Monday, May 12, 2014

What To Expect In Your Travel To Morocco

By Jaclyn Hurley

For most tourists, Morocco is one of the countries anyone would want to visit. Even though it has a long history of Spanish and French colonization, most of its towns have dearly guarded their culture, making it more interesting. You can feel the presence of their past culture in towns like Fez, with lifestyle here influenced by the Berber traditions which existed during the original Moroccan kingdom. Notably, the geographical appearance of this country is fascinating, characterized by mountain ranges, Mediterranean coast and a stretch of empty sand of the Sahara. This gives a tourist all the reasons they need to travel to Morocco for an exciting experience in this country.

For once, you can be sure that you will have plenty of interesting scenery and other attractions to enjoy. From mountain ranges, to vast sand of the Sahara desert, you will gain enough reasons to thank yourself for visiting this country. Of importance is to understand a few aspects about the area, to avoid getting a culture shock once there.

An understanding of your destination before going can also save you from possible culture shock. An important aspect about the region you should note is the language. Arabic is the prominent language here. You are likely to hear many people throw in some words in Arabic even when addressing visitors, which they do mostly in French, English and Spanish.

However, it is a beautiful country with peaceful people and you do not have to worry about your safety as you walk around. At the same time, this is a very peaceful country thanks to the continuing political, social and economic reforms undertaken by His Majesty, King Mohammed VI. Such factors have actually increased the rate of visitors in the region.

Tourists have plenty of fun activities to take part in. One can choose to enjoy hiking at the Atlas Mountains, try their hand at fishing, visit the Mediterranean coastal beaches, or take part in Sahara excursions. Those looking for a quite time to unwind can stay in different resorts in Fez and other towns. Of importance is that people with different preferences will find something enjoyable to do in their visit to Morocco. The Moroccans are kind, hospitable and generous, making any visitor refreshed by interacting with them.

If you visit during the summer, the best places to hang around would be the coast and mountains. Avoid the desert, as it can be disturbingly hot, especially in the month of July and August. During spring, which comes around April and May, you will enjoy your time in most of the areas. The south, Atlantic coasts, the Mediterranean, and mountains experience a summer climate during this time.

It gets extremely cold in the deserts at night during winter, but they may be a favorable place to visit at daytime. Of importance is to choose a hotel that has proper heating to take care of the cold nights. Cheaper hotels may lack such facilities. Make sure to ask before checking in.

Before travelling to Morocco, take note of the Islamic religious calendar. Their religious celebrations like Ramadan can affect daily schedules leaving tourists stranded. For instance, if depending on public transport, you may hardly travel in daytime during this one month day fasting.

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