Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Berlin Gives you Rich History, Tantalizing Stories and Amazing Attitude

Berlin is an intriguing place to visit and is overflowing with attractions that are sure to hit you at every level, from emotional to spiritual.

A Varied History

Berlin lies right in Germany, whose historic past can never be forgotten. The city itself has a history that is considered epic by many. If you are over 30 then you probably remember the Berlin Wall and the whole interesting events that unfolded as it came crumbling down, bringing a once divided city back together again and calling an end to a communist regime.

Going back even further, Germany played a large role in WWII and thus many of its cities, Berlin included, bare deep wounds and left over scars from the torturous war. However, despite the dark spots in its history, Berlin has managed to rebuild itself and completely change into a city that has a pride that runs deep within its people.

Must See Attractions

When visiting Berlin it is easy to get caught up in the modern day Berlin, but it is the deep history that will really draw you into the city's heart and soul. When in Berlin there are some attractions that you must see or risk kicking yourself for missing once you leave.

These must see attractions include, of course, the ruins of the Berlin Wall and surrounding attractions, the German Parliament, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie. You also will want to see WWII era attractions like the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe and the Jewish Museum.

Other attractions to see include the Oberbaumbrucke Bridge, the 18th century baroque palace, Scloss Charlottenburg, Berliner Dom Cathedral and the Kaiser Wilheim Memorial Church. For more history go to Bebelplatz which is home to many historical buildings. More museums can be found on Museum Island. Here you will find the Alte Museum, The National Gallery, the Bode Museum , the Neues Museum and the Pergamon Museum.

Finally, rounding out the top attractions you won't want to miss is the most famous Berlin square, Gendarmenmarkt and the biggest synagogue in the city, Neue Synagogue. Don't forget the Berlin Zoo and Tiergarten.

Planning your Trip to Berlin

Planning a trip to this popular German city can be challenging. You certainly want to try to find the fastest and easiest way to book accommodations. Consider going online for your planning needs. You can book a holiday apartment online and save a lot of time. You get access to great deals and you can beat the crowds by booking early. The best part of it is that you can do it from your own home whenever you have time. Just get on the internet and set up your accommodations. Before you know it you will exploring Berlin and learning just how amazing this city truly is.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Let Budapest Surprise You and Romance You

It may actually be very surprising at just how deeply this city's beauty runs and how it will forever impact your heart once you have visited.

Blessed By Nature, Enriched by People

Budapest has many natural and man made treasures. The city has an interesting mix of architectural designs, from baroque to neoclassical to art nouveau. It is dotted with Turkish thermal baths and home to some of the best food and wine in the area. It has plenty of parks filled with attractions and lies on the stunning Danube River which is always a great place to see boats as they sail about the waters. Then there are the Buda Hills that lie to the west and the beginning of the Great Plain in the east.

Exploring Within the City

The beauty of Budapest will make you want to visit, but it is the attractions that will capture your interest. Budapest does not fall short on things to see and do. You will keep yourself busy visiting all the popular tourist spots.

The Budapest Parliament is a wonderful stop where many visitors come when they are here. It is one of the cities top attractions. The crown jewels are held here and you can take a guided tour at various times throughout the day.

St Stephen Basilica is the largest Catholic church in the city and is home to the Holy Right of King St Steven. The Holy Right is one of the most treasured and important relics of the Hungarian Catholic church. Be sure when visiting the church that you take in the majestic views of the city from within the panorama terrace.

If you want to really get a feel of the city's history then you must visit Heroes' Square. Located at the end of Andrassy Avenue this memorial pays tribute to the 1000th anniversary of when Hungarians arrives in the Carpathian Basin.

For a little culture you can visit the Budapest State Opera. Not only can you take in a great performance, but the building itself is something worth seeing. It is a very lavishly decorated space that just screams of elegance and extravagant taste.

A visit to the Royal Palace is always unforgettable. This medieval palace is located in the Castle District. It has various museums within it that also feature exhibitions.

If you want a day of excitement and relaxation all in one then take a trip to City Park. Here you will find the Castle of Vajdahunyad, the Zoo and an amusement park. Of course, this is also a great place for a leisurely stroll.

Planning your Trip to Budapest

Planning your trip to Budapest should start online. Making reservations and setting up your accommodations in a holiday apartment can be done in a matter of minutes online. The best part is that you can even grab up some amazing deals that will save you a nice chunk of change when you go online to make your plans.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Antarctica - Points to Ponder

By Ethan Rodriguez

A tour of Antarctica brings with it rich experiences. No other place on the planet comes close to the beauty of Antarctica. This piece talks in detail about Antarctica and encourages you to get a taste of the place by going on a cruise. The place is truly lovely and without equal.

Few realize what exactly Antarctica serves up when they book trips there. Antarctica is one of the remote places on earth. Travelers can engage in activities like scuba diving or mountain climbing or camping or others.

Camping during your Antarctic travel can be a unique once in a lifetime experience. A number of Antarctic travel cruises give passengers a change to set up camp and rough it out in the cold for a night. Equipment is all provided. Use your rations to make the night out bearable and secure. This is one way to really appreciate the awesome beauty of Antarctica.

Kayaking aficionados are sure to enjoy Antarctica travel. People can see the wild animals and vegetation up close while traversing the waters. You can see everything from penguins to whales and seals sleeping. It might be necessary for you to take a moment to appreciate the impressive icebergs. It is a truly breath taking experience to kayak trough the vast waters and wilderness.

The Antarctic Circle is the venue for scuba diving. There is marine life that you will not see anywhere else. The sun hitting the ice is a phenomenal sight underwater. You will see animal such as penguins crabs seals and a wide variety of unique Antarctic fishes. You can consider yourself very lucky to have this experience. Most diving experts never even have the chance to see the Antarctic underwater scene.

Mountain and rock climbing enthusiasts will likewise find the experience memorable. A lot of people ask for this activity while in Antarctic tours. The area houses unclaimed territories numbering hundreds. If you want to play it safe consider taking the path renowned Antarctica adventures did.

They give lectures and you can tour with a guide. These provide additional info on the colorful Antarctic region. Antarctic cruises to consider are those that let tourists enjoy as much of the scenery and wilderness as they can. They will take you places telling you about the past of Antarctica. All these will show you just how precious Antarctica can be.

Antarctica has often been characterized as a barren and icy cold region. The general reputation of the place is that it is uninhabitable and only the truly brave are able to come back from it. This declaration is based on nothing factual. Antarctica is a startlingly captivating location. Antarctica is one place that will wow you with its impressive sights and fun adventure activities. There are no second thoughts about taking Antarctica tours because you are bound to enjoy them immensely.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Travel To Victoria Falls : Zambia's Most Popular Safari Destination

By Andrew Muigai

The magnificent Victoria Falls is the most attractive feature along the River Zambezi, Zambia's largest river, locally known as "Mosi-oa-Tunya" (the smoke that thunders). As the millions of liters of water falls down its rocky cliff, deafening roars can be heard many metres away and sparkle of blanket makes the power of seeing more delightful as the falling waters rises.

During the rainy season, the blanket of mist becomes so thick thus making it almost impossible to catch a glimpse of the Victoria Falls. The falls gets too dull during the climax of the dry season and this is a good time to visit the area. July and August, when the season is dry summer, are the best months to view the falls. Although it is recommended to view the falls from a bird's-eye view, most people prefer to view the falls from the ground where they can feel sprays of the falls on their faces.

The grand Victoria Falls Bridge stands not far from the falls. The architecture that joins Zambia and Zimbabwe is a prized piece that provides an expansive view of the Zambezi and the adjacent rain forests. Bungee jumping is the most popular activity at the bridge. The fall is the second longest bungee distance in the world covering 111 metres long. The friendly Kariba and Cahora Bassa dams are the other remarkable sights along the Zambezi.

The massive Kariba dam in Zambia covers a total of 300km while Cahora Bassa dam in Mozambique is 280 km wide. Sport fishing is a popular activity in both dams. Tiger fish, which grows up to 10kg, is the most common fish in the dams. Other fish species that can be tagged include the red-breated bream and the yellow-belly bream among others.

Zambezi offers some of the most rewarding Africa safaris due to the number of game parks scattered all over it. The most admired parks are the Zambezi, Mana pools park, Victoria Falls and elephants camps. There are fenced and controlled reserves along game drives where visitors can watch a wide splendid collection of wild animals. The exciting white water rafting journey is the most famous activity carried out at the Zambezi. An excellent flowing strip that runs through the rocky riverbeds and the steep gorged terrain as well as pressure pools provides exciting rapids.

Besides boasting a huge number of attractions, the Zambezi offers unlimited accommodation options. These range from luxury hotels to outdoor tents, hence the destination suits travellers of all budgets. Victoria Falls, Royal Livingstone and Thorn Tree Lodge are the most preferred hotels in the area.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Architectural Influences In Bogota, Colombia

Most of the influences in Bogota, as well as most of Colombia have Spanish colonial origins, dating back as far as the 17th century. Regions really differ, and there are also hints of Castilian, as well as Moorish architecture as well. While many larger cities like Bogota have modernized adaptations of the Baroque style, unfortunately, due the the climate, only a few older examples remain. The Churches of Bogota, as well as others that are located throughout the country, do still reflect the Renaissance, and Medieval houses of worship of Spain.

With the coming of the nineteenth century, another form of architecture began to appear prominently in Colombian architecture. This combined inspirations of Roman, Renaissance, as well as Greek art into a style known as Republicano. Not only was this representative in their art, but in the materials of many buildings, including many government offices. In the 1930's Bogota began to take on more of a modern architectural style, and the Liberal Party started tearing down most of the older buildings that still held onto conservative values.

Many of the ancient churches in Bogota are still open to public observation, and you should check these out. The bull fighting arena still holds true to some of the older styling of architecture, and the bull fights are presented regularly. Many hotels retain both old and new presences, and staying in one of these is a good way to see some of these representations up close and personal.

There are many 19th century buildings to visit, like the Bogota Cathedral, Bolivar Plaza, and the Senate of the Republic, just to name a few. Many older style homes, while privately owned, can still be seen from the outside. Take your time, and take in all the sights you can, and just enjoy it all in general.
If you are thinking about a trip to Bogota, Colombia, then a good idea would be to stay in one of the many hotels. In order to maximize your budget, you should book reservations well ahead of your arrival date, and check with each website to find out what all the amenities are for each one. You can also find some great discounts on certain travel sites, and many have packages for combining all your travel needs for one low price.

You should also check before you go to see what kinds of restrictions any of these hotels may have. If you are planning any guided tours or excursions into the National Parks, then you should also book these trips as well, to make sure they are still available. Any time you plan to make a trip during peak tourist season, always make your reservations early. If you wait until the last minute, many will not be available.

There are also a few safety tips you should observe when traveling anywhere out of the country. Whenever possible, leave all of your valuables in the hotel you are staying at, in the hotel safe it they have one. If you must carry money, buy a security money belt, and use it. Never reveal your money belt, and if you need to get into it, excuse yourself to a rest room and open it in a private stall.

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