Friday, May 9, 2014

The Excitement Of Sailing From Panama To Colombia

By Tracie Knight

A person can be tempted to take a flight rather than sail because it is less expensive, faster and also less tedious. Several people have given their idea of the experience of sailing from panama to Colombia. A number of people do not like the idea that the captains park for some time and spend a lot of time nursing their sea sickness. Other individuals however were in support of the idea. A tourist gave her review of a trip she took and it is written below.

I decided to take a sailing trip as opposed to the flight which may be found to be cheaper. The trip was going to cost me around thrice the amount than if I flew straight to Colombia. However I decided the money was worth it considering the fun experiences I was going to have. At first the trip was estimated to take five full days with three of them spent on the San Ban highland on the Caribbean coast.

During the trip I was able to learn a lot of things about the waters that separate panama and Colombia. One of the things I learnt is the existence of the Darien Gap which is an undeveloped swampland and forest within the province of Darien in panorama. Though many people have managed to cross this area by foot, it is not an easy task when you are sailing.

The number of people taking the sailing trip has been increasing greatly over the past years. This has made the prices of touring agents to be increased. Depending on the type of boat, the tourists get themselves paying between 500 and 1000 dollars.

Private owners provide the boats in panorama but the sailors are hired from different areas of world to operate the boats. The travelers have a great and diverse range of boats to select from at the panama dork. There are also travelling agencies available to guide them to choose the best of the best. They can however not have the pleasures of selecting the captain they prefer.

In the other months of the year apart from June the water is usually too wavy and therefore this is the best month to travel. The time that the whole trip takes is usually estimated and therefore individuals on a fixed schedule cannot plan their trip well. They are therefore advised to consider taking flights instead.

During this journey, the travelers are able to go through the island of Cormaca Kuna Yala and that of San Blas and they can take a pause to experience the beauty of these areas. They can do exiting things such as swimming through the beautiful blue waters. Fishing is also a popular activity in this area.

This tour is very much recommended for any sightseers who would love to travel and know about Colombia and Panama since it is less boring compared to taking a flight. Taking this trip can be seen as being more expensive than a flight but the experiences the tourist gets are worth spending their money on.

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Ben said...

That's such a cool way to travel from Panama to Colombia! You're right about the Darien Gap, it's not someplace you want to travel through, especially if you're on vacation.