Thursday, May 28, 2009

Planning Your Cabo San Lucas Adventure

By Paul Garnett

Cabo San Lucas is indeed a perfect place for everyone. Whether you are a golfer or a surfer, a beach addict or a scuba diving enthusiast, there are always activities that await you in Cabo San Lucas. The place boasts of golf courses, of beaches that are not only for those who love paddling on the shores but also for those who want to explore its marine life. Even staying in the luxurious hotels in Cabo will surely please you and let you enjoy the place fully.

So whether you are looking forward to a game of golf, or getting into the thrills of zip line adventures and rock climbing or just sunbathing along the shores, Cabo San Lucas is definitely one good place for a vacation.

You may find it hard in budgeting your time when you are in Cabo San Lucas so it is always wise to plan your vacation carefully and list down what you want to do while you are there. Among the things you might want to include in your list are the following.

Join a cruise. Cruise ships from the Pacific often visit Cabo San Lucas, so you can join those cruises. You can also opt to privately charter a sailboat for your snorkeling or whale watching cruises or join a dinner and sunset cruise offered by plenty of touring and cruising companies.

Cruising in Cabo will allow you to experience the beautiful waters of Cabo at the same time enjoy a beautiful scenery that you will best enjoy when looking at the place from a distance.

You can include whale watching on your list as well. Whales often take shelter at the Magdalena Bay in Cabo San Lucas, thus at certain times of the year, usually from January to March, whale watching is one good adventure to take.

ATV riding and horseback riding can also be fun activities. Cabo San Lucas has a desert where you can enjoy an ATV ride or a tour of the place on horseback. If you are on honeymoon, you might likely enjoy a relaxing horseback riding adventure on the beach.

If you love challenge and competition, you can participate in their fishing tournaments or you might want to challenge your friends in golfing. If you want a more relaxing fishing adventure, you can also do that aboard yachts where you can do fishing while enjoying a good cruise around Cabo.

There may be so many things to do in so little time so better plan your vacation wisely, find activities that will surely make your Cabo vacation the grandest of them all.

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Alex said...

Cabo is definitely a good place for activities, and there is something for everyone. Whether you just want to relax at the beach, go sport fishing or enjoy the luxury of a Cabo hotel it's paradise! Great article, I also write a blog on Cabo travel, check it out!