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Why to Go on an Alaska Cruising Getaway

By Arthur K. Santos

Going on an Alaskan cruise trip is an experience you will never forget. Perhaps you have talked with relatives or good friends who have already taken cruises in Alaska; if so, the likelihood is they simply had an unforgettable time.

So just what is it that makes a cruise in Alaska such a special experience? For one thing, the views you'll see in the Alaskan Inside Passage are mind-blowing.

The glaciers are extraordinary, huge flows of ice that ceaselessly break off into enormous chunks, which plunge into the waters below. Then there are the astounding mountain ranges, which range up to twenty thousand feet, some inside just miles of the shore, making for a really impressive sight.

Of course, what brings many folks to Alaska is the simply abounding wildlife. From Kodiaks and Polar bears grizzly bears and black bears, Alaska has a wonderful variety of wildlife.

Now, the chances are you will not be viewing an polar bears on your particular Alaska cruise vacation (unless you add on a pre- or post-cruise tour to the Arctic Circle), but there is a great chance you'll see bald eagles and grizzlies, particularly if you are taking one of literally countless available shore excursions.

However the greatest feature of a cruise along the Inside Passage is the excellent variety of port trips that are offered during the time you are stopped at the various small cities on your itinerary. You can do everything from riding a dog sled on top of glaciers to rafting down glacier-fed streams.

If you are seeking a more sedate shore trip, you can taking really beautiful rides on a railway into the Gold Rush country of the Yukon and day journeys into a preserve for bald eagles. Your alternatives for this are really virtually limitless, and they go from high-end to really quite reasonable.

There are actually masses of reasons a voyage to Alaska is the holiday you'll simply never forget. No matter what cruise you select, you are certain to have an incredibly memorable time.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Planning A Romantic Vacation In Key West

You and your loved one can enjoy a romantic vacation in this tropical destination. With amazing weather and climate, sunny and sandy beaches, and world class dining, the opportunities for romance are endless and just seem to pop up everywhere. And with a variety of Key West attractions, you are better able to customize a trip that will not only knock his or her socks off, but will help you both make memories that will last a lifetime.

Planning a vacation to the island is relatively easy because the state of Florida is a fairly common vacation spot. Finding a discount flight or even a cruise is easy and can be aided by an Internet search. Many travel accommodations can also be made cheaper if you book in tandem with some sightseeing and other attractions. The key to planning a truly romantic vacation is to take your partner's interests and desires into account when you are setting everything up.

Attention To Detail Is Important

Researching will help you make any romantic getaway a complete success. Regardless of whether you are dating, recently married, or taking a vacation from the kids and work, you will want to treat your romantic holiday as if you were both still young and newly in love. Before you set foot on the plane or ship, try to set the mood for the vacation. Go on a shopping spree for new clothes, sunglasses, and other accessories that will make the vacation more enjoyable.

Review all of the Key West attractions that seem interesting to you and your partner. When you find a bunch that you can agree on, make reservations and start getting excited for your plans. Make sure to not over do the activities, a little bit of quiet and alone time for the two of you is what this vacation should be all about. Try to find the happy medium between busy and lounging time.

Set The Mood For Your Vacation

Your romantic holiday should suit not only your interests, but also those of your partner. Plenty of attractions will provide a common ground, even if you have greatly differing tastes. For some, romantic meals on the deck of a sunset cruise may be just what the love doctor ordered. For others, extreme sports like tandem parasailing or jet ski racing may be more your speed. Still other couples may want to take to the water on a fishing trip to better enjoy each other's company. Simply taking the time to plan it all out will go a long way in making your romantic vacation the best it can possibly be.

Sailing, Snorkeling, And Seizing The Moment

Some couples choose to be active during their romantic vacation to the island. To fit those needs, Key West attractions like snorkeling and scuba diving are perfect to get the blood pumping and keep fires burning.

Regardless of what you choose to do once you get there, make sure to focus on your partner. Making him or her feel special is the real key to a great vacation.

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Explore Everything Carlsbad Has to Offer

Are you looking for a vacation spot that has something for everyone? Where you can fill your sun-soaked days with activity and finish them off with lively nights of fun? Then the place to check out is Carlsbad, California. And the first step you should make is finding Carlsbad vacation rentals among the listings available online.

Just as in real estate, the three most important aspects of any vacation spot are location, location, location. Carlsbad meets those criteria--three or more times over! Located on the Pacific coast, midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, the town offers fun for folks of all ages. If you enjoy spending vacation time out-of-doors, you couldn't pick a better climate than that offered by this area of southern California. Nature provides year-round mild weather, plenty of sunshine, and no snow or ice. A number of Carlsbad vacation rentals are situated just steps from the beautiful sandy beaches, and you may want to spend every day along this gorgeous stretch.

You might spend a long, relaxed day there, with occasional dips in the water, perhaps fixing some dinner on the BBQ and ending with a glorious sunset. Or you might opt for more active water activities and try your hand at surfing, boating or deep-sea fishing. Then you can return to the comfort of the Carlsbad lodging that is quickly starting to feel like home. Perhaps you will opt for one of rentals that comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, so you can easily grab a light meal, or maybe pick up some sublimely fresh seafood and produce to fix your own way.

Perhaps you'll pick one of our Carlsbad hotels close to shore so you can easily catch the commuter ferry down to San Diego. Spend the day exploring the city or visiting their famous zoo, and return to the comfort of your Carlsbad lodging to relax and refresh before another day of fun and sun. Right in the town itself, you'll find the amazing LegoLand California, with over 50 rides, shows, and attractions for kids of all ages. You can also find Carlsbad hotels that provide easy access to the Museum of Making Music, or the Galleria Incognita, which offers original artwork for sale. There are a number of antique shops to capture your eye, as well.

For more nature-oriented days, you can head from you Carlsbad lodging to the Batiquitos Lagoon, for a nature walk to admire its hundreds of migratory birds. Perhaps you will stroll along the cliff overlooking South Carlsbad State Beach and admire the sweeping vistas out across the ocean waves or through the Hosp Grove, with its 100-year-old eucalyptus trees. Perhaps you'll fit in a round of golf or some sets of tennis before returning to your cozy holiday home.

Just don't wear yourself out during the day, because you'll want to save some energy to enjoy the village nightlife. With bars and breweries, casinos and nightclubs from which to choose, your only problem will be heading back to your lodging early enough to get a start on the next fun-filled day.

So when you're looking for a vacation that will please everyone, look no further than the Carlsbad hotels and other rentals available online. Whatever your requirements, you will find your perfect base from which to experience it all.

For more resources regarding Carlsbad vacation rentals, please visit this page You will find condos, villas and other types of accommodations that will fulfill your fabulous California vacation.

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An Overview Of Grand Cayman Island

The Cayman Islands are British territories composed of three beach-lined havens for sun worshipers: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. Although all three of the islands are a great place to visit and play on, by far the most popular destination is Grand Cayman. The Caymans are located just south of Cuba and to the northwest of Jamaica, and are considered jewels in the crown of the Western Caribbean area.

The Caymans offer a curious mix of visitors and residents alike: there are no taxes and control placed on the banking systems, and so Grand Cayman has become an important off-shore financial center. Because of this it is a playground for the rich and powerful, but it is also a popular destination for divers and nature enthusiasts thanks to its abundance of rich natural and marine resources. In short, there's something for everyone on Grand Cayman.

George Town is the capital city of the Islands and it is the only place through which visitors arrive, whether by cruise ship or by airplane. There is a lovely waterfront shopping area with a multitude of restaurants to choose from. Of course, there is a wide selection of hotels to choose from, but many visitors prefer the independence and privacy afforded by renting a luxurious condo or villa which may offer quiet seclusion or instant access to nightlife, depending on the preferences of the guest.

There are a dozen named beaches to choose from on Grand Cayman alone: and virtually any seaside patch of sand may be claimed for sunbathing! The far west end of the island and the eastern districts offer the most secluded and least-visited beaches, if tourists want absolute bathing privacy.

The most well-known beach is called Seven Mile, and it is probably most easily compared to Honolulu's Waikiki. It is heavily visited, yet offers miles of white coral sands and aquamarine waters, making it breathtakingly beautiful. Its main advantage is that it offers instant access to nightlife when the sun goes down.

Grand Cayman and the two smaller islands are famous for offering some of the best scuba diving experiences in the Caribbean. The waters thereabouts are crystal-clear and there are 250 known diving sites to explore. Of course, there are many local outfitters who will gladly rent out scuba gear and offer day and night diving trips to enthusiasts.

Whether their goal is sun worshiping, diving, or dancing the night away, visitors are sure to find something to their liking on Grand Cayman.

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Learn How You Can Save Big on a Repositioning Cruise

By Arturo L. Augustin

Of all the ways to locate cheap cruises, one of the very best is to reserve your ticket on a repositioning cruise. A repositioning cruise typically sets sail in the autumn or in the late spring, during which seasons the cruise lines are sailing their ships from the Alaska waters to the routes in the Caribbean or the other way around.

Instead of moving these vessels without any passengers between the two regions, destinations, the cruise companies carry passengers on these repositioning voyages at what often amounts to a huge savings over regular in-season cruise pricing.

Repositioning cruises can be both long and short, ranging from three and four cay cruises between Vancouver and California to several week Trans-Atlantic and Trans Pacific cruises.

On the longer cruises that include ocean crossings, there are few port stops, so passengers have plenty of time to take full advantage of the many activities, shows, and other forms of entertainment aboard the cruise ships.

Of course, it is easy to spend a lot of money in the ship's bars and casino during a long cruise, so you might want to keep track of your tab along the way to avoid any unexpected and aggravating surprises when you get your final bill after the cruise ends.

Of course, it is easy to spend a lot of money in the ship's bars and casino during a long cruise, so you might want to keep track of your tab along the way to avoid any unexpected and aggravating surprises when you get your final bill after the cruise ends.

One other factor to weigh when considering a repositioning cruise is the cost of the airfare getting you to the starting point and home from the ending point of the cruise.

However if the cost of the air transportation is quite reasonable, the you are in luck -- a repositioning cruise could be a very good way to visit exciting new places on the most up to date cruise ships for not much money. It is hard to beat a deal like that.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Graceful Glamour of Monaco

Monaco is deemed as one of the most impressive and sophisticated countries. With Monte Carlo as its capital, Monaco is the second smallest nation in the world, next to Vatican. This 1.9 square kilometer country has been an emblem of prestige and glamour. The official language is French. The populace is made up of a hundred plus different nationalities. The children are obliged to learn French in school.

The elegance of Monaco was enhanced all the more by the wedding of Prince Rainier III and American actress Grace Kelly in 1956. The lovely actress met the bachelor prince when she was in Cannes to promote her movie. To Catch a Thief. Their marriage blessed them with children Caroline, Albert and Stephanie. A car accident on a fateful day in 1982 on a Monaco cliff took the life of Princess Grace and injured Stephanie. Her people still grieve over her death to this day.

Monaco is a sanctuary to casino lovers and fashion aficionados. It is celebrated for quite a few things. First, it celebrates the dazzling life of the Grimaldis, the fascinating royal family. Second is the Formula One cars bellowing through the manicured streets during the Grand Prix. This is a customary race that produces more visitors and money. And third, the Monte Carlo casino. In recent times, the country has gained handsome revenue by developing into an economic delight, and a gambling seat with the establishment of the internationally eminent Monte Carlo Casino in 19th century.

Monaco roads are tidy, well designed and constructed. These, together with luxuriant parks and classy palaces are highly safe mainly because to the attendance of efficient police and patrollers as well as CCTV cameras. Also, the French Riviera, the Mediterraneans coastline of Frances southeastern part is one great reason to come and experience the elegance and splendor of Monaco.

The locality of Monte Carlo is regarded as the country's most well-off district and is mainly distinguished for its exciting ambiance. Its glamour and popularity appeals to the rich and famous who in turn magnetize everyday travelers to Monte Carlo. This rocky peninsula lies to the north of the Port of Monaco. The roads of the districts most lofty portion are crammed with companies and stores. These include the Radio/Television Monte-Carlo headquarters, Boulevard Princesse Charlotte, and the Boulevard des Moulins. These are joined by the Avenue de la Costa that showcases a lot of luxury shops.

Monaco faithfully keeps its independence too. Even Charles de Gaulle himself, French general and leader wasn't able to compel the departed Prince Rainier to eradicate his tax-free law. Almost all of Monaco's income emanates from tourism and casino as the Monegasques do not pay taxes.

Monaco brings you many interesting attractions. Take a trip to Les Spelugues, a significant complex of the Congress Center that consists of 100 apartments and Loews Hotel with 636 rooms. Or be amazed at the Oceanographic Museum, the country's most visited museum hovering spectacularly on Monaco Villes cliff-top. It features a marvelous panorama over the sea as well as showcases myriads of fine-looking fish species in its aquariums. Plus, taking an expedition in a helicopter will have you witness the marina that accommodates private yachts and vessels.

While indeed a wealthy region, visiting it does not entail spending a fortune. Travelers can lodge at budget hostels. In Monaco you can spend some pleasant days and being the country so tiny, even a one-day tour may be highly fascinating.

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The Caribbean Island Cruise Tips

By Lindelwa Laz

Once the province of the rich, cruises have changed and Caribbean cruises are fast becoming the most popular of destinations. You can have everything you want with a different Caribbean island every day and all the wonderful evening entertainment of a resort on board the cruise liner. While short breaks are available, perhaps over a weekend period, the vast majority of passengers sail for seven days and sometimes in excess of fourteen but depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Everyone on board a ship will have individual needs and they can cater for them all, it is your vacation and it can be as quite or lively as you want it to be. If anything, you will have a hard time keeping up with everything that you can possibly do on a cruise liner.

Research is the key here if you want something that matches your interests so pay a visit to your local tour agents and find out more about what's available. Each Caribbean cruise will visit a certain number of islands on that particular voyage so you must decide if you want to visit certain islands like Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas or Antigua for example.

Some cruise vacations to the Caribbean are for people that like to party with plenty of discos and non-stop entertainment and may not be the ideal place for families. While your travel agent can give more details, so can the Caribbean cruise liner website and information on the types of packages should be more in depth.

Remember that a vacation on board a ship allows you more opportunity to dress up as there are more functions than you are probably used too. For formal evenings and events a gown is necessary for women and tuxedo for men so that you can be seen in your finest and something you need to be prepared for especially if you are invited to the Captains table.

Even if you intend to bring along your children on a family cruise vacation, there are plenty of programs to occupy them and they will not have a dull moment. A wide variety of activities are planned for them so that you can spend the time to do what you like; trained staff will look after them so you can put your mind at ease while you are enjoying and relaxing with your spouse.

Other specialist Caribbean cruises are concerned with only the concerns of adults that do not have their children with them that can be a little more romantic. Nothing on board a cruise liner is to much trouble so if you are celebrating a special event or occasion, be assured that packages to entertain this are available too.

If you let the staff on your Caribbean cruise do their job, all you will have to do is enjoy the vacation, after all isn't that what it's all about.

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Tourist Spots and Accommodations for the Best Winter Getaways

Winter season often limits outdoor vacation and activities. The snow sometimes reaches six inches deep that prevent us from having fun outside. However winter time is not at all that constricting if we could only research on excellent places where winter can be turned to an enjoyable season also.

You can go to various winter destinations like Vermont, Massachusetts, North and South Dakota as well as Breckenridge, The Smoky Mountains and the Poconos. If you are snowboarder, skier or someone who enjoys the winter season, planning a winter vacation in advance is a good way to ensure good accommodations in the most in-demand winter getaway destinations. Here are some of the great destinations during a cold, snowy period.

Hershey Pennsylvania is your vacation destination when you are planning to travel during or before the Christmas season. The home of Hersheys, Hershey Park is also what kids regard as Christmas Candyland or Chocolate Town. This celebration usually runs for one month prior to Christmas.

Situated in the small riverside townhouse of Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, Swedens Ice Hotel is popular worldwide for providing the best winter vacation. It is opened and created every winter out of about 10,000 tons of ice taken from close rivers and 30,000 tons of snow. It features the popular Absolut Ice Bar, a winter favorite destination here.

During the winter season Yellowstone National Park is also a famous summer destination in US, offering learning and lodging programs, wherein visitors of all ages can participate in their educational lessons throughout the winter. This program offers a great way for guests of all ages to learn more about the fascinating and beautiful Yellowstone National Park.

Wisconsin has a small town that offers perfect winter vacation treats. This is at Great Wolf Lodge, the home of gigantic indoor water parks. Great Wolf Lodge is a popular destination for kids or for the whole family. Tourists in Wisconsin Dells can get the best of both worlds starting from the summertime until the snow begins to fall outdoors. Wisconsin Dells is situated near both Madison, Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

Mont Tremblant is situated along Canadas stunning Laurentian Mountains of Quebec. Mont Tremblant provides its visitors with land of more than 600 acres for snowboarding and skiing.

Lodging is not a problem because there are a lot of winter getaway hotels around. The Anassa Hotel offers its visitors Mediterranean dishes at Main Helios Restaurant along with a complimentary breakfast at The Amphora Restaurant.

This hotel is situated in Polis Cyprus, approximately 500 meters away from its own private beach, 7 kilometers away from the Town Center, and 3 kilometers away from the Latchi. Each of the guestrooms has light decorations, louvered shutters and marble floors. All units have bathrobes, balconies, dial-up Internet connections, climate control, direct-dial telephones and satellite television.

Next is the Atlantic Place Hotel, located in a residential district and one kilometer away from the Center of Sorrento. The hotel is 45 kilometers away from Napel Airport and about an hours drive from the resort. Dinner and breakfast are available from the Delle Farfalle Restaurant located inside the property.

Hilton Sorrento Palace Hotel offers panoramic views of the bats of Napel. This hotel is 500 meters away from the historic center of Sorrento. All the air-conditioned rooms have warm Mediterranean decorations and extended balconies. The hotels guestrooms are equipped with satellite colored television, wireless internet access and hairdryers.

You can also try the Gardenia Hotel in Colombare. This hotel is 11 kilometers away from Lake Garda and 3 kilometers from Sirmione. It is also 10 kilometers away from the San Vigilio Headland and 11 kilometers away from Garda Lake. All the hotels guestrooms are equipped with work desks, air-conditioners, satellite cable televisions and coffee makers. Its Gardenia Restaurants offers regional and local dishes.

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Disneyland Resorts and Accommodations

Disneyland is one of the most popular man-made attractions around the globe. It is also the most visited park with over 515 million guests recorded since the day it started and opened to the public. Both children and adults enjoy going to these theme parks to be taken out of their real worlds and experience fantasy for at least a day.

Disneyland has its own variety of accommodations and lodging for different kinds of guests and clientele, they offer different packages and promotions that promise to give the best value for your money. They also offer a lot of value resorts to stay in, like the Disneys All Star Movies Resort that gives honor to the legendary films of Disneyland, from its first film under VW Bug up to the dotted pups of 101 Dalmatians.

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort is a 3 storey hotel building which houses an approximate of 1,920 rooms and special suites. It is a smoke free hotel. There are wheelchairs available for persons with disabilities or those of old ages. It can be used to roam on the theme park because Disneyland Parks are huge. It will be very tiring to walk.

Their guest room was designed with life sized icons from famous Disney faces like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The colorful paintings make it more relaxing and comfortable while accentuated with movie-themed furniture and accessories.

Guest rooms feature two double beds, cribs for babies, iron and board, refrigerator, hair dryer, bathroom and tubs, Disney channel with flat screen television, and in-room delivery of pizza.

Other hotel amenities are guest services desk, in-room pizza delivery, Pak-n-Play Crib, babysitting and child services, access room for wheelchairs, laundry/dry cleaning services, and free parking spaces.

For dining there are a lot of fine restaurants and food courts available in the area that serve delicious meals. The dining area is masterfully decorated using the latest technologies. Plus, there is an easy access to their recreational and gaming area with wide selection of video games and table games, swimming pool, playground and swimming pool for kids.

Another great place to stay while having fun in Disneyland is the Disneys Boardwalk Inn Resort, a nostalgic and conservative lakeside resort that offers romantic and olden time sights and sounds. It is located at the center of an elegant villa and its community adjacent to the carnival sights and Disney's sandy beaches.

Meanwhile, Disney's Boardwalk Villas features, well-ventilated villa and studio type rooms with a touch of a classic form of print motif, cherry-wood carving and furniture with its imaginary frills, patios, concealed balconies and in-room amenities.

Room amenities include two bedroom bed, 1 king size bed, in-room safety box, Jacuzzi tub, coffee maker, iron and board, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, bathroom with complete set of branded toiletries, make up mirror, dual line phones, Disney channel, VCR/DVD, satellite channel with wide screen television and high speed internet connection.

Other services and amenities being offered at Disney's Boardwalk Villas are a 24 hour concierge service, fitness and health center, babysitting services (by request), baby cribs, valet and parking area, accessible rooms guests with disabilities, laundry/dry clean services, meetings and other gathering facilities, and a business center.

Another option is the Disney's Boardwalk Villas. It offers sporty bars to stylish restaurants that serve extraordinary fish and other sea foods menu and the sizzling steaks with creative and distinctive American style. There are also fine and elegant restaurants around the area with their own signature stuffs and menu, experience their culinary creativeness and impromptu preparation for their specialty and healthy fresh dishes for the whole family and guests.

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Travel To Sardinia: How To Find The Best Travel Deals

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is often the premier destination for Europe's elite. Many celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Sting go to Sardinia for relaxation and seclusion. Travel to Sardinia is not difficult, as there are three international airports on the island. You can also travel to Sardinia by ferry or ship, as well.

Once you have arrived, you'll need to make some choices concerning your transportation around the island. Many of the hotels offer shuttle service from the airports to the hotel. When you travel to Sardinia, make sure you inquire if this service is available. There are also car rentals available in every airport and in some of the towns.

You can get around Sardinia by train and bus, but not very quickly. It is definitely worth the money to rent a car. There are also many enchanting, remote areas to visit on the island and it could take you quite awhile to get there by commercial transportation means.

Unlike Italy, travel to Sardinia and on the island is not as dangerous as you might expect. Traffic moves much slower here due to the narrow, winding roads. These roads are quite often deserted, so when a driver meets another vehicle, it could be quite unexpected.

If you want to find the best deals on travel to Sardinia, here are some tips to help locate great savings:

1. Plan Your Vacation Ahead of Time: It is a well known fact that the farther in advance you plan your trip, the lower the cost. So pick your dates as soon as you are able to. Travel to Sardinia can be somewhat expensive if you wait to the last minute to book your airfare.

2. Buy a Vacation Package: Many of the online travel sites can give you great deals on travel to Sardinia when you book a complete package. You can include airfare and accommodations, as well as excursions for diving and sightseeing.

3. Call the Airlines Directly: Occasionally you can find a better deal when you call the airline than if you go through a travel website or agent. However, most of the travel sites and agencies reserve blocks of seats, which is how they get the best rates.

4. Travel Mid-Week: When you travel to Sardinia during the middle of the week, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars in airfare. Most of the cheapest airfare is available on Tuesday and Wednesday. While this is the best time to travel to Sardinia, they are also the best days to book your reservation.

5. Make Use of Those Travel Rewards: Why let your frequent flyer miles expire? Use them to grab up an airline ticket for free or to purchase a reduced companion fare. Many restrictions usually apply to these types of tickets, so be sure you read the fine print.

6. Check with Specialty Charters: Many charter services are available for Mediterranean destinations. If you are looking for deals at the last minutes, this may be your best bet. Most of the time, these charter companies have already purchased a block of tickets. If it is close to the departure date, you may be able to get a ticket at a really reduced rate. The charter companies would rather make a little money on a ticket than lose the fare altogether.

Tickets for travel to Sardinia do not need to break your bank. Nor do you need to take second class accommodations or travel options. It simply takes planning and a little research to find the best deals available.

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Mexico: Why Make it Your Destination?

By Ving Parradiao

A lot of eager tourists and travelers hit the skies and the roads every year. Some of them headed for the beautiful country of Mexico. So what Mexico the perfect choice? Why make it your choice of destination?

There will probably be thousands of reasons why Mexico is a good travel spot. The first reason is because of the many activities that it can offer you. It is not only know for its long stretch of spectacular beaches but more so, of a very rich history and culture.

If you want to schedule a vacation in this place, it is highly encouraged that you check out its past and heritage to make your stay even more worthwhile. Throughout the country, you will find several locations which offer educational activities to tourists. You can also just visit any of its museums and get a real good kick at how their rich and beautiful past was all about.

Several educational museums are scattered all over the country. Some of which are geared especially for kids while some are for adults. Given this, you and your family are sure to walk away with valuable information. This knowledge will also be helpful for the kids, not just in understanding Mexican culture but even more importantly, in understanding life and the globe at large.

Apart from the history and culture, you can also try several oceanside facilities along Mexico's coast line. These facilities will offer you and your family fun, exciting and worthwhile educational activities. Most of which included aquatic shows and ocean museums.

Apart from the fun and the knowledge that you can have, you and your family also gets a good opportunity to spend time together. When you're in the city, you focus of a wide range of daily routines. You forget or have no time for quality time. Mexico offers your a spot where you can enjoy each other without further interruptions.

Mexico is not only perfect for families. It is also an ideal romantic destination for lovers. A romantic getaway between a couple, no matter and when and where it held makes the relationship healthier. Mexico has its ways of making it even more exciting and meaningful.

Some of Mexico's romantic spots are the beautiful beaches and resorts. Along the coast of Mexico, you are sure to find a wide range of popular beach destinations. This romantic environment allows you to spend time alone with your partner. If you want everything to be private and intimate, consider going to a private beach resort with your sweetheart.

Contrary to what most people believe in, vacationing in Mexico is not really as expensive. All you need is a little creativity and you are sure to find brilliant ways to spend your vacation fun and worthwhile without having to spend too much. You can find famous spa resorts, beach resorts and gold courses which offer to those who are traveling on a tight budget. A quick research will give you a good idea of finding out Mexico's best deals.

Mexico always makes a good vacation spot. You will just have to see it for yourself.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mauritius Island: An Exotic Luxury Beach Holiday and African Cultural Travel Destination

By Maina Njihia

The Island of Mauritius is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating vacation destinations in Africa. Mostly renowned for its tropical beauty and sandy beaches, Mauritius also offers a cultural travel experience sometimes easily overlooked. The traditions, religion, and culture of Mauritius borrows from the many immigrant populations that have been to the island's shores in different periods of Mauritius history. Today, the culture of this Island is a beautiful amalgam of several cultures.

The unique cultural mix in Mauritius is composed of Indians, Europeans, Chinese, Africans and other inhabitants who all have their own cultural celebrations and religious festivals. In deed many of these customs have been around for more than four centuries.

What makes Mauritius an interesting destination for cultural travel is the harmonious co-existence of diverse cultures. In the island, it is common to find mosques right next to a church, or a Chinese pagoda adjacent to a Hindu temple. A journey through the island is really a study into amazing ancestral traditional practices.

The rich cultural heritage of Mauritius is also manifested in the country's cuisine, which is a mixture of oriental cuisine brought in by Indian and Chinese migrants, and traditional western cuisine from the island's colonial past. There are also several foods unique to Mauritius, some of which combine the finest flavors of the west and the east to suit the Mauritius' distinct taste.

While traveling in Mauritius, you may also be interested in watching the unique folk dances of the island. These, alongside the folklore, are yet another indication of the depth of the Mauritius culture. You can also watch Mauritius dancers perform sophisticated Indian dances as well as traditional Chinese dances like the dragon dance and the lion dance.

Mauritius has a fair share of wildlife and bird species, including some brightly colored birds. The game parks are a great place to see most of these. Other places worth visiting for relaxation include the capital city - Port Louis, and the neighboring Mahebourg town. Adventure travel enthusiasts will also find it worthwhile visiting Rodrigues for diving, Caverne Patate for caving, Mount Limon and Mount Malartic for trekking expeditions, and the area around Port Mathurin for coastal hiking.

Entering Mauritius requires a visa unless you are a national of a Commonwealth country, the EU, Japan or USA. Always check updated visa requirements prior to travel. Mauritius is well connected by international air carriers and shipping companies. There are several monthly shipping services between Mauritius and Reunion - contact the Mauritius Shipping Corporation in Port Louis.

Air Mauritius, the national carrier,operates daily flights to Rodrigues Island. There are several tour operators and car rental agencies as well as buses and taxis. Buses are slow moving while taxis, though easily available, are expensive, especially after dark. You are advised to negotiate the fares before starting. Boats can also be rented in Mauritius at major tourist hotspots.

The best period to go on luxury holiday in Mauritius is from July to September, when both the temperatures and humidity are lower. The time between January and April experiences tropical rain, and is therefore suitable when you plan to spend most of the time indoors in a romantic vacation.

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