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For The Best Late Cruise Deals Ever And Honeymoons

By Abraham Phillips

Looking for the greatest deals and most awesome places to visit is only half the battle when it comes to experiencing a memorable and enjoyable vacation. Deciding between a cruise and spending your time in a resort is a daunting task considering that either could make your vacation a disaster or the very best you've ever had.

A cruise is like Vegas-on-a-boat There are actually some that showcase many different shows that are not simply for adults but for the whole family. Diverse selections for amenities such as pools, bars, boutiques, spas, casinos and more are available which might possibly already be included with the travel package in contrast to resorts wherein you pay for each and every use.

There is greater enjoyable, comfort and adventure if you opt to take a cruise - it isn't the outside which you can take pleasure in more but what is inside the ship. It would also be advisable to speak with your travel agent to have superior particulars of what each and every package gives.

Once you check the overall costs for late cruise deals versus all-inclusive resorts, most cruise packages are cheaper. For those who have plans of bringing the children on your late cruise deals, you may want to contemplate that some ships give major discounts for youngsters under the age of 12. Some even present zero cost accommodations or charge minimally for children which resorts don't offer you. A sure way of being able to measure how much you will be able to save when choosing the proper late cruise deals or resorts for you is itemizing the cost for each and every day for an whole week.

Consumer service is one other critical aspect in in fact enjoying your most awaited week off. The boat crew is frequently extra trained to deliver excellent customer service as a result of an assortment of clients getting catered to. Even whenever you ask people who have been to each worlds would agree that they had been more satisfied with the service on the cruise. In total opinion, going on a late cruise deals could be the greatest method to get your greatest bang for your buck.

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The Secret Language of Brazil

The national language of Brazil is Portuguese. This though is not the only mode of communication between individuals in the country. Like many other cultures, there are specific non-verbal cues that connote a whole secret language in Brazil. The following are some of them to learn when in country.

1. Saying OK. A thumbs up sign would mean that all is okay, yes or even thanks to another person non-verbally. Do not use the American sign for ok (thumb and forefinger in a circle with other fingers straight), as this is an obscene gesture in the country.

2. Saying No. This is said non-verbally by wagging your extended index finger back and forth and/or clicking your tongue behind your teeth two or three times. Shaking your head from side to side would not do as some Indian tribes in Brazil would do this and mean yes.

3. Saying Watch Out. This is said with your index finger to pull down one of the lower eyelids of either eye. When this is done to you, it means beware and be on the look out as something is afoot and you might get victimized in the end.

4. Saying Too Expensive. This is done through stroking of the thumb with the index and middle finger. Similar to Jerry Maguire's "Show Me The Money" sign, when this is done in Brazil, often it is in the heat of haggling and indirectly telling the seller to lower their price.

5. Saying Go Faster. This is said through snapping the fingers to indicate that ora faster to the driver or the person with you. It means put the pedal to the metal.

6. Saying Good Luck. This is done through making a fist with the thumb between the middle and index fingers. This is known as figa in the region and means good luck.

7. Saying I am being robbed. This is done through touching the palm on one hand with the thumb of the other in a circular motion. This would mean I am being robbed or ripped off or hoodwinked in areas.

8. Saying Look Here. This done using a hissing sound with one's lips pursed. This is an informal way to call one's attention and becomes annoying when repeated often.

Despite declaring the official language of Brazil as Portuguese, much of the communication is done through hand gestures and non-verbal cues. These are a few things that one needs to learn when going to Brazil in the near future.

Bobby Castro is the online editor at Gringos, where he has published a number of articles about moving to Brazil and many other topics.

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Planning Family Beach Vacations

By Harvin Gulfill

If you are deciding on a beach vacation, you might want to get started now to avoid having booking a trip. Planning your beach vacation at an early date will give you so much more options than when planning late.

Planning a beach vacation in advance has its advantages. You will find that you can get cheap prices when you plan a vacation in advance. This means you get to select along the many different options and can avail more promos and discounts when you book your reservations, may it be in a hotel or in an airplane.

The first things to do when planning your ideal beach vacation is to make sure all the schedules of all the family members are vacant. This will lead to a no stress vacation. Make sure that everything will be taken care of when you are away. To help you with this make a list of what needs to be done before hand and slowly work your way down.

You can budget your family vacation as well by planning what to do and sticking to the plan. You might just want to leave a little room for impulsivity or a backup plan or contingency fund as well. Everyone can contribute on what they want to experience but you will also find fun by taking long strolls in the beach and beach combing, riding horseback on the shore, playing ball games or whatever your family may deem interesting.

You might also want to research about your location and make a brief overview about the equipment and the facilities. This way you can bring what you will need such as swimming gear and water equipment. Do not also forge to bring your sun blocks and sun tans to protect you from the sun.

Having a planned beach vacation has its advantages and with that you and your family can relax and have a lot of fun.

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Amusing Diving Holiday Activities

If you talk about spending holidays abroad or diving holidays, what are the pictures that your mind will figure out about these things? Most of us are looking ahead for a getaway which will make us relax on those sandy white beaches or maybe having a dive on crystal clear waters. But there are many people who want to take pleasure in discovering the ocean waves below and view those abundant sights.
If you are searching for an adventure which involves shark spotting and sight seeing, then there are varieties of diving destinations that are accessible on the different parts of the world. Whether you are on the search for the best place to spend your diving holidays while residing on a boat for your desired duration of time or for a trip for scuba diving, the underwater world will truly have something that awaits you.

Every time you are planning for diving holidays, there are numerous places in the world which are popular for their diving sites. Some of these diving sites are the Great Barrier Reef and Sharm El Sheikh. These places provide you with an opportunity to be involved in the water with crystal clear effects and copious species of wildlife that resides on the shipwrecks and coral reefs. With vacillating business market, countless late bargains are accessible, so whether you are searching to discover the coastline of Andalucian or experience the holiday in the place of Seychelles, you are secured to search an agreement to match your dive.

For those people who are willing to take more risks, there are available and favorable chances to take part on activities which involve shark dives. These offer divers the opportunity to check out these sharks below with the use of cage bars. For those people who are interested in the field of photography, there are numerous coral reefs and abundant species of aquatic life which lives on the crannies as well as nooks of every corals just resting to be caught on film.

Before you start and enter your diving holidays, it is crucial to have knowledge on what is required. Thus, there are countless short preparation courses for those who are beginners. More knowledgeable scuba lovers have chances to take a dive at their free time. During the diving period, the dive master usually leads the way. This is also the person who will provide assistance and experience on your diving period. Diving destinations also offer snorkeling activities just for you to make you maximize your diving holidays.

If you are looking for diving holidays, then consider visiting,

Go on a Luxury Cruise Liner For Your Next Vacation

By Pamela Kazmierczak

Luxury Cruise Lines are fantastic pick to those that want their first cruise be as memorable and as elegant as achievable. They only use the most effective cruise ship to ensure that they can satisfy all the desires of their passengers. This is really one of a kind and tedious preparation was produced to ensure high quality of service they are able to give.

They have ready their most in demand cruise ship that can sail you to the destination of your liking. They use smaller cruise ships than those of typical cruise to ensure that they are able to respond to all their passengers' demands.

As you cruise with Luxury Cruise Lines, you may undoubtedly do what you would like to do in cruising with a touch of extreme class and elegance. You'll find tons of solutions out there for us online; we will really get confused as all of them offer you the most effective of what they've. As the name defines, luxury is what we missed on our everyday lives and it is fantastic to know that you can have that at least every single time you cruise.

They supply absolutely nothing but the most effective their cruise line could offer. They've hired the leading chefs to prepare the cuisine that may definitely quench our appetites; they've promoted great looks of their dining as they use dining encounter to sell Luxury Cruise Lines. You can by no means get tired of having that excellent dining experience.

Who won't be excited understanding that you will cruise with an elegant cruise ship, well trained crews and different people today who share exact same goal and that's to have that utmost experience in cruising!

The amenities are all good, from the bed where we will sleep, the spas, the built in pools, casinos and those excellent theaters where we can watch theater acts live. We can watch cabaret without having bars and drink wines as we go back on our suites.

Packages and rates they offer may vary as the services, amenities and destination may possibly gage the price of our cruise. You can find packages which you don't want to worry about bringing extra money as all of the thing we want as we cruise are included on the package we chose, some might require us to bring additional dollars to ensure that if in case we decided to get a service not included on our package we can do it so.

You'll be treated like a king and all what you want is for them to follow. You can absolutely really feel the good cruise as you're being pampered and introduced to the top of the line services and amenities. This is just 1 of a type encounter along with a cruise that will rank amongst all choices you have had so far.

Luxury Cruise Lines are being provided to those that would like to encounter the cruise of their lifetime. Prices might be pricey but you do not want to feel otherwise since this is the cruise that you have been waiting for, for a long time.

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Some Advice for Travelers in Central America

There are a lot of things that you may want to do as you plan to travel across Central America. Take note of a few travel tips that will help you find your way across your destination.

1. Practice Your Spanish: Part of the fun of traveling is trying to communicate with the local people and learning their traditions. In Central America you will always find nice people willing to let you know something interesting about their culture and to lend you a hand to practice. So whatever Spanish you know, use it!

2. How to Learn More About Local Culture: The best way to get to know the local culture from the country or town you're visiting is not to go with a big tour group. It would be better to get a local, private guide. That's because they will know more about what goes on in the town. Another thing that will help you get a better experience is to shop at small grocery stores, pharmacies and outdoor markets. In them you will not only meet the locals but you will also get inexpensive souvenirs.

3. Eat Safely When Traveling To Central America: So you are traveling to Central America and concerned about what foods are safe to eat?

a. I'll start by saying that any food that has been boiled is generally safe, as well as fruits and vegetables that have to be peeled before eating.
b. You should also stay away from food that require a lot of handling before serving.
c. You've probably heard that you shouldn't drink the water in some countries overseas. This is why: Water supplies in developing countries are not treated in the same way as water supplies in developed countries. I would suggest you drink only bottled water when traveling.

4. Airport taxis: Central America, along with every other country in the world, has its share of crime. The majority of them start at the airport with pirate cabs, that offer a much lower fare, await the newcomer. Airport cabs are registered, each trip is logged in and accounted for. They will never rob you because the whole company has to answer for the misdoing. So spend the extra few bucks.

5. Check out the Countryside: Central America is home to some of the world's most fascinating ancient sites that include Mayan ruins, church ruins, old buildings form its colonial days, incredible forests and much more. So where's the point in staying in the in the urban areas? Go out, explore, there are tons of new things to do waiting for you out there.

6. Enjoying Foreign Food: When we travel to a different country we tend to look for what is familiar like McDonald's or Starbucks. In this case the advice would be to try the local dishes and not comparing them to the ones at home. Instead enjoy every new dish and flavor. I know that some dishes might look a bit weird but you will be pleasantly surprised in most of the cases. So go for it!

7. Useful Advice For Gifts When Traveling: Some of us like to take presents when traveling specially if we are traveling for a special occasion. If that is the case I would recommend putting it with the rest of your luggage. But there will eventually be some delicate things that you might want to take with you as a gift. Those must definitely go in your hand luggage. So a good thing to do before you even buy the present is to check hand luggage restrictions of the country you are leaving and the one you will be entering. Another good thing to keep in mind is not to wrap them as they are subject to security checks and may be unwrapped.

8. Overcoming Jet Lag: During the first day the most important thing to do is to STAY AWAKE. The secret is, once you arrive to your hotel, don't stay there. Central America has tons of fun activities so Go out! Whatever you decide to do that isn't in your hotel room or television induced, will help you make it through the day and you can hit the sack at a decent hour. This way, when you wake up the next day you'll be more or less on local time and refreshed!

9. Long Road Trip Boredom Solved: Let's face it, long road trips or long airplane flights can drive a kid and everyone around them crazy! There is only so much coloring, destroying, play doo-ing one can do. My solution: Portable DVD player. Yeap, that's right! I know that traveling is about the bonding, plus they get enough TV at home. But after you've bonded for an hour or so on a five hour trip, you'll be bonded out and ready for a bit of calmness.

10. Obvious Stuff We Sometimes Overlook: The first one is to wear comfortable shoes but sometimes shoes that may have been comfortable at home are not comfortable for traveling. And a second one is to do some research but skimming through a travel book doesn't count! The trip will be a lot more smooth of you can map out a specific itinerary in advance.

11. A Couple of Things to Consider When Flying While Pregnant: I know that sometimes women who are pregnant for the first time want to go on a final adventure before they have to go crazy with diapers and feeding. That's why I came up with a list of tips that will help pregnant travelers have a better trip.

a. A seat near the bathroom will facilitate more frequent bladder emptying.
b. An aisle seat will make it easier to get up for those trips to the bathroom.
c. Bulkhead seats have the most legroom.
d. Get up and take a short walk down the aisle once every half hour.
e. Don't travel alone. You never know when you are going to need some help.
f. Don't forget to get a medical certificate from your doctor.
g. It is also a good idea to carry your emergency contact number and your doctor's contact number.
h. Do some research about clinics of the country you are traveling to in case of an emergency.

Marina K. Villatoro is an expat living with her family and traveling in Central America ( Travel Tips for Central America (

Highlights of Malaga

Malaga is one of the cities of Costa del Sol, Spain. It is known to be one of the most famous European resorts having more than 320 sunny days in a year. Malaga attracts thousands of international tourists every year. Here one can find sandy beaches with lovely seawater for swimming and riding boats or scooters; shadowy parks and alleys; a variety of historical buildings and monuments and a lot of other places. Hotels in Malaga open their doors for all categories of tourists - here one can find both 5-star hotels with gorgeous facilities and economy lodgings for tourists who wish to save money.

As a matter of fact, Malaga is a suitable place for people of all ages and categories. It is a romantic nook for just-married couples on their honeymoon; convenient resort for families with kids; comfortable and serene place for elderly people and a fantastic resort for windsurfers, yachtsmen and other people.
Numerous travel agencies offer Malaga deals for all classes of people. Airline companies offer flights to Malaga at all possible prices. People who come to Malaga on holidays are invited to use the service of local transport, buy tickets on tourists' buses or rent an auto. It must be mentioned that Malaga car hire option is available on the airport and other places throughout the city.

Malaga holidays open wonderful opportunities to take a good rest at the seaside and visit a lot of cultural and historical places of interest. Tourists are recommended to attend the ruins of the Roman Theater. It is a nice historical place situated near the Alcazaba Palace that was built by Arabs in the 11th century. There is an archeological museum situated in the palace. It is considered to be a popular place for walking and taking photos, since there are beautiful flower yards built in Arab style. Another popular place for public recreation is Malaga Botanic Garden. Here one can see a variety of plants and flowers brought from practically all countries. Small garden lakes are inhabited by wild birds; fountains are full of tropical fishes.

Plaza de la Merced is one of the most visited places. Here tourists are invited to attend the Pablo Picasso Museum. The museum of a famous artist of the 20th century contains several of his works and sculptures. Other fine places to see are: Villalcazar Palace; De la Aduana Palace; Malaga Town Hall (representing collections of modern art) and others.

Michael Thorton chalks out numerous reasons to visit Malaga anytime. Browse flights to Malaga that offers the best online deals.

A Mix for Romantic Getaways in Costa Rica

Are you planning a romantic getaway? Well, my recommendation is Costa Rica. There are tons of packages that will take you to a certain region of the country. But what about a package that takes you everywhere in Costa Rica? This is what it would look like:

As soon as you get to the International Airport of San Jose you will ride your private transfer and go to your hotel in San Jose. This is where you will stay for the first night. I advice you get some rest here because the adventure starts the next day with a two night stay in the middle if the jungle of Tortuguero.

To get to you will be taken to a dock where you will hop on a boat and go for a ride down the Tortuguero River and canals towards your hotel. The next day you will go on a relaxing boat tour in the canals where you will see the local wildlife. Then after breakfast you will go on a new adventure, a tour along the Tortuguero Jungle. Here you will enjoy the company of many species of beautiful animals. The second day in Tortuguero will take you back to San Jose and will start with a hearty breakfast. Then you will board a boat that will take you to a small airport where you will meet your 35-min chartered flight to San Jose.

Then it's time to visit Arenal and will stay there for 3 nights. This is where you will get to see an active volcano in action. In this area another adventure will be waiting for you. It is a combination of Canyoneering and Rafting on Rio Balsa. Your last day in Arenal will be spent in a hiking guided tour that will take you through the rain-forest with a guide close to the base of the Arenal Volcano and to take a relaxing dip and dinner in naturally heated hot springs with beautiful volcano views.

The next step on your romantic adventure will be visiting the cloud forests of the Monteverde area. In here you will feel like you are in a different world. To get there you will go on a scenic one-way transfer that consists in riding a jeep, then hoping on a boat for a relaxing ride and at last going for a final jeep ride to your hotel. For your adventure in Monteverde you will go on a canopy tour through 2.5 miles of cable over the cloud forest and you enjoy all of its beauties, including the exotic wildlife.

Then it's time for some sun and waves. You will find that in Manuel Antonio area where you will stay for 3 nights. Here you will be able to enjoy some time at the beach. While staying here you will go on one of the best tours for nature lovers that Costa Rica can offer. On it you and your couple will go to the Manuel Antonio National Park. As if that wasn't enough, you will get to choose your activity for the next day: an ATV Tour along the forest or a Jet Ski tour with Snorkeling. The final tour in this romantic getaway will be an afternoon Mangrove Kayaking Tour.

Towards the end of your Costa Rican Adventure you will be taken back to the international airport in a private transfer.

Marina K. Villatoro is an expat living with her family and traveling in Central America ( Costa Rica is one of the best places for a romantic getaway in the middle of rain forest (

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Join A Travel Club To Save Money On Travel

If you like to travel you may have noticed some changes over the past several years. It used to be that if you wanted to book a trip you could find a travel agent on every corner. You could go in to the travel agent's comfortable office, paid for with your commissions, and have them look into each and every detail of your trip. The travel agent would do the research, make the phone calls, and put the tickets in a nice little folder. Then the internet revolution came and the capability to do it yourself and save money was upon us - supposedly. Now, the latest evolution for the travel industry is here...Travel Clubs.

Travel clubs aren't necessarily anything new. Early versions of travel clubs were groups of friends that saved a little bit of money by sharing expenses on a vacation trip. These early clubs were fine but they suffered from a few problems. First, they often booked travel through a travel agent, paying full commission. Second, if everyone in the club didn't agree to the club's travel plans, the other members might not have the ability to achieve the savings they might otherwise get. Finally, if you didn't know enough people to form a travel club, or you didn't like an existing club's travel choices, you were out of luck. That was then.

Now, travel clubs have combined the power of the internet with the bulk buying power of warehouse stores to bring flexibility and huge savings to members across the country and around the world. By using the internet the newer travel clubs can recruit membership from all over. Large internet-based travel clubs can have many thousand members and that's a really good thing for travelers. Why? Well, as more members join it means more choices of travel and more buying power. Yes, buying power. The new breed of internet-based travel club uses the buying power of thousands of members in the same way big-box warehouse stores do except they don't bulk buy toilet paper, they bulk buy vacation travel. For instance, a travel club's members want to go on a cruise so the travel club goes to the cruise line and negotiates a great price by buying 200-300 cabins on the ship. Or, maybe the members want to go to an all-inclusive 5-star resort in Cancun so the club buys up half the resort's rooms to get a fantastic price. Simple.

Travel clubs are a great deal but before you join one keep a few things in mind. First, all clubs will charge a membership fee. That's ok as it is one of the ways the club gets enough money to make the deals, but it shouldn't be a huge fee and it should be one-time only not an annual fee. Avoid clubs that charge thousands of dollars to join, they're seldom worth it. Second, pretty much all clubs will charge a monthly membership fee. Again, that's ok since the money is used to fund the club's operations and make the great deals happen but, make sure there's a way your monthly fees can be waived. Lastly, make sure there isn't any type of long-term contract or cancellation fee. For that matter the best clubs don't have a contract at all nor a cancellation fee so look for them.

Travel clubs are the future of vacation travel and they help the traveler save loads of money on the travel they're going to do anyway. Join a travel club today and see the world without spending a fortune.
Author Resource:
Ben Crabtree is an avid traveler and fan of getting a great deal on dream vacations. Ben recommends joining a great travel club like WorldVentures to get dream travel at dream prices. Also, be sure to see the DreamTrips Schedule so you can take your dream trip soon!

Cruises Around The Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is a beautiful region where the locals are as warm and welcoming as the beaches and waters. As well, the residents of the Caribbean are known to live a laid-back lifestyle. Tourists flock to the Caribbean to enjoy the relaxing environment where they can unwind and forget about the stresses of their daily lives. One of the best ways to see the beautiful Caribbean is by taking one of the many cruises offered around the Caribbean Islands. One of the best things about a Caribbean cruise is there are a variety of vacation cruises packages to choose from so you will be able to purchase a cruise package that meets your budget and travel preference.

The Caribbean, with its soft white beaches and shimmering blue seas is one of the most popular vacation destinations. Because the Caribbean has many gorgeous islands to explore with much to see and do on each one, it was made for the cruise industry. You will find a treasure of magical wonders in such places as Barbados, Jamaica, Mayreau, St. Lucia, and Antigua. There are lush tropical forests, bustling local markets, charming communities, and incredible restaurants with mouth watering food.

When you take a Caribbean cruise, you can find great cruise vacation packages that offer luxury accommodations, entertainment, on-board activities, tropical themed party nights, dancing, delicious buffets, a wide variety of recreational activities, and much more. Most packages include an up=front payment that includes accommodations, most meals, and transportation. While on the cruise you will stop at various Caribbean ports of call where you can go on a short excursion. In addition, you can book a family Caribbean cruise vacation where the children will be provided with lots of activities such as sports, swimming, games, movies, and much more. There are trained youth counselors that will make sure they have fun while staying safe. From toddlers to teens, there is something fun for every kid to do and the activities are designed to age appropriate.

The Caribbean is always an exciting destination as there is so much to see and do. It is a beautiful place with exotic scenery, quaint communities, vibrant culture, and welcoming people. A Caribbean cruise is the perfect way to see such a hot tourist destination. There are many Caribbean cruises packages available such as Eastern Caribbean Cruises which normally go to San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Island ports of St. Thomas and St. Maarten, Western Caribbean Cruises that will normally go to such ports as Cancun and Cozumel in Mexico, Southern Caribbean Cruises and offer the most ports of call since your beginning point is already in the Caribbean.

If you are considering a cruise vacation, you will find many online travel sites offering great deals on Caribbean cruise vacations. You will definitely find a cruise deal that will meet your budget. For your next vacation, consider a Caribbean cruise. It will be a vacation cruise you will never forget and you will definitely make wonderful long lasting memories.

Traveling can be a relaxing activity when it's planned well. Booking vacations packages ensures that you will have everything you need to enjoy your trip. Start your dream trip and get your all inclusive vacation packages to Cuba, Mexico and last minute vacations today!

3 Tours for Adventure Travelers in Guatemala

Are you one of those individuals who are interested in traveling throughout Central America? Why not travel in Guatemala and be able to experience a different vacation together with your friends or family members? Let me share a few options that you may look into when it comes to traveling in Guatemala. In this article is a selection of the top 3 tours available in Guatemala based in my personal experience. They are great for families, groups of friends and adventurous honeymooners. Here they are, Enjoy!

The Chichicastenango Tour:

In this tour you will be taken to Chichicastenango (Quiche, Guatemala) in a private shuttle. Once you are there, you will have the opportunity to see what daily life is for its native people. But most importantly you will have the chance to visit Central America's largest artisans market. Why is it so great? Well, In it you will find all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, farm animals, tons of flowers and all kinds of handcrafts made of colorful fabrics, wood, ceramics and even jade at a great price.

As soon as you step foot in it you will notice that the decoration is very unique.

Pacaya Volcano Tour:

Pacaya Volcano is just a short drive away from Antigua Guatemala but you can get there from Guatemala City too. In this tour you can go up almost to the crater and stand a meter away from the constant lava flows. These constant flows are what keep this volcano from having a big eruption, making it a safe and exciting day trip.

The only way you can go up is with a guide. He will lead you along the safest and best paths. If you haven't booked with any company (which would be preferred) you might get lucky and find one once you get there.

El Mirador Tour:

There is a newly discovered Mayan city in the northern area of Peten's cloud forest, Guatemala, with the largest Mayan pyramids and temple complexes ever seen. It is located several kilometers north from Tikal.

This awesome tour is normally a six days camp (but it could be less). The camp tour consists of a series of hikes where you will discover the highest and biggest Mayan temples you could ever imagine. The tour includes meals and a great bilingual guide that will tell you all you need to know about this great place and its wildlife.

Marina K. Villatoro is an expat living with her family and traveling in Central America ( Guatemala tours range from volcano hiking to Maya empires, a bit of everything for everyone (

Caribbean Adventure Scuba Diving

If you're searching total tranquility for scuba diving adventure in a tropical paradise, Bay Islands is the one for you.

Bay Islands is located along the coasts of Belize and Honduras situated in western Caribbean. With its picture perfect scenery that includes palm trees, smooth white beaches, and clear blue water, truly Bay Islands is a world wonder. Bay Islands consists of the islands of Guanaja, Roatan, Utila, and to over 60 islets that sits atop on the world's second biggest barrier reef.

With its great coral reefs along the edges, Bay Islands is the right place for you to scuba dive. Because of its huge reef system, you can find different kinds of corals and sponges. The water will give you good visibility in finding over 800 species of fish. The water current can give you the opportunity to dive within 15 feet from reefs up to diving 200 feet on sea mounds without getting swept by.

The largest of Bay Islands is Roatan which is about 42 miles long and 2 miles wide. Roatan's northern and southern reefs is home of about 40 dive sites that can give both beginners and professional divers the chance to explore the plummeting walls, caverns, and crevices.

Roatan also features some of the best shore diving sites that include the famed Spooky Channel. Spooky Channel is a streambed that forms a cut all the way through the reef. Snorkelling atop of the 8-foot crack of the reef is indeed exciting. In fact, divers can actually swim through the wider interior of the said channel to make the dive more enjoyable.

Smaller island of Utila, on the other hand, gained a status as great spot for beginners in scuba diving. Dive shops in Utila are offering cheaper cost for diving courses. So, Utila have become the haven for low-budget amateur divers. With the competition between dive shops, the price for a dive course is down to about between $125 to $150 in any open water course or advanced open water course.

Recently, Utila became the home of whale sharks which is the world's largest fish. Don't you worry whale sharks are harmless as you can swim alongside the fish. You can also be lucky to have the chance to swim and dive with dolphins. The best months to see these creatures are from March to May.

Getting to Bay Islands is very accessible. By air travel, there are available flights that can direct you either to the island of Roatan or the Honduran mainland. By sea route, there are also available cruise ships that depart by schedule from different ports in the United States to Caribbean.

For in your Scuba Diving adventure in the Caribbean, Bay Islands is the best.

If you are looking for the best PADI courses, then be sure to do it in Indonesia, dive Bali provides the best diving courses in the country,

Hawaii Scuba Diving Hotspots

Hawaii is a tropical paradise wherein you can enjoy warm sunshine on sandy white beaches with crystal clear waters and palm trees featuring hula dancers, luaus and the right place for underwater exploration in discovering coral reefs, sea caves, monk seals, spinner dolphins and sea turtles.

Hawaii has a consistent weather condition with few degrees temperature change throughout the year due to year-round warm ocean surface temperature keeping the overlying temperature warm. The warm waters surrounding Hawaii are haven to incredible number of fish, mammal and coral species. There is an approximate thirty percent of common reef fish found in Hawaii due to the archipelago's isolation.

That is why Hawaii became a great and popular place for scuba diving with some of the best dive sites in the world. The islands of Hawaii have their own characteristics and personalities providing unique and exciting diving sites. You can get exciting pictures underwater while diving.

- Hawaii Island has diving sites located off the leeward coast which is sheltered from the trade winds by the large glassy mountains with around more than 100ft visibility. The tunnel caverns, arches and lava tubes are excellent venues for picture taking or setting a night dive with Manta Rays or a blue water dive to search for the spotted and bottlenose dolphins, pygmy killer whales, pilot whales and whale sharks. It is recommended to take a guide if you are planning to dive in Hilo side of the island.

- Oahu Island offers excellent blend of dive sites ranging form offshore lava formations, grottoes to planes and shipwrecks containing large schools of green sea turtles and different fish species.

- Maui Island has dive sites that include Molokini, Black Rock and Five Caves located off the west costs. It is open for all divers' levels.

- Kauai Island also known as Garden Island is good for rugged and pristine diving however it is inaccessible during winter.

- Ni'ihau Island is the haven of gigantic sea arches, large pelagic fish, endangered monk seal and other rare fish species. Diving sites are advisable for intermediate and advanced divers.

- Lanai Island has dive sites popular for their lava formations ranging from archways, tunnels, ridges and pinnacles offering wide variety of marine life and lighting effects.

- Molokai Island is a natural sanctuary in which its entire South side lies in the longest Hawaiian barrier reef offering some of the best diving sites.

The diving sites of Hawaii are rated according to the minimum diving level that an individual should achieve before diving for safety purposes.

If you are looking at doing your divemaster course , consider doing it while diving Bali. Combine the best of both worlds,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Michigan

If you are interested in taking a memorable trip to the scenic state of Michigan, there are endless number of attractions that can make your experience fun, interesting, and exciting. Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful scenic landscapes, especially when the colors change in the fall season.

If a family vacation takes you to this beautiful state, make sure that you do not miss out on some of most interesting attractions that a Michigan getaway offers. If you enjoy villages rooted in European culture, you will be dazzled by the quaint city of Frankenmuth.

This adorable city has been dubbed Michigan's Little Bavaria, and holds all the charms of a real German village. Whether you want to enjoy the beautiful Bavarian architecture, walk among the blooming flowers and greenery, or enjoy some of the state's most delicious family restaurants, you will undoubtedly find yourself under this city's charming spell.

It is an authentic German experience right in the heart of the United States. Next, you do not want to miss out on the majesty of the Grand Rapids, which can be found in the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.

Within this one hundred and eighteen acre park, you will discover the largest tropical conservatory in the state, premier sculpture galleries and exhibitions with over one hundred sculptures by world renowned artists, indoor specialty gardens, and outdoor gardens designed by prestigious artists. The beauties of nature are right at your fingertips.

If you want to be more of an active participant in nature rather than an observer, check out some of the world-famous golf courses that this state has to offer. In the village of Gaylord, you will find twenty-one golf courses to play on, designed by some of the best course designers in America.

With beautiful places to stay, you can easily find yourself lost in the game for days at a time. Whether you are on a trip with the boys, or a nice getaway with your wife , this is a great place to unwind in the beauty of nature.

Dutch landscape is one of the biggest draws of the beautiful beach town of Holland, a true United States treasure. With museums dedicated to the history of this beautiful town, you will never run out of things to do during your authentic Dutch trip to this city.

It boasts one of the last authentic operating windmills left in the United States, standing twelve stories high. Holland boasts the only Delftware factory in the U.S., a wooden shoe factory, and the popular Dutch Village attraction which reenacts 1890's life in the Netherlands.

You will love walking through the six million tulips that bloom in the spring, and you can enjoy the festive dancers who perform in traditional costume. There is sure to be fun for the whole family.

The Mackinac Straight and the Mackinac Bridge are something that you will not want to miss. This incredible bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere, with seventy four hundred feet of roadway suspended in the air over the straits of Mackinac.

The Straights are very beautiful, and the Island of Mackinac is certainly worth a trip. The history of the island is well preserved, as is its breathtaking architecture.

It has captured visitors for hundreds of years, and you are sure to be no exception. Take the day to explore the island on bike, foot, or even horse and buggy.

There is no better way to spend a lazy afternoon escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to see something you will never forget, check out the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Multicolored sandstone cliffs, beaches, sand dunes, waterfalls, inland lakes, streams, forests, and wildlife comprise this scenic area on Lake Superior. You can enjoy a variety of activities there, including hiking, backpacking, fishing, boating, kayaking, camping, and more.

This is the perfect place to spend a week, whether you want to stay active, or just take a few days to relax in one of the most beautiful wonders of nature. However you choose to spend your vacation, you will certainly find all the excitement, beautiful, and adventure that this state holds as its treasures-do a little research on the attractions today, and find the perfect getaway activities for your family!

Tommy Greene is an experienced travel agent in Michigan and has been working in the Travel industry for more than 25 years. He recommends ( to find the best Michigan Hotels.

All Inclusive Cruises: Never-Ending Fun

By Sydney Edwards

All inclusive cruises are now the tagline of every holiday package offer; the truth is, the majority of the cruises are known as all inclusive cruises. It is vital, however, to investigate carefully about them should you be booking them by yourself or learn everything about them from your travel agent. The regular all inclusive cruises with major mega cruises and low cost cruise lines typically signifies that you have to pay a one-set value that contains the accommodation on board, entertainment on ship, food and non-alcoholic beverages, taxes and port fees. Whether or not the snacks and soda beverages costs are dealt with or not really depends from package to package; it can be thus advisable to be told of the things before hand.

The costs of such all inclusive cruises vary based on your accommodation essential (i.e. destination and elegance of cabin). Without doubt the suites cost more and the offer hikes when you opt for a cabin from the outside of the ship rather than inside. Then again, in spite of it all, you're positive to take pleasure from lavishly on this kind of cruises as you need to bother about nothing once you have boarded.

You can even avail of a better variety of all inclusive cruises package whose value also covers a roundtrip bus trip to-and-from the pier along with an unlimited drink package. So, should you be habituated to having, such a offer works practical! There are specific cruise-lines that are highly sought after for their alcohol included all inclusive cruises such as Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norweigh, etc. The luxurious cruises would come with smaller ships such as the Crystal, Seabourn and Silversea.

Traveling By All Inclusive Cruises

In order to revive on your own of all the duties, you could have your local travel agent set up a totally all inclusive cruises deal which could include your airfare to-and-from the port city as well as a hotel stay the evening before the cruise leaves. If you are searching for family cruises, cruise-lines like the Disney are perfect all inclusive deals meant for both children and adults. This type of package consists of not only the accommodation, food-drinks and entertainment, as well as fun-based activities for kids and childcare assistance for parents to take pleasure from a few leisure time by themselves!

Definitely, traveling by this kind of all inclusive cruise deals is beneficial because of the ease of getting paid for everything just before you get on; you needn't bring your wallet or greeting card on a regular basis. But there are particular things you must be aware of. Such styled cruise trips are exactly planned as well as the plans is determined in stone. Though the coast trips and sightseeing are organized, you do run on a tight schedule. Therefore in case you would like to take more time at the certain location, you're confined. Many individuals protest of being locked into a tough timetable having such packages but going through the lighter part, it is possible to organize well and look at the spots from the presumed time and thus carry home various memories. The rush and dash encounter also act as a lovely thoughts when back home!

This all inclusive cruises package hence has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. But if the main issue with planning, organizing and arranging is taken care, you wouldn't mind adjusting with the other pieces of such packages! Go with a well established tour operator, lay down your demands of spending budget and locations, and allow him to arrange everything for you.

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Enjoying Great Kenya Safari Holidays

By Denver Burke

Going on holiday is one of the things most people look forward to, especially after a long period of strenuous work. This is the only time that most people get to rest and enjoy time with their families. Therefore, most people like to make this time special and memorable. One way of doing this is by taking a Kenya safari holidays.

Kenya is an East African country that has many tourist attractions. It is known as the cradle of mankind due to many archaeological findings of the early man. For this reason and many others, it has been voted one of the best holiday getaway places in the world.

There are many game parks, game reserves and animal orphanages. Some of the most common ones include the Maasai Mara, Tsavo and Nairobi among many others. Every park offers the vacationer with a different experience all together making the whole experience interesting and memorable.

When in the maasai mara game reserve, you can view the seventh wonder of the world. For those who do not know, that is the annual migration of wildebeests into Tanzania. This is a spectacular phenomenon that amaze s everyone. The landscape in the maasai mara is also breathtaking and that is why it is one of the best game reserves in the world.

Apart from the wildebeest migration in the maasai mara, there are many other spectacular experiences the safari has to offer. You can also view many other things such as: the flamingoes in Lake Nakuru; the hot steaming waters of Lake Baringo; there are also elephants in Amboseli; the rift valley; great mountains such as Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro among many other attractions.

As stated above, each attraction is unique and therefore you are bound to be interested all through. You also get to live in the best tourist hotels in the world during your safaris which also adds to the whole experience.

About the Author:

Great Sites To Experience In Sagada

Have you ever heard of Sagada? It's a very peaceful village located in the mountains of northern Philippines. For the past decade, people from different countries have visited it to experience the local culture and the wonderful sites of nature.

This beautiful and peaceful village is in the Mountain Province in Luzon, the largest island in the country. Because of its elevation it generally has cold weather throughout much of the year as compared to the lowlands. The coldest are from the months of November to February and as such has become a favorite summer destination.

It is indeed one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines if you want to commune with nature. You have the mountains around you, the clean and cold air to breathe, and the lush foliage to remind you of how good Mother Earth really is. There are many things that you can see and do in this fabled village, some of these are:

1. Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves

These are big interconnected caves that offer a wonderful spelunking experience for those who want to get their hands dirty with a caving adventure. Die hard and professional spelunkers may find this easy to their skills, that is why it is more frequented by novice spelunkers. As a best practice, always get the services of a guide.

2. Bomod-ok and Bokong Falls

These are some of beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines. The Bomod-ok is the tallest of the two and is often referred to by tourists as the Big Falls. Bokong Falls, on the other hand, is much smaller and therefore is usually called the Small Falls. You will have to walk through the rice terraces to reach both falls.

3. Food trip

A Sagada trip is never complete without trying the local food fare. There are many restaurants there, some owned and managed by foreigners who have called it their home. Aside from the local cuisine, you can also get American, British, and French cuisine from some of the restaurants. You should also try the their local oranges.

4. Hiking and nature tripping

Since this village is amongst mountains, there are many beautiful hiking trails. While you can go on your own, it is always advisable to get a guide just so you do not get lost. Aside from hiking you can also go camping. Mount Ampucao is a great place for these activities.

These are just some of the things that you can see and do in Sagada. There are certainly more to experience, and what you have read here are just for whetting your traveling appetite. When you get there, always visit first the tourist information center. Inquire about their guide services and if there are any restrictions with the places you would want to visit.

So the next time you are planning a major vacation, why not consider a Sagada trip which is guaranteed to be a cultural experience and adventure like no other. From hiking to mountain climbing, from mingling with the local folks to eating good food, it is just the place you would want to be.

Do You Want To Know How To Get To Sagada? Visit And Experience The Best Of Nature.

You May Enjoy Cruise With Family

By Adriana Noton

For a new adventure on your next vacation you may enjoy cruise with family. You might discover new ports of call and take pleasure in cruising the open seas along with your spouse and children. And you can eliminate the time and gas spent in the car traveling to the same destinations. You might be able to actually enjoy the journey while someone else takes you where you want to go.

Now that gasoline prices are at an all time high it is becoming difficult for many families to drive to far off destinations. It makes sense to travel with as many people as possible in the largest vehicle available. Consider traveling by sea and allowing someone else to transport you to your desired port of call. A ship can get you there in comfort and style while catering to your every needs and allowing you to relax and enjoy the trip.

You may find that in most ships the rooms are not very large, however they are only needed for sleeping and getting dressed. You may want choose an outside cabin that has a window if you do not like the thought of small enclosed quarters.

While cruising the entire ship is your play ground as well as the fun destinations you visit. Most of your travel time is at night so you will be able to sleep while you are traveling and wake up refreshed to find breakfast ready at your new destination. You have the whole day to do as much or as little as you want to.

Not having to worry about where to eat is another benefit of cruising. Few people return from a ship adventure who do not go on and on about their culinary experience. You can choose fine dining and gourmet dishes in a formal dining room setting or if you prefer you can choose from a variety of all you can eat buffets. No one should come home hungry and many will come home having eaten more than they probably should have.

Each new port of call offers sights to see and places to shop and quite often there are planned adventures which may include horseback riding, hiking, Jeep tours or any number of other activities. For those who prefer staying on board there are also many things to do for all ages. Cruises oriented for families will also provide many activities to keep the children busy.

At night the fun continues as you enjoy concerts, comedians, and many other types of entertainment. There are activities for families and adults alike. If you prefer a little more solitude you may prefer to sit outside and watch the sunset or just take pleasure in the sound of the waves and the ocean. You can experience a unique trip and give your family a treasured memory when you vacation at sea.

So for your next vacation consider how you might enjoy Toronto cruises with family and have some lasting memories. You could very well have just as much getting to your destination as you do seeing it. Less driving time means more time to spend having quality time and enjoying those you love.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

3 Tips For Planning A Romantic Getaway To Normandy

By Danny Ward
It's not hard to see why and how Normandy is becoming such a popular travel destination. With its strong ties to Impressionist art, beautiful vistas and fabulously delicious cuisine, this is a region that was quite simply made for lovers. It's absolutely ideal for a honeymoon or bonding experience.

However, planning a romantic getaway and making sure it goes off without a hitch are two very different beasts. Consider the following objectives to make absolutely sure you and your sweetheart get the most out of Normandy while you're there.

1. Soak in some of Normandy's rich artistic past.

Normandy is famous for being one of the epicenters of the French Impressionist art movement in the 18th Century and no trip to the area would be complete without visits to the art museums in the area. However, don't neglect the value of visiting some of the actual sites where masters like Monet and Turner actually painted some of their most brilliant works. An afternoon spent at Rouen cathedral or walking along the same banks where Monet painted his water lilies would be the perfect way to bond with a loved one.

2. Sample plenty of Normandy's famous cuisine.

Norman cuisine is famous for being simple, yet fabulously delicious. No romantic vacation or honeymoon would be complete without plenty of good eating with the perfect wines to match. Be sure to eat plenty of seafood, as it's the regional speciality. You must be especially certain to try the oysters and mussels, the area specialty. You may also be interested in signing on for a wine and cheese tasting. Cheese is yet another Norman culinary specialty and what better way to enjoy it than alongside the region's very best local wine offerings.

3. Forgo the hotel and rent a holiday cottage in Normandy instead.

Nothing puts a damper on the mood like a cramped hotel room with an uncomfortable bed and paper thin walls. Why not consider renting your own private holiday cottage in Normandy? You'll not only have your privacy and your peace, but you'll have plenty of space. You'll also have a fully functioning kitchen of your own where you can prepare your own Norman specialties and enjoy them over candlelight while you admire a beautiful view.

Make reservations as far in advance as you can if you really think a holiday cottage in Normandy is right for you. These cottages are quickly becoming all the rage among travelers, so you'll want to be sure to get exactly the one you want. Also, the earlier you make your reservations, the more likely you are to get an early booking discount.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Los Angeles - a great vacation location

By David F. Pinochet

Visiting the west coast of the United States is all about Visiting Los Angeles California. It is the iconic city of the west coast with its Long Beach and the other famous attractions inside the city. Before you land in Los Angeles, there are many things you should arrange in order to ensure that you are spending a good time in Los Angeles.

The first thing you should take care of is the hotel stay and the flight to LA. In fact, finding a flight is very easy because the LA airport is one of the biggest airports in USA and it receives daily flights from everywhere in the country as well as international flights too. It is highly recommended to look for vacation package where you can get your flight as well as the hotel stay together in one deal. They may save you a lot of money.

Disney Land is one of the must - see places in Los Angeles. It is the best place for a family location there so does not miss the great fun in this place. Before you are even at the Disney Land Gate, you will start to feel the enjoyment. Your camera won't stop clicking once you arrive there. Disney Land is the biggest and fanciest Theme Park in the whole world, and it is the best place to spend a day or more in this non - stop fun place.

Disney Land is not the only fancy attraction in Los Angeles, you can also visit the Universal Studios where you can take a closer look at the film making sites, experience a lot of the final scenes and see how they perform these magnificent tricks and stunts in these movies. Universal studios is one of the popular locations in LA so, make sure that you get your tickets in advance as this will save you a lot of time.

Going to the waterfront is also full of action and places to visit there. Queen Mary is one of the marvelous points of attraction on the Long Beach. It is the Successful predecessor of the former Titanic ship, but this one was able to cross the Atlantic more than 1000 times before retiring in Long Beach. It is now serving as one of the fanciest hotels and tourist attraction points in Los Angeles.

For those who love the seaside activities then Venice Beach is the best place to go. It is where you can enjoy the music street performs and the magicians performing their talents on the sidewalk. You can also take few hours to enjoy the beach, the water and the sun or you can also take a look at the bodybuilders who are performing at the Muscle beach in Los Angeles. If you like to experience something different, then there is nothing better than the American Venice with its canals that resemble Venice of Italy.
For those who love thrill rides, then the Six Flags Mountain is the best place of such activities. It is the house of the best roller coasters in the country and it was rated one of the best 10 theme parks in the United States in 2009. If you want to enjoy the best of this theme park then, you may want to buy the tickets in advance to avoid waiting lines.

The Six Flags magic mountain is one of the highly popular theme parks in the United States. You need more than one day to try all the games in this park so, allow all the time available to visit this Park and try every single roller coaster.
Los Angeles has more than just these places to visit, in fact, it is packed with action and places to visit so, take your time checking every one of these places.

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A Look At What Tunisia Offers Tourists

By Mark Walters

It is no secret that places that become popular with tourists are popular because of trends. When famous celebrities are photographed soaking up the sun or sitting on a yacht in a particular area, that area immediately gains a massive leap in popularity and tourists flock to the latest fashionable holiday spot. The question is, why? Why do the celebrities go to that particular area? What is it about the area that draws people in to begin with?

There are many destinations that are always popular with tourists due to their ability to offer the best of one or two factors - the south of France, Spain, the Mediterranean islands and Switzerland's mountainous ski slopes to name but a few. However, some places are popular due to their ability to combine a number of factors, plus a certain mystical appeal. Tunisia is such a place, but what is it specifically about Tunisia that makes it so special?

Tunisia is the most northerly country in the continent of Africa and sits on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, close to Sicily. With a population of nearly ten and a half million people it is certainly not the most populated of African countries, though it can boast an extremely high relative percentage of coastline, with a total of approximately eight hundred and ten miles. Tunisia is bordered by Libya to the south-east and Algeria, to the west.

Some might say that Tunisia's coastline is its best asset, but that opinion is subjective and although it offers some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean sea, there is a lot more to Tunisia than sand. If it is a good beach you are looking for, the most popular in Tunisia is Port el-Kantaoui, with Hammamet beach coming a close second. Port el-Kantaoui is a tourist complex that was actually first modeled on the French town of Port Grimaud.

One of the biggest tourist pullers in Tunisia is the fact that some of the highest grossing films of the last fifty years have been filmed there. Two Star Wars films, an Indiana Jones movie, and the English Patient were all filmed on location in Tunisia. Finding the filming locations may be a little trickier than you imagine, though there is sufficient information available on the internet to help guide you. One particular location that will not be hard to find is the Sidi Driss Star Wars Hotel in Matmata. This hotel was used as a location in the film Star Wars: A New Hope, which was filmed in 1976.

About the Author:

Large Medieval Fortresses In Spain

By Albert Sperk

Valencia is a gorgeous province in the country of Spain. Valencia is a holiday center with terrific tourist attraction. Valencia offer many opportunities for sightseeing in Alicante the holiday center. There are more than six million tourists who visit the Costa Blanca each year.

Sightseeing in the old city of central Alicante, home to numerous museums and other historic buildings. The old city of Alicante has so much to offer with things to see and do. An added attraction is the experience of Spanish history and culture. It will take you a few days to tour this enclave with its wealth of history.

Of interest to children and adults alike is the famous The Nativity Scene Museum is located on San Augustin Street. This gallery features literally hundreds of Nativity scenes from across the world. Children and adults who love Christmas will adore this museum. Open year round it's popular and caters to visitors even in the summer. San Nicolas de Bari in the old city is the concathedral. This amazing church with its recognizable large blue dome is a major landmark. The structure has a stature of Saint Nicholas in marble at the entrance of this church. This church is at present home to the Bishop of the Province.

A large medieval fortresses in Spain, known as the Castle of Santa Barbara is an interesting structure and has the reputation as the largest fortress of the day in Europe. Constructed by the Moors in the ninth century, it offers a tremendous view of the city from its tower. The castle is now a museum filled with Spanish sculpture and local history with artifacts from the Bronze Age.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nightlife in Alicante. Visit the Barrio Santa Cruz (the Old Quarter) and is a great place to experience the old city at night. The entire Barrio has a medieval style. With lots of taverns and eateries in the area. Be sure to visit the Old Quarter at least one night of your. There are many small and large stores throughout the Alicante. The harbor and old city area offers a large Spanish department chain store.

In addition, you'll discover many locals along the waterfront selling a variety of crafts. You'll also do some sightseeing and people watching in this area. Can you do without a trip to the mall while on holiday? If not, visit the city's Panoramis Shopping Mall. It's located near the harbor. It's probably the only mall that is North American in style. This mall also offers a fantastic view of the entire harbor area. Tired of the city? Perhaps you'd like to take a day trip down to Torrevieja and its unforgettable tower.

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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Bed And Breakfast Vacation Is a Great Way To See The Country

By Wesley Mathews

Some tourist more often than not comes to a noteworthy part of this country hoping to immerse themselves in the distinctive character of that location. Whether he has come to sample the wines or learn the history of the location, he desires to feel for a while like he is part of the culture there. When he is searching for lodging he frequently has a choice between staying at a cookie-cutter franchise motel or locally-owned bed breakfasts or inns.

An inn frequently has the same charm as a bed and breakfast. The primary difference is that while an inn may have an worker within an office to assist you anytime you require assistance, the owners of a bed and breakfast live in the home with their guests. The former gives greater privacy but a vacation at the latter may help the visitor become more deeply involved in the area. The family with whom he is staying will give him more than a room for the night. They might dine with him at breakfast and offer their insights into the local culture in addition to advice about what to take in as well as where to go.

A look at some of the top tourist hot spots around the united states may offer some examples of why the bed-and-breakfast option is best. One of the first that comes to mind is Fredericksburg, a small city nestled in the Texas Hill Country.

Fredericksburg was settled by German immigrants around the middle eighteen hundreds and still retains an old-European ambiance. Individuals come to take in the traditional German architecture, and see the local wineries. The area is also a center for bird watchers and bicyclists.

Numerous bed and breakfasts operate around the region. Several are run by families who accentuate their German heritage. Others are out in the countryside and sport names that pay homage to the ranch culture that thrives there. Still others, that are operated by the local wineries, invite their guests to tastings and additional wine-related activities. Several emphasize their proximity to historical places including the Nimitz museum which is dedicated to the career of Fredericksburg's best-known native son, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet during World War Two.

People that enjoy historical properties must also set up a stay at a B&B in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. Lancaster is a small city centered within the center of Amish and Minnonite country. It is also famous for its dairy farms, wineries, and of course cheese industry. Because it is within driving distance of both Gettysburg and Hershey, Pennsylvania, it can often be used as a center location for all those embarking on historical tours.

The bed and breakfasts there emphasize space. Several can be found on old or operational farms and promote how many acres a potential guest will have to wander. Some feature tours of the local areas with glimpses of the Amish who preserve a nineteenth century way of life complete with horses and buggies and traditional period garments. Some B&B's cater to those who have come to the region to partake in the wines and taste the cheeses.

Anyone excited about wineries and wine tasting ought to book a trip to Key West, Florida where prominence is put on non-grape wines. The distinctive tropical fruit flavors include key lime, mango and tangelo.

While several bed and breakfasts incorporate complimentary glasses of wine to help guests relax in the evening, most maintain a nautical theme on that tiny island while marketing their proximity to the beach. The history of Key West is long and reflected in the wide variety of architecture displayed by the many bed and breakfasts.

Located on the country's opposite shore you will find the gorgeous Napa Valley of California. This region is well known as the fruit-and-vegetable production center of the nation. It is also the leading wine-making location of the country. People that brag that America can rival the French in making world-class fine wines are pertaining to California wines made in Napa Valley.

Many bed and breakfasts will almost always offer a chance to sample regional wines and cheeses together with outings to neighboring wineries. Other romantic travel inns remind their tourists that additional events happen in Napa Valley and offer historical excursions, hot air balloon rides and also cooking classes.

Regardless of where a tourist goes within the U. S., a vacation at a bed breakfast should almost certainly make his stopover more memorable. He will develop a greater understanding of the local history and culture while enjoying a level of luxury and ambiance not often equaled by chain hotels.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Exciting Safari Outing to the Exotic African Wilds Is the Best Honeymoon in the World

By Monty Klein

Swahili is one of the predominant and oldest languages in Africa, and from this language comes the term "safari," which means "journey." Particularly it denotes a long journey through a lush immense land that encompasses the national parks of the African backwoods to get a close encounter with wildlife. Many folks have the impression that adventure into the jungles of Africa is fraught with coarse and rocky land and jeopardy as you approach the most untamed animals in the continent. That is not true as there are lodges and other accommodations offering world-class services catering to the desires of vacationers who would like to take pleasure in the magnificent environment.

Going on a safari could be considered the best honeymoon in the world. After months of arduous planning for the wedding, it is only but appropriate that lovers reward themselves with an exotic holiday at the rough country of Africa. Most honeymoons are spent on beaches, where lovers take pleasure in the white sand, ride the big surf, and eat some mouthwatering food. This sort of journeying, nevertheless, cannot tie in with the thrill of a safari escapade. That is why more couples are enticed to try this brand new method of defining honeymoon. The majestic skies, both during day and night, are a sight to revel and behold.

An African safari is known for the opportunity this travel offers to tourists to get in close contact with countless animals. What makes these animals a must-see is that they are not the ones a person would commonly sight in the neighborhood. They are not made pets as they are not normally domesticated and restrained. They are wild because of the fact that they live in their natural habitats, and a person gets to observe at close range their natural behaviors, which could span from sheer anger to their enemies to doting affection to their offspring. Having to sight this is simply the best honeymoon in the world a new twosome could ever spend.

Aside from the wild animals, the environment is just as scenic. Here one can site vegetation that cannot be seen anywhere else. This could range from strong trees that lions, tigers, and other animals climb to rest after a nourishing meal. Tall grasses are also plentiful here, where the same animals take cover and prowl as they spy their prey. The territory is also blessed with lush meadows and plains where grass-eating animals forage, generally in large herds. Crystal clear waters also ripple along the zigzag rivers and streams.

A honeymoon is indeed a time a twosome should elude the fast-paced life and flee into the natural world, where everything is different from the world they live in. This is the best honeymoon in the world in that this unequaled experience can only be enjoyed in the African wild. And when lovers travel home to the real world, they are revitalized and animated and geared up to take the challenges as a twosome. When they leave, they will bring with them happy reminiscence and good times, which must toughen their relationship as buddies in life.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Mexican Water of Life

By Robert Nickel

Tequila is what the Mexican people like to call the 'water of life'. They also deem the beverage to be a gift from the Gods for the Hispanic people. Legend tells us the Aztec people living in Mexico saw a lightning bolt strike a Blue Agave plant, causing the liquid inside to boil. After it cooled down the elders tasted the nectar and loved the sweetness of it. They soon developed their own way of duplicating the process, and added a fermentation stage. The drink was called octli, and later pulque.

It wasn't until 1521 that tequila, as the beverage we know now, was produced near the village of Tequila. It is likely a more watered down, less syrupy beverage than what the Aztecs made. But just as fun. When the Spanish decided to take over the region, they distilled tequila when the brandy ran dry. In 1600 Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle began mass-producing tequila.

The village of Tequila is located about 342 kilometers inland from Puerto Vallarta, in the province of Jalisco. If you are looking at Puerto Vallarta vacation packages, consider one that includes a day trip to Tequila. The drive takes just over four hours, but with an organized tour, scheduled stops will take place to explore Aztec ruins and Agave plantations. The village of Tequila is now recognized as part of the World Heritage List for its preservation of ancient distilleries and Agave plantations.

Current Mexican law states that tequila can only be produced in the province of Jalisco, and is even limited to a few states with in the province. The word tequila is even copywritten. Therefore any tequila served in Puerto Vallarta hotels will always be genuine tequila made within the immediate region.

There are two kinds of tequila: Mixtos and pure Blue Agave. Mixtos contains 51% Blue Agave and 49% glucose and fructose sugars. It has a sweeter, less abrasive alcohol taste than the 100% Agave tequila. As with any aged spirit, the beverage takes on the flavors of the wood casket it is aged in, allowing the harshness of the alcohol to mellow while the vegetal flavor of the Agave becomes more prevalent.

Reposada is tequila that has 'rested' for a minimum of two months, but less than a year, in barrels made of oak. The barrels can be just small gallon size or as large as 20,000 liters. The larger the barrel, the more complex the flavors. As with Rum or Brandy barrels, some distilleries char their barrels before filling. The charred barrel adds a smokiness to the flavor.

Most people of heard of the 'worm' in the bottle of tequila. Actually it is not a worm, it is the larvae of a moth species that has infested the Blue Agave plant. When an infestation occurs, it means the tequila is of a lower quality and likely will not have the full-bodied flavor of premium tequila. The marketing gimmick of putting larvae in the tequila bottle began in the 1940's, but people still seem to believe it means the tequila is good quality. Considering the source of the drink, its ancient history and the advanced aging process, tequila should be in the same category as Cognac or Port.

A vacation in Puerto Vallarta is not complete without a good education on all the different cocktails made with tequila. Hotels in Puerto Vallarta can help out with beverages like the Bloody Aztec, made of tequila, cream, creme de cacao and red food coloring. A Brave Bull is tequila and Kahlua. Charro Negro is tequila and cola. A standard beverage in Mexico is Paloma, which is a Margarita made with white grapefruit juice. Ask the bartender in your hotel or resort for his recommendation on a brand of tequila. There are many to choose from, and you will always want the expert advice of a local.

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