Monday, January 25, 2010

5 Beautiful Holiday Destinations In Australia

By Jo Archibald

Byron Bay
A seaside town in Northern New South Wales, it was known as Cavvanbah in Australian history's "dream period". It was a place for trading goods, finding marriage partners and congregating to swap stories by the Aborigines. It is now however a magnet for tourists. For those looking for small beach town type holidays, it is the place to be at. Home to some of the best music festivals of Australia, it includes Splendor In The Grass and East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival and it is also a very famous whale watching destination, especially during the humpback whale's winter migration.

Mount Tamborine
High above the Gold Coast, on a plateau, Mount Tamborine is a destination for those who love nature or hiking. The restaurants, hotels, and spa retreats as well as multifarious rainforest trails, waterfalls and streams provide plentiful reason to be there. No doubt it is undergoing a boom in tourism industry as it has something for every tourist. There is a local produce market held on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Airlie Beach
Situated in the Whitsunday region of Queensland, the town of Airlie Beach is very near to the Great Barrier Reef, and is most definitely a hotspot for tourists. This place has great deal of things to do and see. However, it has a reputation for jellyfish at certain times of the year, like the Box Jellyfish, so swimming is not advisable at these times. To overcome this limitation, the local council has made a lagoon which has the added benefit of being patrolled by lifeguards. Blessing of the Feet Festival is the one of the best times to visit the town. This fest was started by father Keith Felgate on Whit Sunday.

Blue Mountains
The Blue Mountains at 1,190 meters high, is a spectacular place, with its strange and beautiful blue haze, 7 designated conservation reserves and national parks, waterfalls, and sandstone cliffs. It covers an area of about 10,000 sq km. It has been declared as a World Heritage Area by UNESCO as recently as 2009.

Australian Traveller Magazine voted this region as No. 1 Australian town in 2009. It is a magnificent seaside holiday destination. The accommodation is handy for every tourist, from luxury hotels and resorts to economical and discounted but comfortable residences.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Adventure Travel - An Active Way to Spend Your Vacation

By Sophia Bell

People these days want interactive vacations that go beyond their comfort zone and that is just what adventure travel is all about. People who vacation this way open themselves up to experiencing traveling that challenges their physical capabilities. Travelers seek out adventure travel because it is not difficult to customize according to the fitness level and needs of someone. If thinking about an adventure trip for your next outing then consider the tips mentioned in this article.

With adventure travel you do not stand still for long periods. It deals with activities that are perfect for direct integration with nature while keeping your energy up. Trips like these should be done somewhere that can be further examined. Mountain climbing along with kayaking and scuba diving as well as skiing are the usual activities on such vacations. A number of them are geared toward transforming the needy into people who can depend on themselves. The adventure travel you seek is available in far off locations as well as within your backyard.

Adventure travel comes in shapes and sizes as well as age groups. Activities on these trips are open to adjustment by travelers so they turn into those suitable to their capabilities. With an Antarctic tour activities range from scuba diving to camping ashore to hiking. Less risky activities that can be done while in Antarctica include walking around on deck and just taking in the scene from there. If your body is not built for rigorous activities this is probably the safest way to enjoy Antarctica wildlife and scenes.

With adventure travel there is lots to learn. The experience will teach you a variety of things both while attending classes on the ship and taking part in unfamiliar environments. Adventure travel will at times encourage you to take risks and overcome fears. People who leave themselves open to new experiences are likely to enjoy their adventure travel even more. You might return from the trip totally exhilarated and wanting more.

It would be incorrect to view adventure travel as something purely physical. It has to do with experiencing new sights and sounds as well as bumping into people of different nationalities too. A person who likes to venture into the unknown to learn new things is a prime candidate for adventure travel. Individuals eager to know what it is like to climb tall mountain ranges or live in deserts are perfect for this kind of trip. This is ideal for someone who occasionally wants to go do something risky. These people have no problems getting down and dirty just to directly experience and learn new things in the world.

These days the situation does need to be excessively uncomfortable or bumpy to be considered adventure travel. You can spend your day scaling a mountain and then relax in ultimate luxury and convenience in the evenings. This is where cruise vacations particularly lend themselves well to the cruise traveler. You can go out exploring unfamiliar lands as well as uncover cultural wonders. There are elegant banquets at night along with some other amusements. It truly is the best of both vacation worlds.

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