Monday, January 31, 2011

A Bed And Breakfast Vacation Is a Great Way To See The Country

By Wesley Mathews

Some tourist more often than not comes to a noteworthy part of this country hoping to immerse themselves in the distinctive character of that location. Whether he has come to sample the wines or learn the history of the location, he desires to feel for a while like he is part of the culture there. When he is searching for lodging he frequently has a choice between staying at a cookie-cutter franchise motel or locally-owned bed breakfasts or inns.

An inn frequently has the same charm as a bed and breakfast. The primary difference is that while an inn may have an worker within an office to assist you anytime you require assistance, the owners of a bed and breakfast live in the home with their guests. The former gives greater privacy but a vacation at the latter may help the visitor become more deeply involved in the area. The family with whom he is staying will give him more than a room for the night. They might dine with him at breakfast and offer their insights into the local culture in addition to advice about what to take in as well as where to go.

A look at some of the top tourist hot spots around the united states may offer some examples of why the bed-and-breakfast option is best. One of the first that comes to mind is Fredericksburg, a small city nestled in the Texas Hill Country.

Fredericksburg was settled by German immigrants around the middle eighteen hundreds and still retains an old-European ambiance. Individuals come to take in the traditional German architecture, and see the local wineries. The area is also a center for bird watchers and bicyclists.

Numerous bed and breakfasts operate around the region. Several are run by families who accentuate their German heritage. Others are out in the countryside and sport names that pay homage to the ranch culture that thrives there. Still others, that are operated by the local wineries, invite their guests to tastings and additional wine-related activities. Several emphasize their proximity to historical places including the Nimitz museum which is dedicated to the career of Fredericksburg's best-known native son, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet during World War Two.

People that enjoy historical properties must also set up a stay at a B&B in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. Lancaster is a small city centered within the center of Amish and Minnonite country. It is also famous for its dairy farms, wineries, and of course cheese industry. Because it is within driving distance of both Gettysburg and Hershey, Pennsylvania, it can often be used as a center location for all those embarking on historical tours.

The bed and breakfasts there emphasize space. Several can be found on old or operational farms and promote how many acres a potential guest will have to wander. Some feature tours of the local areas with glimpses of the Amish who preserve a nineteenth century way of life complete with horses and buggies and traditional period garments. Some B&B's cater to those who have come to the region to partake in the wines and taste the cheeses.

Anyone excited about wineries and wine tasting ought to book a trip to Key West, Florida where prominence is put on non-grape wines. The distinctive tropical fruit flavors include key lime, mango and tangelo.

While several bed and breakfasts incorporate complimentary glasses of wine to help guests relax in the evening, most maintain a nautical theme on that tiny island while marketing their proximity to the beach. The history of Key West is long and reflected in the wide variety of architecture displayed by the many bed and breakfasts.

Located on the country's opposite shore you will find the gorgeous Napa Valley of California. This region is well known as the fruit-and-vegetable production center of the nation. It is also the leading wine-making location of the country. People that brag that America can rival the French in making world-class fine wines are pertaining to California wines made in Napa Valley.

Many bed and breakfasts will almost always offer a chance to sample regional wines and cheeses together with outings to neighboring wineries. Other romantic travel inns remind their tourists that additional events happen in Napa Valley and offer historical excursions, hot air balloon rides and also cooking classes.

Regardless of where a tourist goes within the U. S., a vacation at a bed breakfast should almost certainly make his stopover more memorable. He will develop a greater understanding of the local history and culture while enjoying a level of luxury and ambiance not often equaled by chain hotels.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Exciting Safari Outing to the Exotic African Wilds Is the Best Honeymoon in the World

By Monty Klein

Swahili is one of the predominant and oldest languages in Africa, and from this language comes the term "safari," which means "journey." Particularly it denotes a long journey through a lush immense land that encompasses the national parks of the African backwoods to get a close encounter with wildlife. Many folks have the impression that adventure into the jungles of Africa is fraught with coarse and rocky land and jeopardy as you approach the most untamed animals in the continent. That is not true as there are lodges and other accommodations offering world-class services catering to the desires of vacationers who would like to take pleasure in the magnificent environment.

Going on a safari could be considered the best honeymoon in the world. After months of arduous planning for the wedding, it is only but appropriate that lovers reward themselves with an exotic holiday at the rough country of Africa. Most honeymoons are spent on beaches, where lovers take pleasure in the white sand, ride the big surf, and eat some mouthwatering food. This sort of journeying, nevertheless, cannot tie in with the thrill of a safari escapade. That is why more couples are enticed to try this brand new method of defining honeymoon. The majestic skies, both during day and night, are a sight to revel and behold.

An African safari is known for the opportunity this travel offers to tourists to get in close contact with countless animals. What makes these animals a must-see is that they are not the ones a person would commonly sight in the neighborhood. They are not made pets as they are not normally domesticated and restrained. They are wild because of the fact that they live in their natural habitats, and a person gets to observe at close range their natural behaviors, which could span from sheer anger to their enemies to doting affection to their offspring. Having to sight this is simply the best honeymoon in the world a new twosome could ever spend.

Aside from the wild animals, the environment is just as scenic. Here one can site vegetation that cannot be seen anywhere else. This could range from strong trees that lions, tigers, and other animals climb to rest after a nourishing meal. Tall grasses are also plentiful here, where the same animals take cover and prowl as they spy their prey. The territory is also blessed with lush meadows and plains where grass-eating animals forage, generally in large herds. Crystal clear waters also ripple along the zigzag rivers and streams.

A honeymoon is indeed a time a twosome should elude the fast-paced life and flee into the natural world, where everything is different from the world they live in. This is the best honeymoon in the world in that this unequaled experience can only be enjoyed in the African wild. And when lovers travel home to the real world, they are revitalized and animated and geared up to take the challenges as a twosome. When they leave, they will bring with them happy reminiscence and good times, which must toughen their relationship as buddies in life.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Mexican Water of Life

By Robert Nickel

Tequila is what the Mexican people like to call the 'water of life'. They also deem the beverage to be a gift from the Gods for the Hispanic people. Legend tells us the Aztec people living in Mexico saw a lightning bolt strike a Blue Agave plant, causing the liquid inside to boil. After it cooled down the elders tasted the nectar and loved the sweetness of it. They soon developed their own way of duplicating the process, and added a fermentation stage. The drink was called octli, and later pulque.

It wasn't until 1521 that tequila, as the beverage we know now, was produced near the village of Tequila. It is likely a more watered down, less syrupy beverage than what the Aztecs made. But just as fun. When the Spanish decided to take over the region, they distilled tequila when the brandy ran dry. In 1600 Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle began mass-producing tequila.

The village of Tequila is located about 342 kilometers inland from Puerto Vallarta, in the province of Jalisco. If you are looking at Puerto Vallarta vacation packages, consider one that includes a day trip to Tequila. The drive takes just over four hours, but with an organized tour, scheduled stops will take place to explore Aztec ruins and Agave plantations. The village of Tequila is now recognized as part of the World Heritage List for its preservation of ancient distilleries and Agave plantations.

Current Mexican law states that tequila can only be produced in the province of Jalisco, and is even limited to a few states with in the province. The word tequila is even copywritten. Therefore any tequila served in Puerto Vallarta hotels will always be genuine tequila made within the immediate region.

There are two kinds of tequila: Mixtos and pure Blue Agave. Mixtos contains 51% Blue Agave and 49% glucose and fructose sugars. It has a sweeter, less abrasive alcohol taste than the 100% Agave tequila. As with any aged spirit, the beverage takes on the flavors of the wood casket it is aged in, allowing the harshness of the alcohol to mellow while the vegetal flavor of the Agave becomes more prevalent.

Reposada is tequila that has 'rested' for a minimum of two months, but less than a year, in barrels made of oak. The barrels can be just small gallon size or as large as 20,000 liters. The larger the barrel, the more complex the flavors. As with Rum or Brandy barrels, some distilleries char their barrels before filling. The charred barrel adds a smokiness to the flavor.

Most people of heard of the 'worm' in the bottle of tequila. Actually it is not a worm, it is the larvae of a moth species that has infested the Blue Agave plant. When an infestation occurs, it means the tequila is of a lower quality and likely will not have the full-bodied flavor of premium tequila. The marketing gimmick of putting larvae in the tequila bottle began in the 1940's, but people still seem to believe it means the tequila is good quality. Considering the source of the drink, its ancient history and the advanced aging process, tequila should be in the same category as Cognac or Port.

A vacation in Puerto Vallarta is not complete without a good education on all the different cocktails made with tequila. Hotels in Puerto Vallarta can help out with beverages like the Bloody Aztec, made of tequila, cream, creme de cacao and red food coloring. A Brave Bull is tequila and Kahlua. Charro Negro is tequila and cola. A standard beverage in Mexico is Paloma, which is a Margarita made with white grapefruit juice. Ask the bartender in your hotel or resort for his recommendation on a brand of tequila. There are many to choose from, and you will always want the expert advice of a local.

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