Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Zealand Vacation For the Family

By: Phoenix Delray

With everything that a tropical vacation should have, New Zealand is the perfect place for couples, families, and anyone who wants to spend their days in a land so diverse it almost seems like a world of its own. On a New Zealand Vacation, you can experience everything from great dining to great golfing, and a coastline that is like none other in the world. The people of New Zealand maintain a deep connection to their ancestry and traditional culture, and invite travelers to experience the land that is uniquely theirs. Vacationers have found that the wine in New Zealand is exquisite, the shopping fantastic, and the beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. New Zealand is comprised of two islands, where English is the main language, and Maori is a second one that is spoken. An abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood, and meats make this couple of islands the perfect getaway destination for thousands of foreigners every year.

The weather in New Zealand is for the most part warm and sunny. Many people have claimed that it is very similar to the climate of California in the United States. It has been known, however, to suddenly rain, so a good tip is to have an umbrella and rain gear kept close by. In the South Island, home of the Southern Alps, there is frequently snow, which makes skiers and snowboarders happy. The seasons are the opposite of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere, keeping vacationers wanting a break from their winter more than glad to travel to New Zealand for their summer. There are mountains over much of the islands, with some coastal plains as well.

There are abundant opportunities to take advantage of guided tours that take you to some of the best sights in New Zealand. The native people welcome visitors and are eager to share their culture. Experiencing the cities is a favorite activity for many people, especially those who love shopping, dining, and great entertainment. Of course the beaches are near perfect, where tourists can swim, sunbathe, snorkel, scuba dive, or spend the day offshore on a mini cruise. Renting a car and driving through countryside and mountains, or hopping on the train for a tour of the land is one of the best ways to take in as much of these paradise islands as possible. A New Zealand vacation is the perfect way to spend your time on a honeymoon, family vacation, or a romantic getaway.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Barcelona The Most Cosmopolitan City of Spain

By: Gaizka Pujana

It is located on the northeastern shores of the Iberian Peninsula. Spain is made up of seventeen autonomous communities, one of which is Catalonia and Barcelona is the capital of this area as well. Barcelona has two official languages Catalan and Castilian Spanish.

Barcelona's history, culture and traditions are steeped with Mediterranean influences and this is something that makes Barcelona a fascinating destination for tourists to Spain. It has a long and rich history dating all the way back to the second century when a Roman colony was founded in the area. Although today, Barcelona is a modern city at the forefront of economic and industrial development, it has prided itself in its ability to maintain its Gothic center, almost entirely intact. It has a fascinating maze of narrow streets that hint to its interesting history.

The city of Barcelona has been inhabited in the past by Carthaginians, Visigoths, Muslims and Catalans. The nucleus of the old city of Barcelona, known as Barri Gotic, is where you will find a cluster of medieval buildings. This is the area in which you will find the maze of narrow streets dark little alleys that connect a number of squares. The buildings in this area typically date to the 14th and 15th centuries and the architecture will attest to this. The Barri Gotic also contains the Cathedral Barcelona's, and in fact Spain's, most impressive Gothic structure. Here, you will also be able to see the preserved part of the fortress wall that surrounded and protected Barcelona. It has been retained and preserved for tourists to the city to see and it is worth a visit. The Ajuntament and the Palau de la Generalitat, Barcelona's two most noteworthy buildings, can be found in this old area. Barri Gotic is set out around a large square and in this square you will find a bustling market as well as weekly dances of the sardana.

Barcelona is home to many fascinating museums and art galleries. The Picasso Museum is Barcelona's most visited museum, however it contains many other museums that are rich with its heritage and very well set up. Many of them have hands-on activities and numerous exhibitions. They are an excellent way to get to know the background of the city which is important if you want to understand it modern set-up, as well.

There are many accommodation options in Barcelona it is just a matter of finding the right place for you. Prices range considerably depending where you choose to stay and there should be something to fit every tourist's budget. The cheapest accommodation can generally be found in the Barri Gotic section of the city. If you are interested in seeing this old area, then this may be ideal for you. You can choose to stay in an apartment or a hotel (with huge ranges in prices), an aparthotel (an apartment attached to a hotel with self-catering facilities) or a hostel.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Beaches In The North And South Of Phuket

By: Daniel Wallace

Phuket Island has become the most sought after location in Southeast Asia for people looking for a "lifestyle" (as opposed to just "a house") in a lush, tropical environment. There are over
Phuket's improved infrastructure, combined with the laidback island lifestyle and the unlimited recreation options such as sailing, boating, diving, fishing, windsurfing, biking and golfing make Phuket the perfect dream location for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle in an affordable, peaceful, tropical paradise, and that holiday they have always dreamed about.

For the perfect blend of luxury and privacy, the villas are an excellent choice. Many are located on or near Phuket's beautiful beaches and feature stunning views of the Andaman Sea. The island's villas offer a range of resort-like accommodations. Many include enough rooms for entire families or groups of travelers. The villas come complete with living rooms, patios, full-service kitchens and cable TV. Many also feature swimming pools, and offer maid and laundry service, and even private chefs.

One of the reasons for the popularity of luxury Phuket rentals in Phuket is that the airport offers direct flights to many cities in Asia and even Europe making a several day stay in beautiful villas in Phuket convenient, and easy. Within 4 hours a guest can leave the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong for example and be sipping cocktails next to the infinity pool at their luxury villa rental.

Everywhere on Phuket Island is beautiful but the south part of the island is straight out of a tropical daydream. The southern coastline is blessed with magnificent mountains covered with lush jungle forest that stretch out to meet the azure blue sea and are framed with white powder sandy beaches and fringed with coral reefs. When you see a photograph of Phuket, it is likely to have been taken in the south part of the island.

The southern beaches offer superb vistas and some of the most glorious sunsets in the world. The South Coast Area covers the part of the island that lies south of Relax Bay on the west and then across the island to include the Cape Panwa area. Many of the best villa rentals can be found here with some of the most lavish and extraordinary designs imaginable.

By staying at a luxury property at the northern end of Phuket you will certainly be leaving the crowds behind. The north part of the island is less developed and gets only a tiny fraction of the visitors to Phuket. Miles of unspoiled beaches, and good food await you. The rugged beauty of the northern beaches can only be enhanced by the feeling of having them all to yourself.

As you travel north you will encounter beaches dominated with casuarina pine trees rather than palm trees. These unusual trees are like a natural beach umbrella and offer cool shade from the blistering tropical sun, and a if you listen carefully they make slight singing sound as they sway to the call of the offshore breezes. Expect a quiet enchanting experience if you break away from the herd and visit the north end of the island.

Whichever part of the island the guest chooses, they are sure to find a Phuket villa rental to suit their needs, and have everything taken care of by professional villa management and infections Thai charm.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Why I Think You Should Visit Sofia

By: Lee Salz

Sofia has a huge nightlife scene with many different night clubs, live venues, pubs, mehani (Bulgarian traditional taverns), and restaurants. Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe with ruins spread across the city center. Sofia offers an excellent opportunities for international congresses, symposia,meetings,conferences and fairs.

Sofia has a continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers. Besides the city of Sofia, the capital province encompasses three other cities and 34 villages, being split into a total of 24 municipalities. The architecture in Sofia centre is a unique mixture of Western and Central European Architecture. The Largo, an architectural complex in downtown Sofia which includes the headquarters of many national institutions.

After the abolishment of Communism in 1989, Sofia has witnessed the construction of whole business districts and neighbourhoods, as well as modern skryscraper-like glass-fronted office buildings, but also top-class residential neighbourhoods. Some of the biggest and most popular telecommunications companies, TV and radio stations, cable television companies, newspapers, magazines, and web portals are based in Sofia.

With buses going several times a day in all directions Sofia is well connected to all regions. To get around Sofia you can use several means of transport: public autobuses, some trolley lines, many tram lines, a subway line and private mini-buses (marshrutki). Just south of the city centre is the City Center Sofia mall which also has a big supermarket (a rarity is Sofia) in the basement, a cinema and an indoor climbing wall.

Plovdiv Bulgaria's second largest city, an one-hours drive on a good highway away from Sofia, lies around three hills in the otherwise totally flat thracian plane. Most restaurants in Sofia serve European and Bulgarian cuisine.


After a number of unsuccessful sieges, the city fell to the Byzantine Empire in 1018, but once again was incorporated into the restored Bulgarian Empire at the time of Tsar Ivan Asen I. Sofia was taken by Russian forces on 4 January 1878, during the Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78, and became the capital of the autonomous Principality of Bulgaria in 1879, which became Kingdom of Bulgaria in 1908. Fuelled by Bulgaria's sustained economic growth, the real estate market in Sofia has skyrocketed in recent years.

The decline of Sofia during the Turkish Ottoman Empire was followed by the rejuvenation after the Russian liberation in 1879, when Sofia was chosen as the capital of Bulgaria at the First National Constituent Assembly, and followed by a brisk and straight-forward period of construction. Sofia is the pearl of Bulgaria with its unique location near to skiing and beach resorts.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Mexico's Hidden Jewels

By: Ricardy Banks

Thinking of a vacation to Mexico but want to go somewhere different off the beaten path? Here are some ideas for destinations in Mexico that will take you beyond Cancun or Puerto Vallarta.

Isla Mujeres, located only eight miles across the bay from Cancun, is a tiny island only five miles long and about a half mile wide. Translated, Isla Mujeres means the "Island of Women". No, it is not a hidden commune filled with females but it is a charming and tranquil fishing village. It has shops, restaurants and about a dozen or so small hotels where you can rest your head.

With a downtown area consisting of only four or five blocks, this makes Isla Mujeres everything that the big tourist areas in Mexico are not. Surrounded by white sand beaches on all sides, snorkeling and scuba diving are popular in the crystal clear turquoise waters. Kayaks, snorkeling gear, and other water toys can be rented on the beach and fishing, sailing and even swimming with dolphins is available here. Isla Mujeres has something for every one of all ages and is a great place to explore the natural wonders of Mexico.

Another great Mexico vacation spot that is often overlooked is Cabo San Lucas. Its location at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula, gives it an ideal climate of about 78 degrees year round. Once a tranquil fishing village, Cabo has evolved into a wonderful spot for vacationers but remains small and charming. Small however does not mean boring, there are many things to do in Cabo.

Deserted beaches, on both the Pacific coast and along the shoreline of the Sea of Cortez, make Cabo San Lucas an awesome beach vacation. If you enjoy water sports, boating, marlin fishing, horseback riding and golf, you will enjoy Cabo. Golf has become very popular in the area and there are five championship golf courses already here and more on the way.

Cabo San Lucas is a perfect vacation spot for those looking for something different. It can be quiet and relaxing for a romantic getaway or it can be a place where you will keep going till you drop with the whole family.

Another one of Mexico's jewels is Tulum. You will find Tulum about an hours drive south of Playa Del Carmen on the Mayan Coast. Tulum is best known for its Mayan ruins. Small but impressive, the ruins are perched high on top of limestone cliffs that offer a breathtaking view below of the sparkling Caribbean and a romantic coastline.

The little town of Tulum is slowly expanding and there are several very good local restaurants and a few on the beach in the smattering of hotels in the area. Accommodations range from five star boutique hotels to rustic cabanas.

Tulum offers the perfect mixture of tranquility, relaxation and seclusion but still gives you the option of exciting nearby attractions. Day trips in the area are always a good choice and the Eco-tourism experiences are limitless.

It is a much slower paced vacation and a combination of 3-4 days in Playa Del Carmen and 2-3 days in Tulum is a great way to combine the best of both worlds in these treasured spots.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Make Peru Your Next Travel Destination

By: Elaine Rojas

Inveterate travelers have a new destination to target since Machu Picchu was voted one of the 7 Wonders of World last year. Previously on the radar of adventure travelers and those with an interest in places of rich cultural history, Peru has gone mainstream and it's about time.

One trip will never do justice to this magnificent land and those who have the good fortune to spend a week or two inevitably leave with the promise of return on their lips. Any trip includes the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu where the experience is so much more than the ubiquitous photographs of green mountains and vast terraces can capture.

Walking the paths through the "Lost City" is a privilege and an unfathomable luxury when you consider that in most other countries, this historical monument would be cordoned off and only available for viewing from behind carefully guarded ropes. Llamas roam the lower grassy areas, lounging in the warm sun while guides at chosen vantage points explain the construction of the Incan walls, made from tons of stone transported from miles below to build this fortress that was never discovered by Spanish conquerors.

Colonial cities were built by the Spaniards with a Plaza de Armas in the center of each. The beauty of these main squares with their soaring Cathedrals and stately City Halls is marred by the knowledge that they were often built on the foundations of Incan temples, torn down to impose Colonial rule and replace the Incan worship of the Sun and the Moon with the religion of the Catholic missionaries. While modern Peruvians are proud of the beauty of their cities they also carry in their hearts a love for their true heritage.

When Colonial rule was established in Peru, the choice of Lima as the Capitol City for the Vice-royalty brought with it many waves of immigration, creating a melting pot not unlike that of the United States. This mix of cultures and races is most dominant in the exquisite cuisine of the country. Complex and varied, the dishes range from seafood on the coasts, to guinea pig and alpaca in the highlands. Stews, sautes, ceviches and soups with flavorings and techniques that represent fusion cuisine long before it became famous in the modern culinary world. A taste of Peru in the literal sense becomes a longing that lingers long after the vacation ends.

While the flavors of Peru are difficult to transport home, the superior craftsmanship of the artisans is not, from the rich textile traditions to the ancient traditions of silver jewelry artisans. A visit to the artisan markets in each of the small provinces in the country is a highlight of any trip. Unique treasures abound and a tourist with a discerning eye can gather a suitcase full to give as gifts or keep as a reminder of moments spent suspended in the magic that is Peru.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Underwater World of Panama

By: simon hurst

Have you ever wanted to scuba dive amongst large groups of pelagic fish and see beautiful coral reefs teeming with colorful fish? Santa Catalina in Panama has opened up a lot of doors for scuba divers and is attracting visitors from all over the world.

If you want to do some diving from Santa Catalina, you have two main options. You can choose to dive along the Caribbean coastline, or you can venture further a field and visit the Coiba National Park. Both offer spectacular dive sites, amidst a relaxed surrounding and a friendly atmosphere. Many trips to the national park start from the Santa Catalina town, so it would be worth trying both places out.

The dive sites on offer around Santa Catalina do not disappoint. Water temperatures are typically warm throughout the year, with a nice 28 C in January. Divers will be wearing a 3 mm wetsuit which is generally adequate all through the year. Just off the coastline are several small islands that jut out from the sea. Many of the local sites are based around this area, as well as several other sites located about an hour away. Lanchas or small skiffs ferry the divers out to the fantastic dive sites, where they can enjoy the beautiful marine life that is available in abundance. The sites feature large schools of fish and colorful coral reefs. White tip reef sharks are a common occurrence in the area, and if you are lucky you may see a hammerhead, bull shark, nurse shark or a tiger shark as well.

Punta Pargo or Snapper Point is a very popular and aptly named dive in the area, and boasts large schools of snappers and other large pelagic. After doing an hours dive, you will typically go to a nearby beach to enjoy your surface interval in the sun before going out to dive again. Another beautiful site in the area is El Palo Grande, or the Big Tree. This site is also notable for its large schools of colorful fish, including barracuda, surgeon fish, groupers and puffers. Free swimming morays are often seen in the area; in various colors and lengths.

Coiba Island is another definite must if visiting Santa Catalina. Located about an hour and a half by boat, the scuba diving is definitely worth the trip! Divers are offered an abundance of reefs and beautiful fishes, as well as large schools of fish. Scuba divers are given the chance to see rays, sharks, dolphins, marlin, sailfish and tuna on the various dive sites around the island. During surface intervals, you can explore the national park and see the great range of wildlife in the vicinity.

The nearby islands of Boca Chica and Boca Brava also offer great diving, as well as live-aboard trips around the islands. Boca Chica has its own dive centre, and the owner offers four or five day trips on his custom made dive boat. Between the island and the Coiba National Park are a further range of dive sites to be enjoyed. Panama is host to some world-premiere dive sites that have been compared to Palau and the Galapagos. It is a country worth visiting for its beauty or for its diving alone.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Four Tips for the Perfect Vacation in Maui Hawaii

By: Daryl Moore

A vacation in Maui Hawaii is exactly what the Doctor ordered. Activities are endless, the beaches are a picture of perfection, the people are fantastic, and there are tons of choices for lodging, flights and cars.

Not only can a vacation in Maui Hawaii be and inspirational trip of a lifetime, it can be form-fit to be the romantic or adventure pinnacle that you are seeking. The following five tips will share ideas about how to get the most out of your experience.

Tip One: Know the Best Times of the Year for the Trip

If you are planning for a romantic interlude, avoid the summers in Maui as you will compete with families during your entire trip. Simply put, when the kids are out of school, the visitor level increases on Maui. This may be the perfect time for family travel, but will cause headaches for those on their honeymoon or other romantic trips. Not only is it more expensive (typically), activities book up faster and there may be a good wait at restaurants.

Tip Two: Plan and Stick to Your Budget

The misconception is that a vacation in Maui Hawaii has to be a monumentally expensive trip. The truth is that there are ways to experience Maui both on a budget as well in complete luxury. Choose a budget that you can truly afford and plan your trip with that as a guideline.

If your goal is to save money and simply your trip planning, your best bet is to research Maui vacation packages. You can combine airfare, car rental, and lodging (hotels and condos) for a discounted price. The nice part of packages is that you can choose either top rated hotels or modestly priced ones. You may feel like getting a nicer rental car but sacrifice on the room if you do not plan to be in the room much. Maui vacation packages will allow the flexibility for you to book what you consider to be ideal. You can choose activities that are on your ideal trip list, but keep in mind that cheap activities like going to beach or snorkeling cost little to nothing.

Remember, if you have to stress about money the entire trip, you are not on vacation.

Tip Three: Spend Some Time Researching the Net or Books

There are some great insider travel tip websites and books about Maui. You can find tons of information online about creating the perfect vacation in Maui Hawaii. If I could recommend only one book about the island, I would advise that you get a copy of the book Maui Revealed by Andrew Doughty published by Wizard Publications Inc.

Just browse and see what looks appealing to you from your research. It is best not to overbook just to stay busy. Doing so will only add stress and help you miss a good portion on the magic that Maui can bring. Create a desired list of all of the activities you would like to do, whether you want to attend a luau, snorkel, dive, mountain bike, hike or explore a volcano.

Tip Four: Know the Major Needs for Maui

One of the best you can do is prepare properly for your vacation is to understand the key elements involved with the trip. This includes the climate and weather on Maui (according to which part of the island you will be on), what to pack for the trip, where medical centers are on the island and what your insurance covers, what needs to be booked in advance versus when you are there, and know safety concerns. The perfect vacation in Maui Hawaii begins with a little advanced planning.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

England Vacation Ideas For All The Family

By: Thomas Pretty

Arguably England is one of the most historically rich and interesting countries in the world. Understandably trying to fit all of the fascinating sites into a vacation is a difficult process, especially if travelling with small children who often want to do different things. To help, here are some of the most popular things to do while on vacation in England.

Bizarre Bath is a comedy walk around the historic and entertaining city of Bath. Many people on vacation choose to use the tour as the ideal way to explore Bath whilst being able to laugh until their sides split. It highlights some of the most humorous and interesting sites in the city whilst poking fun at its prestigious residents and history. So if you like your funny-bone to be tickled; be sure to include Bizarre Bath in your England vacation itinerary.

If you are a fan of led tours around cities another great excursion worth including in your England vacation is the Ghost Hunt of York. This spooky tour is great for families as you are led by a ghoulish guide around some of the most haunted sites in the city of York. The expert guides deliver some of the most frightening and spine tingling ghost stories in a theatrical way that captivate the audience. So for the more spiritual amongst you, consider this a way to see the darker side of York.

If you fancy seeing London in a new and unique way Fat Tire Bike Tours offer a great experience. Leading groups of cyclists around the most famous sights in London, enjoyment is ensured as you will see the sites but without the stress of public transport. As always the guides can give information on the sites that are both informative and educational. For those looking for a healthy alternative to the usual sightseeing, this is a great addition to any vacation.

For those who are fans of the art world the National Gallery is must see site in the heart of London. Housing one of the greatest collections of European art anywhere on the planet the seminal works contained will amaze and enthral all visitors. Thankfully, there is no entrance fee for this wondrous attraction..

One of the classic inclusions to any vacation of England is a visit to the Tower of London. This castle, a seat of royal power for centuries is still a fabulous example of medieval design and remains a symbol of Britain. With daily shows from the Beefeaters on the various beheadings and executions, visitors are sure to leave with an enhanced knowledge of this fascinating site.

If history is your thing then a visit to Tintagel Castle is a must see site on any vacation. In Cornwall it is located on the coast and is a castle that has been in existence since the thirteenth century. Additionally the site has links with King Arthur as it is believed to be the home of the mythical Camelot. While this is mainly due to the works of Geoffrey of Monmouth and most likely untrue, it remains a tourist destination that thousands flock to each year.

Hopefully these vacation ideas will enrich your trip to England and help you get the best from your time there. With such a wealth of attractions these are only a small sample of the plethora of historical and activities within the country. But if you are travelling to English shores, this list can at least help to understand the very best that England has to offer.

Author Resource: Travel expert Thomas Pretty looks into some of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK and why they should be included in any England vacation itinerary.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Why Choose Iceland As Your Holiday Destination

By: Chris Robertson

Whether it’s sleeping between the finest linen sheets in a fourstar hotel or watching the northern lights from an outdoor hot pot by your summerhouse or campsite, Iceland has accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. While you can find places to stay year-round, it is a good idea to book ahead during the busy summer months. If you’re traveling as a family, don’t forget to ask about children’s discounts, which are often available.

Strolling down the main shopping street, Laugarvegur, in Reykjavik can sometimes feel like you’re on one long catwalk of tres chic boutiques. Allow yourself to be tempted on one of the oldest thoroughfares in the city, or at modern indoor shopping areas like Kringlan in Reykjavik and Smaralind in Kopavogur.

It is a serious power shopper’s secret that designer labels like Hugo Boss and Max Mara are typically 10 to 35 percent less expensive in Iceland than in Europe and the US. The 15 percent tax-free refund for tourists on a minimum purchase of 4000 ISK (approx. $55 USD) adds to the shopping nirvana. Alongside these famous fashion brands dwell a highly creative and artistic collection of Icelandic designers, who add new dimensions to the image of fashion. Jewelry inspired by the country’s nature and pagan history are often made from lava stones or other local minerals and can be specially designed for you.

Of course you won’t want to forget to bring home some traditional Icelandic souvenirs. Hand-knitted Icelandic woolens, sheepskin outerwear, lava-laced pottery, Viking inspired novelty gifts, stunning photographic books, music and artwork from local artists are available in shops throughout the country and in the duty free stores of Leif Eriksson International Airport in Keflavik.

Here are some facts on Iceland:

Iceland is a European island midway between North America and the continent of Europe. It’s the same distance from New York to Iceland as from New York to Los Angeles.

Icelandair flies from six different US gateways, many on a daily basis. All fights connect at Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport with flights to other popular destinations on the European continent. Many people discover Iceland by taking advantage of stop-over opportunities while on their way to or from somewhere else.

It’s about the size of Kentucky. Iceland has almost 300,000 people, most of whom live in coastal areas.

The official language of Iceland is Icelandic, but most Icelanders speak fluent English. In fact, they welcome the opportunity, so don’t be shy about approaching an Icelander.

In summer, you won’t see much darkness. In mid-winter, expect only four to five hours a day of daylight. Spring and fall daylight hours are roughly the same as in North America.

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