Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Visit Olympia Greece: The Home Of The Olympics

While many cruise ships passengers visit Olympia, Greece, these passengers really do not have the time to properly explore this wondrous place and delve deeply into its ancient heritage. This was the birthplace of the original Olympic games, where it was held every four years from 776 BC until they were banned by the Catholic Roman emperor Theodosius in 394 AD. The idolisation of the Greek gods was frowned upon, as was the fact that the Olympian competitors wore nothing but a smile.

There are a superabundance of sites and sights to explore in this historic town. One of the most famous and important in all of Greece is the Olympia museum, this houses a spectacular array of sculptures from antiquity, of which the bronze collection is the one of most extensive and important of its type in the world. It also boasts a unique collection of terracotta works and, although, it is not the most imposing structure in the world, it has faithfully reproduced a Grecian columned portico to greet its patrons.

If you plan to visit Olympia Greece, then a site you should add to your itinerary is Altis, the sanctuary. This contains a variety of structures, two of the most significant being the Temple of Zeus and the Temple of Hera. These are located in the sacred enclosure known as the Temonos. It is here that you will also find the area of the altar; this is something that will appeal to the more macabre taste, since it is where sacrifices were made to the gods of old. Off to the east is the site of the Hippodrome and the stadium where the Olympiads sought to prove their mettle and endurance.

After a day of exploring the past, there is nothing better than to sit down to a great meal with local wine, and of course, the obligatory glass of ouzo, a strong anise flavoured alcohol. You are in exactly in the right place for this, since here you can dine on the freshest of seafood and sample the other dishes for which Greece is renowned for, Moussaka and a bewildering selection of lamb dishes. After your main course you can sample the delights of the traditional Greek cheeses, Anthotiros (made from sheep or goats milk, or a blend of both) and, of course, the world famous Feta cheese. All that is required now, to round off a perfect visit to Olympia, Greece is to call in to one of the Greek Taverna's, where you can mingle with the locals and enjoy a merry night of traditional entertainment.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Valencia Spain - History and Beauty

The backside of Valencia provides a stunning view of a group of medium to high mountains and plains that seem to roll over the horizon.

Of the towns in the area, Valencia is the most densely populated. There are several districts that are medium sized that surround it. There are many things to see and do. To ensure that you have the time and resources necessary to take in all of the sights and sounds, it is a good idea to check into the holiday apartments that can be found online. These apartments provide the amenities that you are accustomed to at home and can often be found for lower prices then what are charged at the major hotels in the area.

As you take off on your sightseeing adventure in Valencia be sure to begin in the old quarter. The wall that defended this town until the mid nineteenth century is still in place and you will get a real sense of history and pride from the locals in the area. To view the artistic heritage that can be found in Valencia you should visit the districts of Xerea and Seu. The Arab ruins that are there as a sign of the effects of the Romans. There are beautiful churches and palaces to view as you move across the area on your sightseeing adventure.

Spend some time resting and taking in the scenery by the Valencia Plaza de la Virgen. This fountain provides the relaxation and beauty as you gaze on the intricately sculpted sculptures that can be found on each side and the top of the fountain. The Palau del la Musica in Valencia offers a wonderful experience as well for the music lovers that visit the area.

The local people of Valencia are known for trading their goods in one of the local buildings that are designated for trading. These buildings, like the Gothic building of La Lonja are used to this day for trading by locals and visitors alike. One the other side of the now destroyed wall you will find the Valencia of the bourgeoisie.

This area is filled with beautifully landscaped greenery and wide walking paths. The architecture that can be found in the buildings in the area is more modern. This area is close to the nursery gardens and the Fine Arts Museum. This area is the most modern of the city and it provides a course to the surrounding areas. Valencia offers many great sights and experiences that will surely leave a lasting impression in your mind and that will leave you wanting to return soon.

Valencia is a city full of beauty and history come and enjoy it!