrio Santa Cruz (the Old Quarter) and is a great place to experience the old city at night. The entire Barrio has a medieval style. With lots of taverns and eateries in the area. Be sure to visit the Old Quarter at least one night of your. There are many small and large stores throughout the Alicante. The harbor and old city area offers a large Spanish department chain store.

In addition, you'll discover many locals along the waterfront selling a variety of crafts. You'll also do some sightseeing and people watching in this area. Can you do without a trip to the mall while on holiday? If not, visit the city's Panoramis Shopping Mall. It's located near the harbor. It's probably the only mall that is North American in style. This mall also offers a fantastic view of the entire harbor area. Tired of the city? Perhaps you'd like to take a day trip down to Torrevieja and its unforgettable tower.

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