Friday, September 24, 2010

Paris The City That Has It All

Situated on the Seine River, Paris is the city of lights and grand monuments. The earliest inhabitants of Paris was around 4200 BC, as evidenced by archeological data. Paris received its name from the Parissi tribe that lived in the area around 250 BC. The summer is full of warm days perfect for sightseeing around the beautiful city and with so many things to see and do the warmth will really inspire you to get around and see everything you can.

Paris has some of the best known landmarks in the world, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. While these monuments are must see monuments there are so many more historical sites to see all around the city. Many of the districts within the city hold important historically significant sites and should be experienced. The incredible architecture of each district will inspire you and leave you wanting even more.

Then there are the incredible parks to wander through and leave you breathless. Only in this magnificent city can you sit under a tree or sniff flowers from a display exhibiting fauna from countries all around the globe. From there you can enjoy the neatly manicured gardens and pathways as you stroll through on your way to the zoo or even the life size maze.

Don't forget to stop and check out the theater while you are in town. See plays, the opera, or ballet at one of the many well known theaters found throughout Paris. Choose from a classical or modern style, whatever you pick you are sure to enjoy it. Finding a great film to watch is easy too, with all the movie theaters found in the city the only hard part will be deciding what to see. After all that catch a concert to hear some catchy music or head to one of the festivals that are held in Paris throughout the year.

Cuisine in Paris is almost an art form in itself, with so many fabulous restaurants to choose from your mouth will be watering from the smell alone. Enjoy food from regions all over the world made in traditional fashion from the region it came from. As great as the food is take your time and savor every bite of the authentic cuisine prepared by some of the finest chefs in the world.

Paris also has many museums and galleries to visit and enjoy too. Some museums have exhibitions from every era of art history, while others showcase paintings for specific areas around the world, still others are all about individual artists. If that isn't enough check out some of the other museums that dedicate themselves to everything from textiles, science, medicine, and more.

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Paris is the most visited city in the world. Do not miss anything from this beautiful city book now your holiday accommodation and enjoy your vacation

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exploring the Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is located in the Civic Center. It is known for its collection of Native American artifacts and has over 68,000 pieces from all across the globe.

It has nine different departments, including architecture, design and graphics, Asian, modern, contemporary, native arts, New World, painting and sculpture, photography, Western, and textiles. Its first permanent galleries were established in 1993, and now it has a great deal of rotating exhibits, as well.

Even the outside of the structure is something to behold. One building resembles a fortress and was built by the Italian architect, Gio Ponti.

The other building is very close to what one would imagine a titanium crystal to look like, including peaks and pointed shards and edges. This building was designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind.

Until January 9th, 2011, the King Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs exhibit will call the museum home. This features a great deal of Egyptian artifacts, paintings, a video, and a mummy unearthed from a tomb.

To get to the site, take your car or some form of public transportation to Thirteenth Avenue, between Broadway and Bannock, in downtown Denver. There is a gift shop inside where you can buy a plethora of different gifts, puzzles, games, and clothing.

When you visit, make sure to take care of and watch your children closely. All of the items in the galleries are very fragile and irreplaceable.

Whatever you do, please do not touch any of the paintings, sculptures, or other items on display. You could risk damaging or ruining them, and making it impossible for others to enjoy in the future.

Photographing of the things on display is only acceptable in permanent galleries. Any pieces of art that are visiting from another exhibit or museum are off -limits.

If you wish to take pictures, but are unsure about whether you are allowed, ask help from a security guard beforehand. If at all possible, refrain from using the flash on your camera.

It is best if you stow your bags and belongings while you browse the museum. There are free lockers available, so take advantage of them; you will be glad when you do not have to carry around your items.

Also, be aware that eating and drinking is not allowed in the gallery areas. If you do get hungry or thirsty, you can visit the cafeteria.

There are so many different interesting works for you to view, depending on what you are interested in. The Native American art collection here is the most substantial and interesting in the world.

If you are interested in this type of culture, be sure to spend extra time in the areas that house these works. There is also an interesting area showcasing the works of African artists, like paintings and masks.

You can also view textiles, architecture, photography, and a number of different beautiful creations. It is also very kid-friendly, and has a number of free programs available to keep youngsters entertained.

Children can learn to draw, explore the themes of different exhibits, or take guided tours. Most of these do not cost a dime; be sure to check the calendar ahead of time for fun events.

It is also a great place to take field trips and exploration trips. If you are the leader of a Boy or Girl Scout troupe, church group, or other youth program, there are great deals on group prices. You can also have an expert on the works of art guide you around to see them and learn about them.

Those that wish to take classes can find all kinds of instruction and workshops, especially during the summer months. If you wish to increase your artistic talent, look no further than the DAM.

You can learn to paint, draw with pastels, and draw with charcoal. Most of the classes are beginner oriented, so you should not feel inadequate or like you have too little talent to learn.

There are also a number of teen and child summer programs. Consult the website or calendar and learn more about the dates and prices of these workshops.

The DAM is one part of Denver that visitors and natives, alike, should not forgo visiting. You will be able to expand your artistic horizons and learn more about the creative process.

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